Abby (FKA - Abeline)

PA -

Female -

3 Years

This dog was adopted on 2013-03-10

Personal Information

Weight:66 Pounds

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Abeline (Abby) adopted us in March of 2013.  She is 10 now (we think) and she is slowing down a bit.
She has had her share of medical issues and at last vet visit 3 different kinds of cancer (mast cell tumors, a sarcoma on her hind leg and one I cannot remember the name of).  She gets a monthly shot for allergies and also for arthritis.  Both the mast cell tumors and the sarcoma have been taken care of with surgeries.  
None of  this has changed her wonderful demeanor.  She is a sweet girl and a big mush.  She is very spoiled by everyone in the family.  
Abby eats twice a day - Royal Canin food.  She likes fruit and veggies and honestly anything else she can get.  She goes on twice daily walks along with having a fenced in yard.  Likes to play with her stuffed toys - tossing them around and such.  She is a big fan of naps as well.
She makes us all laugh on a daily as she has an ability to let you know exactly how she feels.
Best thing we ever did was adopt this dog!


Abilene continues to do well.  She is a joy and everyone who meets her loves her.  She is a big girl and can be intimidating but that quickly goes away as soon as she starts licking and putting her paw up for you to pay attention to her.  She is a joy and a total cuddler.  She likes nothing more than curling up on the couch in your lap which is not always so easy since she is a big girl.  Her health has been stable for a while but we keep an eye out for the mast cell tumors as she has had quite a few removed at this point.  Again, as I have said before we cannot imagine life without her, she is a huge part of our family.  Thank you for allowing us to give this dog a home.


Honestly there are no words to describe the love and energy Abby has brought to our home.  I personally never had a dog growing up so I had no idea what they bring to a family. Abby is always with one of us, rarely left alone at all.  She is the sweetest, most loving dog.  She loves to run around the house with whatever is the toy of the moment in her mouth.  She waits at the door every night until we are all home.  Once we are all in house, that is when she is happiest, checking in with each of the family members.  She has a routine for everything  and does not like when you deviate from it.  She is a very smart dog and is very quick to pick up when something changes in the home.  Abby has had some issues with her health, she has had mast cell tumors removed twice now, about 11 of them in total.  She came through the surgery likes a champ.  We cannot thank NLBR enough for allowing us to bring this dog home.  We can't imagine life without her now that she is with us.


Abby is doing very well.  She is a very good girl with basically no issues whatsoever except for some counter surfing here and there.  She loves to play in the backyard with the kids but also really does like her downtime...napping is something she does quite well!!!!  She is a true cuddler and and sleeps almost every night in one of my children's beds under the covers right next to them.  We took her to obedience school and she was the star pupil.  We almost feel like she had been there before, she caught on so fast to the commands.  She played  well with the doggie friends she made there.  We did some construction to the house over the past year and I will say she was not always happy with all the people going in and out and the noise.  But she did adapt and made quite a few friends on our construction crew and actually won over a few grown men who were terrified of dogs.  Abby is a big girl with a big bark but not a mean bone in her body.  She is all love and affection.  I can honestly
say none of us could imagine life without her now.  We took our family portrait this year and Abby was up front and center in the picture, looking beautiful.
Thank you NLBR for changing our lives and allowing us to bring this wonderul dog into our home!!!!!


Abby is doing very well.  She is a happy well adjusted girl and we love her dearly.  

We go the beach every weekend and she comes with us.  She loves to dig in the sand and play in the water.  It is quite funny to watch her bark at the waves.  She is always meeting new people at the shore house and she warms up quickly to everyone.  She especially loves little kids and is very patient with them.  Abeline has many toys but she is partial to a rabbit that I bought her.  The rabbit goes everywhere with her.  At this point, it doesn't even resemble a rabbit anymore, but she could care less.

She is a smart girl and has adjusted quite well to our daily routine.  She is very attached to my husband and knows the sound of his truck.  She will go and sit by the door waiting for him to come in.  They then commence to roll all around on the floor and play.

If we had known what a dog would bring to my home,  we would have gotten one a long time ago.  The unconditional love this dog gives all of us is such a gift.  We could not imagine life without her now.


Abby has brought joy and laughter to our house.  She is a silly girl and likes to play all the time.  She is so well behaved and sweet, we can't stand to be away from her at all.  She has made our house her home and she really does rule.  We have had no issues with her whatsoever.  She listens well and really does like to please.  Everyone that meets her falls in love with her.  She loves to go in the car and is always willing to go for a ride.  Every day after school, she anxiously waits for the kids to get home and once they do, she knows it is playtime.  She has adjusted quite well to our schedule and had really no issues doing so.  We love Abby and are so happy that this has worked out well for all of us!


