NJ -

Female -

5 Years

This dog was adopted on 2011-02-19

Personal Information

Weight:68 Lbs





Shots Up to Date:Unknown

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Unknown


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Hello Folks.  This is Foster Mom, Donna, writing in to update you on Pebbles.  We just got back from playing 'fetch' in a large fenced in yard and she's so exhausted, she dragged one of my tee shirts into her crate, laid right on top of it and is snoring away louder than a circular saw! 

This sweet, loving, well behaved most amazing 5 year old Brindle girl, is so worth making an effort to get to know.  I can't really say there is one particular thing that makes Pebbles so unique  -  I believe it's a combination of things that makes her really extra special.          

Pebbles first 10 days or so, were a bit on the cautious side.  I knew deep down, there was a playful girl just waitin' to show her true self, but she wanted to make sure she was in a safe place with a loving person prior to letting me see the 'real' Pebbles.   

The "REAL" Pebbles LOVES to play with Kids, toys, chase after balls and her most favorite, is playing Tug with a rope toy.  And she even has specific times when she enjoys these activities.  After dinner and a walk, it's "Tug Time", which I've given a little tune for and she immediately responds by running to her crate to grab her Tug Toy.  Ball chasing time usually comes after her morning walk and her bladder is completely empty.   

Pebbles has come to adore her crate and feels quite comfortable in there.  At night, the door is closed and locked, but during the day, the door remains open and I'll often find her curled up in there, laying on her body pillow with all her toys gathered around her.   

The only time I've heard her bark furiously, is when the door bell rings.  It's an extremely protective bark, for sure, scaring the living daylights out of me and letting the person at the door (Let's just call him Mr.  Burglar for now <wink>) know this is HER DOMAIN.  However, what Mr. Burglar is totally unaware of, is when I open the door, Pebbles will not only permit entry, but assist him in helping himself  to anything he'd like.


Hello to all of you out there in Boxer Lover Land.  My name is Pebbles, and I'm a 5 year old Brindle weighing in at approximately 60 - 70 pounds.  I'm not really a very big girl, so my Foster Mom has put me on a diet so I can lose a few pounds and fit into this body a bit better.   (Come on girls, you all know how easy it is to add a few pounds here and there when we're not paying attention, so the 'love snacks' will have to wait a week or two more.) 

At dinner time, I dive right into my dry food, rather neatly I must admit, and finish it all in one sitting.  I love my new food so much, I don't even need to add anything else into it.   

My Foster Mom is teaching me some new tricks and adding in some manners as well.  I'm doing really well at no longer begging at the table and since I'm really smart, I catch on pretty quickly.   

I just love to try and play with other dogs when they go walking by and really just love kids.  Kids are so cool, they get down on the floor with me and try to rough house with me.  But I'm sooooo smart, I can judge how much the kids can tolerate.   

Riding in the car is a blast, but I prefer the front passenger seat.  I can see so much more activity from the front.  The other day, my Foster Mom drove us to the Convenience Store.  After only 3 minutes, she came out to find six older kids by the front of the my car, laughing at how cute I looked sitting in the drivers seat.  One of the kids took a picture of me from her cell phone, that's how cute she thought I was!   

I'm not really the kissy-prissy type, but I let you know when I'm happy.  I snuggle my head right into your lap to make sure you know you're making me really happy.   

I like to hang out wherever my Foster Mom is, so if she brings my crate into the Living Room, I'll hang out in there, even with the crate door open.  The crate is super comfy, now that I have my very own body pillow to snooze on.  When it's beddy-bye time, I only have to be told once to go in my crate and I follow the directions immediately.  I don't even mind that my crate door gets closed at night.   

As much as I just adore my current Foster Home, I'm the kinda gal that likes a commitment.  So, what do you say?  Care to meet me?


Oh my goodness, if this little girl isn't the sweetest thing.  Only one minor quirk, she snores - LOUD!  lol   

Pebbles is a cuddler, thank goodness.  We had a really wonderful night sleeping together. That's right, I'm easy, I spelt with her on the very first night!   Naturally, I woke numerous times, just to be sure she was comfy and Pebbles slept right through all my little check ups.  

This morning, we had a wonderful game of catch/fetch and worked a little more on "stay" and "come".  Once she gets that down, I'll teach her how to play Hide and go Seek.   

I've fostered MANY MANY MANY Boxers over the last 20 plus years, but this girl is very special I must admit. Whatever family gets her, will be getting a super bonus as far as I'm concerned!   

You can tell she wasn't a 'walked' dog, since she likes doing her thing and coming right back in.  (Those long nails of hers are a dead give away as well that she wasn't walked)  Fine with me, dang, is was 11degrees when we went out this morning!


Can someone let me know if it's possible to FALL IN LOVE with a Foster girl in less than 2 hours?!?   This little girl, Miss Pebbles, has already captured my heart.    

I've fixed her brand new blankie on the floor directly next to my computer chair, and sure enough, she settled in right next to me.   She's following me everywhere, which isn't very far in this small apartment, however, for security purposes, I'm sure she just wants to keep me in sight.  

She appears to be timid, however, that can be due to first day jitters, so we'll see as the days go by, if she gets a bit more rambunctious.   

She drank an excessive amount of water once she arrived at the new Foster digs.  I finally cut her off, in fear of bloat, waiting a bit, then gave her more, which she happily lapped up.  Let's see if this changes over time as well.  

She has NO interest what-so-ever in her old toys, however, made a bee-line for all the new ones I purchased for her.   Time . . . . . we all know the magic word is "time", so let's wait it out and see how things change and progress.   


Hopeless in love,  

Foster Mom, Donna

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