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1 Year

This dog was adopted on 2011-01-28

Personal Information

Weight:48 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Needs to live with at least one other dog.

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


 Aiden is doing great, this year it will be 5 years we have had him..He is SUCH an awesome sweet and gentle dog..Everyone that comes to our house just loves him and wants to take him home.. Hes a lover and just the easiest most obedient dog to have around.. Just love my Aiden. He loves car rides and our 2 mile walks.. His favorite is sitting in my lap at night..Hes just the best dog ever..


Aiden is doing very well.. It has been 3 years that we have had him.  He's such a good boy and so loving.  He is very spoiled here and very loved.  Everyone that comes to our house to visit or for a party falls in love with Aiden and wants to take him home.  He is very obedient and aims to please.  The other 3 dogs here just love him and he is the silent boss of the pack.  Most nights he sleeps in bed with us and is a true pleasure to have around.  He loves long walks and car rides.  When he sees his harness or coat he gets so excited because he knows he's going somewhere.  As you can see from the picture he's very happy and loved here.  I believe he is older than we originally thought when he came into rescue.  We thought he was around 2, but I think he was older.  He is already turning grey around his mouth area which would make him older than 5 I believe.  He is a very mellow dog unless he sees his harness or coat, then he turns into a prancing, spinning, wound up and excited guy.  AIDEN IS AWESOME!


Aiden is a wonderful addition to our pack.  He is the nicest , gentlest dog.  I call him the southern gentleman because that is how he acts.  He’s very mellow and very well behaved, just a joy to have around!  I have taught him to talk to me on command…Not bark  but talk.

Aiden gets along great with all the ladies here and any dog he meets.  He just loves everyone and everyone loves Aiden!  He was always wonderful with my fosters as well.  He loves to sleep in bed with us at night.


Aiden was the second or third dog to come into NLBR.  Here’s happy Aiden (in the orange collar) playing with Anna and Zona.  As you can see, they get pretty intense in their playing.  Aiden was my first foster ever and because of him, I flunked fostering…LOL!  Since then many more have also flunked fostering, so I'm not alone!  It’s now been one year since Aiden has been adopted.  He is doing GREAT and is such an AWESOME dog!  -Brenda & Aiden, NH


Many of you have read Aidens story and updates.. Well, Aiden Man was adopted by his foster Feb.. . They just could not part with the loverboy.. Aiden is now living the good life !!  He is the playboy in the house with 4 females who all adore him.. He is the best dog ever.. Aiden didn't have to go anywhere..He was home all along.. We are happy to have Aiden..Thanks.. NLBR..


Mister mellow has learnt a new command this week..Its down and on your side..The beginning of "play dead"..  He is also starting to let me know he has to go out.. He comes over to me and lets out a whine.. He   pees on command outside.. (Hurry-Hurry  at our house means go pee..He knows Hurry-Hurry.. No accidents in the house for this guy..    Since in rescue Aiden has learn manners, he sits to have his collar put on to go out..When company comes over Aiden does not get all excited like my 4  dogs. He does not jump on people...He will let the person come in  then  sit down in front of them for them  to pat him without being asked to sit..He will also do this for attention at any time..He will  sit there and stare at you.. He is a needy guy as far as attention goes..He must be making up for lost time..He is a Very affectionate dog and extremely mellow and calm..I would love to see who ever adopts him take him to nursing homes and hospitals as he would be perfect for that. Aiden loves everyone and he is NOT and excitable dog at all.. He will go lay down quickly if I raise my hand in the air and snap my fingers and tell him to go lay down..He immediately responds and finds a dog bed.. When outside  he  comes full speed ahead when called... He will respond to my calling his name or whistling to him...He is really cute to watch because hes kind of clumsy running as fast as he can... But great effort..Aiden does not get on the furniture.. When he first got here he tried twice and twice I told him no..He has Never tried it again..If you tell him no he will immediately stop in his tracks what ever he is doing..He learnt down and on his side without any treats..He gives total attention when working or talking to him..What a treat as I have never had a dog so focused to work with..He is NOT easily distracted and VERY easy to train.. He gives his all without treats ..He focuses on his human  totally..This week we will work on give paw..I'm sure he will have that down by the next update..He know sit and stay very well and acts proud of himself that he knows it.. Hes a dream dog to train.. My sister in law was over last week..She loves Aiden and would like to have him but it is not the right time for her..Before she left she got down on the floor beside Aiden in the dog bed..She was saying her good-byes to him and telling him what a great dog he is..Then she got up and said to my husband and myself.. " Why are you not keeping him , hes the BEST dog here.".My husband and I just looked at each other and said.." Your right he is"    OUCH !!    I hope my dogs didn't hear that.. Til next time..