This dog has changed our lives for the better. She is such a wonderful companion for everyone in the family and seems to sense what each family member needs at a particular time. She is sweet, loving and extremely gentle. At the end of the day, we are as excited to see her as she is to see us. She is a ball of fire when she is in the yard and likes nothing better than when we are all out there with her...we all enjoy playing with her outside and watching her antics..We fell in love with Abby when we saw her on your website and we are amazed that it feels like we have had her forever.


I am unsure what to write....I am perplexed as to why such a wonderful dog is still with us.....but she is such a good girl I am happy to say that she has a home with us until the right home comes along.  :) 
I have not changed Abeline's status regarding children simply because I only have teenagers in the house.  I can say that she is great with my 1 year old niece.  Yes, Abeline is a big girl and is rough and rambunctious but around my niece she seems to realize that she is young....she has been gentle with her and even takes treats from her hand as gently as possible.  My niece is not here that often so I do not know how she would be if my niece would be running through the house or in the backyard.  I do know that she would not purposely hurt a child.
Abeline continues to be a sweet girl.  She gets along with all my dogs here and if a little spat happens to break out over a toy or bed, she is immediately submissive and seems to apologize to the dog that was upset....what I mean by that is Abeline will walk back up to the upset dog and lick their face and then walk away.
Abeline is still active and continues to like to run.  Nothing the weather can do will stop her from her daily runs!  She is like the mailman - no rain, nor sleet, nor snow.....nothing stops Abeline from her "property check".  So one thing Abeline does need is some decent property to be able to stretch her legs and a high fence to keep her from chasing down the squirrel that just ran out of the yard.
Abeline has been practicing her commands and continues to do well with them....we are working on teaching her to ring a bell I have hanging on the door so she can tell us when she needs to go out.  She is house broken - no accidents since we have had her other than a crate issue in the beginning.  She sits for her breakfast and dinner with absolutely no aggression issues.  If she sees her Kong in the morning, she runs into her crate and sits and waits. 
Usually by 8 pm Abeline is sleeping on her bed while we watch tv at night.  Then she goes to our room and sleeps through the night.
We are getting ready to enjoy the holidays.  I will try to get some updated pictures of Abeline during that time.
Abeline is waiting for her perfect family.....could you be the perfect one?


WOW - Abeline has already been with us for over a month - and at the same time, it seems like she has always been is so hard to describe.
We love Abeline - she is such a fun girl!
A - Athletic B - Beautiful  E - Energetic L - Lovable I - Intelligent N - Nifty E - Exuberant 
Abeline is now sleeping in our room with no gates.  She continues to get along with our dogs.  She continues to love to play on her own if no one is available to throw a toy for her.  But she LOVES playing with my 16 year old son.....fetch or chasing him on a four wheeler for treats - LOL - or just a simple wrestling match or game of tug.
Abeline's schedule for a normal M-F week - 
Wake up at 5:30 am get greeted and rubbed to start the day Go out to potty and run a couple laps Come in for breakfast (but first must sit and wait to get the "OK" to approach her food bowl Usually there is a wrestling match with my Jake somewhere before going back outside 6:15 - all dogs go back out for final potty call before work 6:30 - Crated with a Kong filled with dog food or banana and peanut butter 3:30 - My son gets home from school and lets them outside for free play and potty 4:15 - Mom and Dad arrive home - play/talk with dogs and get dinner started  5:00'ish - get dogs dinner ready Play until Abeline collapses at 7:45-8:15 while watching tv  9-10 - final potty call 9:30 - 10 - everyone tucked in for the night
Abeline continues to sleep soundly at night.  I must say that she has been the best foster "ever" for sleeping and no snoring!  LOL
Abeline has brought life into our house of older dogs!  She is fun and energized and just wants to have a good time.  She is so smart - you can almost watch her calculating on how to get something or processing what is coming next (ex: treats, leaving for work).
Abeline is continuing to learn obedience.  She now comes when we call her and she may be outside way down back.  She sits and waits for her food to be placed in front of her AND waits for the "OK" to go ahead and eat.  She sees her Kong come out of the freezer in the morning and runs to her crate.  It amazes me that she is so smart and picks up on routines so easily.
We have fallen in love with this sweet girl!


