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4 Years

This dog was adopted on 2013-07-21

Personal Information

Weight:67 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


The news of Cooper is not good. Last October he was diagnosed with cancer of his left leg. He underwent surgery and 21 days of radiation treatment and his cancer was cured. In april of this year he was unable to use his left leg. The radiation had killed his blood vessels. Since then he has undergone oxygen and laser treatment twice a week. He has improved but still can not walk on all fours. Other than that he is in good health and is a happy dog even if he has to hop around. We will continue his treatment until he is well again. For his treatment we also swim him in the pool to get him to use his leg. He does not like the water. He is on heavy pain medication so he is not as active as he was.The vet tells us his recovery will take a long time. He is such a great dog that we are willing to continue the great expense to make him well again. The vet has talked to us about amputation but we have not come to that conclusion as yet.


Cooper is doing just fine.
He is a great dog we do not have any issues with him. He gets along with other dogs. We dont know about cats. He was said to have issues with them so we have not exposed him to cats. As you know we travel back and forth to Florida and he just sleeps all the way. He seems to be very happy with us and we are happy with him.
Thanks for letting us adopt him,


We left CT on Jan 1 to spend the winter in Florida. Cooper did not like the snow. He slept all the way to Fl and enjoyed riding in the car and of course the fl sunshine. He is very playful and protective. He is a little shy with strangers but then warms up  quickly. He loves his stuffed toys and likes to play catch and fetch. He does not like to leave the property on a leash and is a stay at home dog. He won't get in the car unless he is on the leash. He sleeps through the night and has the run of the house day and night. No crates for him. He still counter surfs and love his treats.
He eats well and since his dental work is healthy. He does have allergy's but his medicine takes care of that. He is a loving and playful dog.
He seem to be happy and we are happy with him.


Cooper has been with us for a month now and we believe he has fully adjusted to his new environment.  His dental surgery went well, he had to have two teeth removed.

He is half way through his training which will be completed two weeks from this coming Saturday.  He goes to the vet on Saturday for a booster shot for Lime disease.  He is a good boy and a pleasure to have around.  A huge thanks to all of you at New Life Boxer Rescue.  We will up date you agin in two months.


Cooper is one of the happiest dogs I have had the pleasure to foster.  When he walks, his whole body wiggles from side to side.  He rarely barks, only if a car pulls in the driveway and I think he only does it because the other guys are doing it.  He absolutely loves playing with toys and it does not matter what toy he has, they are all his favorite.  When we come home and let him out of the crate, he picks up any toy in his path and will greet you with it.  Cooper has decided that a lap is a great place to lay his head.  At night he will climb up on the couch, lie down and plop his head on your lap.  He looks up at you as if to say, ok you can pet me now!  After a few minutes he is content and will hop off the couch and lay on his pillow. 
Cooper is very easy going and just goes with the flow.  He is up for anything you want to do.  I brought him to work to see how he would do with multiple strangers.  He was a little shy but warmed up quickly.  He loves to play and snuggle with the resident dogs.  Cooper is an all-around good boy


Cooper was returned to rescue.  His adoptive family loved him but they have three cats and it turns out that Cooper cannot live with cats.  For the safety of Cooper and the cats, they decided the best thing to do would be to find him a forever home without cats.  That being said, let me tell you a little about him.  He is a super sweet and loving guy and we just adore him.  When he first arrived, he was scared.  We couldn't get him to walk on his leash and had a hard time getting him out of the car.  We put the gates up in the kitchen and let him hang out there and gave him time to get used to his new surroundings.  As scared as he was, he never showed any aggression.  Within a few days he was running and playing with our gang and coming to us for attention.  He gets along great with our three dogs.  He is playful and loves toys.  He knows sit, shake and down and will come when you call his name.  He is a great passenger to have in the car, he sits and looks out the window or lays down.  Cooper has a great appetite and loves food.  He takes treats very gently.  He will need to be watched because if something yummy is on the counter, he thinks it is his.  We are working to break him of his counter surfing. 
One night we woke up to a banging noise and got up to investigate.  Cooper opened the bottom cabinet and took out the canned items and was rolling them across the floor.  I guess he wasn't tired and wanted to play!  He is happy going for a walk or relaxing in front of the TV.  I can pet him while he is eating and put my hand near his food and he could care less.  We don't have young children but I think Cooper may be too big for them and might accidentally knock them over. 
Cooper's forever family will need to give him time to settle in and learn what is expected of him.  Cooper is in NJ waiting for you!