As we have gotten to know Aiden more it is apparent that he really needs to go to a home with at least one other dog..I do not believe Aiden has lived in a house before now.. There have been so many signs that lead me to believe this..He has experienced many things for the first time here or it as least appears that way to me....Including receiving treats, a regular feeding schedule where his belly is full and the security of my dogs around him...He used to cower at being patted and spoken to..He no longer does that..He was afraid of going for rides..Anna our party girl here has shown him life is fun and not that scary.. He has gained so much confidence with Anna and living here..He just loves to be in the company of other dogs and people..There have been many inquiries on Aiden which is great..However many of them have been with homes with young children and no other dog....Although Aiden is super sweet and mellow he is somewhat of a timid dog only because he has what appears to have lived a sheltered life.. Sudden movements, loud noises startle him..He is much better but because of that I don't feel he would be happy in a home with young children or no other dog around....A QUIET  home with  another dog or two  would be ideal.. I think Aiden would get along with any dog..He is just a happy dog and gaining more conficence everyday.. He is very good in the house.. I take him out every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom and he does not have accidents in the house..He does not show me in anyway he needs to go out or even has a clue to go to the door.. Because I know his schedule I know to take him out every 2-3 hours and no accidents..Outside he is loose with my dogs and myself..He loves to be out in the barn with the horses and has no fear of them..He and my other dogs enjoy the frozen poops and think they are their for them..Aiden stays close by and comes running when I call him..He comes to my call and when I whistle to him..He has learnt that from my dogs as they all know I carry treats with me..We also do not have neighbors or a road close by so we have no distractions when we are out..If we did I would not let him loose yet.. When its time to go out Aiden sits quietly to have his collar put on..The  skills  he has learnt like sit, stay  he acts proud and happy to be able to please..He really enjoys pleasing his human..I really love this guy ..


Today is 4 weeks since Aiden's heartworm treatments..He has done very,very well , he has had no effects that I could see..I couldn't even tell he had HW treatments  by the way hes been acting.. Like nothing at all happened other than he had to be quiet and crated alot..Much of the time he would be loose in my shop with me because he is just so mellow ... When he was in the crate he only complained if he was in the house and my dogs were outside..Other than that not a peep out of he.. He loves the crate and would go in automatically.. I took him to the vets today just  to weight him and to ask the vet questions about him..He now weights 48 pounds.. She said he is getting  a winter pounch.. I think hes just the right weight now... She gave him the okay to play and have fun ...He has no limits.. I also started him on Heartguard today..I keep my dogs on it year round  . Aiden is ready to go to his new and forever home..I will surely miss this southern boy.. Hes been a pleasure to have around..  I have been taking him for rides in the car with Anna to get him more comfortable going for rides..Before he was afraid to get in the car or afraid if the car was running and he had to walk by it.. Hes so much more comfortable with things..He's going to make someone an amazing buddy...


Aiden says the stockings are hung and the tree is up..Hes ready for his new family..Hes on day 19 and has  a week and a half to go before his one month of rest is up.. Hes handling his crate time very ,very well..Not a peep out of him ..But when he comes out hes like a dancing crazy man..Hes so happy to be out and just feels so good..He does settle right down though.. I'm sure feeling good and being confined so much would be wearing on any dog.. He does very well in the house and listens well.. I think his ideal home would be a quiet home perhaps with another dog..He seems to be great with other dogs and loves to play with them .. Hes loves nyla bones and dog toys.. His request to his new home is that they have plenty of bones ,toys and alot of love. Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Nite !!