It has been just over two weeks since the lovely Abeline joined our home! 
She seems to love it here.  I would think her absolutely most favorite part of her stay is that we can open our deck door and she can just run our long property.  She is good for several  laps every hour or two when we are home.  She just loves, loves, loves to run and be outside.  If you are a runner, she may be a good candidate but she will need to learn some leash manners.  She is not the worst I have had on a leash but she does pull and she zig-zags not really watching what she is doing. 
Her second most favorite thing is eating!  She is a big girl (long and lean, not heavy) but she works hard all day running and keeping all the birds, squirrels and bunnies off our she looks forward to her two meals a day.  She has absolutely no food aggression.
She is enjoying living with her 4 fur siblings and is learning their personalities.  She is living with a 10 year old Rottie, named Lucy.  She has even had a game of tug on occasion with her.  She is also around 3 Boxers - 2 males ages 8 and a female that is 4.  Abeline has been very good around our resident cranky pants (Male Boxer boy) and I think she knows to just avoid him.  She has the most fun playing with our other Boxer boy named Jake.  We can see that he is getting older because Abeline just wears him out after a wrestling match!  I am finally feeling comfortable enough with the way the dogs are interacting to run out of the room and not make Abeline come with me. 
Last night was Abeline's first night out of her crate and sleeping on a dog bed in our room.  She continued to be very good in the crate at night but we decided to try her loose.  We are using a baby gate to keep her from walking on the other dogs at night and hopefully, will be able to get rid of that as well in a week or so.
Abeline does not like being in a crate during the work week or when we run out to do errands.  We give her a stuffed kong when we leave.  The kong has worked really well with teaching her to get in her crate on her own and she is crated with the other resident dogs.  We also leave them a radio on.  She is having problems being able to hold her pee during a work day (7-3:30).  Some days she makes it and sometimes she can't.....we are continuing to work on this but it is a long time for a dog that may not have had to do this before.
Abeline has been a joy to have at our home to say the least.  She is sweet and wiggly and kissy!  She is a big girl with a big heart!  She loves people, other dogs and running.  She is listening better to us but sometimes just can't sit still long enough!  LOL - she is like a little kid.  If the shelter didn't say she was 3 years old, I would think that she is acting like a Boxer at age 1-1/2!  We love her dearly and want her to find the perfect furever home! 
Does Abeline sound like she should be in your home?


Day #3 -  Abeline continues to run around the back yard.  She is a girl with a lot of energy.
Abeline will need to go to a home with a fence and room to run.  She just loves to be outside chasing birds and squirrels.  She could probably live as an only dog or with another dog.  She does know how to play with toys by herself when she is alone.  So far, she is also getting along with my group; however, they are never left unsupervised.
She continues to be a well behaved girl.  She does jump on us when we are outside playing and we are working on that.  She also enjoys rough play in the living room but as soon as you say - no, no be nice"...she stops the unwanted behavior. 
She is like the Energizer just go, go, goes and then at night time she passes out!  She is a great night time sleeper and after this weekend, we are also glad she gets sleepy!  LOL! 
Abeline has a WONDERFUL and LOVING personality.  She is going to make some family extremely happy!


Abeline arrived just over 24 hours ago on a transport from down south.  She was found as a stray.  She is a big, strong, beautiful, sweet girl with lots of energy.
After work we were able to leave her off leash outside and she just ran and ran.  Then she would rest and then run some more!  It will take some time to see if this is part of her charming personality or if she just needs to burn off some pent up energy from being in the shelter.  This morning she decided to run another several laps after her breakfast had time to settle.
It is really early to give my opinion on other dogs but she seems like she really enjoys having other dogs around.  It will take about 2 weeks for her to become comfortable in her new home and learn our routine.  We will see if she continues to bloom with my 4 dogs or if it is too much for her.  I really think she will be fine.  She seems to be such a happy-go-lucky girl.
She is being kept in a crate when we are at work and sometimes when the other dogs are milling around.  She wants to be out with them but will cry a bit then lay down.  We do let her out and close off the area to our other dogs so we can see her behavior inside our house.  I believe she was a lucky girl and was allowed in the house where she used to live.  She seems to understand what is expected of her inside vs. outside.
The one thing so far that has scared her and made me laugh was our automatic trash can.  She walked by it and it opened up like it was going to get her and she ran had to actually see it but it was very funny!
She slept in a crate in our room last night with all of us.  She whimpered for just a few seconds and then layed down and we didn't hear her until the alarm went off in the morning!  With her arrival at 4 am that morning, sleep was a wonderful gift!
Stay tuned, I will see how she settles in and update again in a few days!

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