Cooper is still doing great and is more lovable each day than he was the day before.  While he gets along great with his 2 siblings we do believe he'd be just as wonderful as an only child since he loves when it's "all about him"!  He gets that little boxer wiggle-butt when you talk to him and say his name.  He doesn't seem to like the cold and would almost always rather be inside with us than outside with crazy Cora the German short haired pointer who'd rather be outside than anywhere else. 
Of the 3 that live with us, Cooper is by far the very best traveler I've ever seen!  He simply lays down and relaxes and is always quick to jump in the hatchback whenever it's open because he loves going places.
This boy loves everyone and everything!  We still believe he is closer to 2-1/2 than 4 because he is so playful.  We also feel strongly that he would get along well with cats or any animal - it just hasn’t been put to the test.
He's the happiest boy we've had of 6 to date.  His temperament is absolutely delightful.  He's a silly boy just waiting for his furever home!


Hello out there!  This is Cooper and I am waiting to hear from you!  FM said I am the first doggy out of 6 that hasn't been snatched right away from her and FD.  She thinks I am younger than 4 because I am so cute, adorable, playful and happy! 
I love to play fetch with anyone who will throw the ball!  We got a new addition to our "family".  A 6 year old Rottweiler is now in the house and he plays fetch too and of course Cora will fetch and fetch and fetch, FM says fetch is her middle name!  So we have this new game where FM will throw 3 different balls or toys in the yard and each one of us will come back with one.  She keeps telling us all that we are pretty amazing and I of course, LOVE to hear that because I really am amazing!! 
I absolutely know my name and will come whenever I am called.  I love to sit when I'm told and even when I'm not.  I heel when I walk with or without a leash and of the 3 of us, Foster Mommy says no one is better on a leash than me!!!!!! 
I like to snuggle on the bed with my brother and sister but do not go on any other furniture.  Please take a closer look at me, I'm quite amazing you know!! :) WOOF!


Cooper is my name and loving my peeps is my game!  I have moved right in here and am really starting to feel at home with the help of my foster sissy Cora and my FM and FD.  They have been teaching me love and tenderness and I am really loving it here, until you adopt me into my furever home.  Cora and I like to play together.  I have even begun laying in my crate when I don't have to.  It's very nice and cozy in there and when FM sees me in there she just laughs because 10 days ago I practically had to be drug to it.  I think it all started when I realized I'd get a yummy if I went in willingly, really only took about 3 days for me to get it because I am so dag-gone smart!
We went for a 2 hour drive this weekend and stayed at my foster grandparents.  I met 4 new doggies there, 3 little girls and 1 big boy and we all got along great!  I was outside running and playing a lot and really liked it there.  I am also very good on rides in the car.  FM says why can't Cora be as good as I am in the car :) woof!
I haven't met any kitty cats or children yet.  Oh did I mention I like camping too!  And we are going again this weekend so I'm hoping to meet some children then.  I know I am going to love them because I love everybody and everything!


Cooper arrived yesterday afternoon.  He was afraid to come out of the vehicle and very timid and scared.  After a night of getting his feet on solid ground we can tell that once the fear is gone he'll be something very special.  He's very gentle and sweet and a big boy with a beautiful light brindle with chocolate coloring in it.  He understands common commands, come, sit, stay, lay and even gives a paw.  He's very smart!  We will have more next week as we get to know him better.

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