NJ -

Female -

2 years old

This dog was adopted on 2016-02-26

Personal Information

Weight:38 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Sissy must have a male doggie companion and at least a four foot fence with a yard to play in. NO INVISIBLE/ELECTRONIC FENCES

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Sissy has settled in and is now really comfortable in our home. We just love having her stay with us since she is such a sweet girl. She is continuing to learn every day! She knows "Sit" really well and is much better with "counter surfing" already (only an occasional mishap now!) She is beginning to understand "Wait" and I have started to teach her to "touch" my hand with her nose. Interestingly, she is not a fact, I haven't heard her bark yet! She is a "Jumper" though (like most Boxers)so we continue to work on that behavior. She has learned from Giggles how to tug and play with toys and she is even chewing and enjoying bones now. It is so nice to see her enjoying life and being a dog! Sissy is very personable and wants to say "Hello" to everyone that walks past our house...she just "inhales" all the attention she can get and no longer patrols the yard looking for a way out. She just loves running around and playing, especially with Giggles. She is still very inquisitive and pretty laid back and easy going. She does snore quite loud at night and snorts at times at well...but so very cute! If you are interested in Sissy and have the "individual needs" that Sissy requires, she may be the dog for you! Check out the new pictures with her foster friend Giggles!


Sissy has just come into rescue with her sister Lulu. Lulu should be up on the site shortly. The girls are confused and have had a very disadvantaged start. They are getting adjusted to the unknown, unusual noises and their new surroundings. Toys and bones are foreign to Sissy and she has no idea what to do with them. I am sure once she sees the resident dogs enjoying all the new and wonderful things, she will join in the fun too! Sissy is a sweet, petite little gal! The Vet feels she is about 2 years old but she only weighs in at about 38 lbs. She could probably put on a few pounds but her stature is that of a cute little "mini" Boxer! We have started some training since she needs some boundries and guidance and so far she is very compliant. We are working on "4 feet on the floor" and "wait" and she is doing very well on both. She is pretty laid back and not a "wild child". She just wants to be with you all the time and follows you around the house...although she is inquisitive and ventures off for about 30 seconds and then comes quickly back to find you. She has met my other foster gal (Giggles) and one of my male Boxers and is fine with both of them. Sissy will definitely need a fence. I have her on a "long line" in my yard which is completely fenced and each time she goes out she "patrols" looking for a place to escape! In fact, the transport had both girls listed as "flight risks"! NO electric fences please. Since Sissy has only been here a short time, I am sure she will not show her "true self" for a few weeks till she completely settles in and feels comfortable here. Since Sissy will ultimately have to stay in foster care for the mandatory 4 weeks evaluation/assessment and adjustment period, it will give me the opportunity to work with her and report any new information and cute stories. If you are interested in Sissy please fill out an application. Please be aware that we do not adopt on a "first come first serve" basis. We match our dogs to prospective applicants and find the perfect match for both dog and adopter! I will report back soon on Miss Sissy!

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