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Personal Information


Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:No



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:N/A

Adoption Donation:375.00

My Story




OG needs to be the only dog in the home. He has some jealousy issues with another dog taking attention away from him. He is super people friendly and wants all the love for himself.


OG has settled in and is showing us what a great family dog he is. Being an outside dog he wasn't fully house trained but he has come so far and has had no accidents lately. Since we are in a shelter in place  I have been home and have had time to work with him. His jumping is at a minimum and he has learned to sit before his bowl is put down. He is quite a smart boy! I have done introductions with my girl and he did fine with her. 

He is very friendly with humans and just loves any attention he is given. He isn't an early riser and waits until I get up then he gets up. He loves his walks and will walk as long as you want to! He is happy to be sitting with you on the couch watching tv or keeping you company while you do your chores. 

OG may not of had the best life but he isn't letting that stop him. He loves life and needs a forever family to continue to love him, take care of him and just let him be a part of the family. 



OG has been with us a week and his personality is coming through every day. He had been very good about not getting into things or chewing anything not appropriate. He loves lounging on the dog pillow. He is crate trained you just need to throw a treat in there and he has no problem going in. He has met my crew through the gate and did fine. 

His coat was dull and dirty and he desperatley needed a bath. He had no problem with getting soaped up and rinsed and I think he was grateful to be clean! I have some medicated shampoo that I am using for him and his coat is looking better already. He walks pretty good on a leash. He is on the smaller side but muscular and needs to gain a few pounds to fill out.

OG really just wants to be loved. He likes to be near you but is not overly needy. He is content going for a walk and then hanging by your side. He does like to jump but we teaching him that behavior does not get him attention. 

I will keep updating as we get to know him but if you think OG sounds like a good fit, please fill out an application. OG is living in NJ.


Meet our new boy OG.  He was an owner surrender and he just arrived in rescue. He rode great in the car and is so sweet. He just wants to be loved. Here are a few pictures of him and I will have more this week. I will update his personality once I get to know him better.

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