We are now 12 days into Aidens HW treatments and his rest time..He is handling it very well. I feel so bad for him having to be crated so much..I do rotations so he is loose in the house and my boxers are crated some..THey are not happy about that but it at least gives Aiden some free roam time in the house....He is so mellow that it works. The other day while I was sitting down patting Aiden he had his head on my lap..I was thinking he would be the perfect dog to take to nursing homes and hospitals.. He hugs with his head rested on my lap and just melts.. He is such a gentle soul that he would be so gentle and loving to sick patients..He is great to take places, he is very laid back and not an excitable dog.. I can picture him being some kind of therapy dog..He has the temperment for it..The vet said he needs 4 weeks of rest and crate time.. I am counting down the days


Aiden went to the BRAD on Sat in Portland ,ME.. He was very well behaved and loved everyone..  He wasn't bothered by the commotion or new people coming up to him..He was happy to give out kisses..He is a VERY affectionate dog.. He was also fine with the other dogs there... He is SO laid back and very well behaved... He sits and stays like hes known how to do it for a long time..He will sit with just a hand signal or voice... His nails now are nice and short and he lets me use the dremmel on him.. He was scared at first but he is so trusting he let me do it..Of course treats were involved...
     I dropped him off at the vets today to stay for his HW treatments..  He has gained 12 pounds in about a month..He now weights 46 pounds and is rounding out nicely..He looks so much better with the weight on..Amazing what food will do, his coat is nice and shiny . ..Outside he is starting to run around showing off like the happy dog he is..Its so amazing to watch the transformation in him..When he got here he was a stressed and skinny dog..Now he is a happy wiggly boy with alot of love to give..Someone is going to be very happy to have him.. Hes a lover !!


Today my son and I took Aiden by himself for his first outing..We took him to my sisters to meet her dog.. Aiden was very afraid to go in the car, he cowered and rolled over on his side..I had to pick him up to get him in the car..He probably thought he was not coming back..Probably his only ride was from the Georgia shelter to NH.. Once in the car he was fine..He was a very good boy at my sisters. He met her old dog-Emma  ..Aiden is the most mellow dog..My sister & brother -in-law fell in love with him..They could not believe someone would give up such  a sweet and mellow dog..They were very impressed with him.. He listened very well and quickly showed them how nicely he knows the sit and stay command..He is still learning stay but he has the idea. Coming home he jumped right in the car..I don't think much has been done with Aiden but he is so willing and trusting that he does what is asked of him. We teach our dogs the "Watch Me" clue..Aiden does this automatically all the time..He is always looking at me and staying focused in my eyes..He is a dream dog..we all want our dogs to look to us for direction..Hes a natural at this.. His aim in life is to please his human.. If I didn' have 4 dogs already I would not part with this guy... I know I'm always bragging about Aiden but hes just that type of guy .. Dec 1st he starts his HW treatment.. I'm hoping and praying its not too painful for him..He has gained quite a bit of weight..I have not weighted him but we no longer see his ribs or his spine.. He eats 3 times a day.. Hes looking very handsome..Next weekend I am planning on taking him to the BRAD in Portland to let others fall in love with him.  They  will want to take him home.


Aiden has been here 2 weeks now and he is doing great.. He seems relaxed and happy to be with my dogs..He is fine with my 4 dogs , especially loves Anna. He and Anna play and follow each other around all day long.. Aiden seems  to love to sleep with another dog..He makes his way in with the pugs in their bed and is just happy to be with someone either dog or person.. .Aiden has meet my 2 horses and could care less..He was not bothered by them at all... He is very ,very affectionate and a little pushy to get attention..He is learning boundaries here . If he takes something he is not suppose to have , I say drop it and he does.. . Speaking of learning he is such a quick learner..He now has sit down very well.If I'm on the computer he will come over to me looking for a pat , if I don't notice him he will sit and just stare at me.. With a look on his face like" look I'm sitting" .. Who could resist this guy..Even my husband who isn't the dog lover that I am is always saying how sweet he is..Aiden really loves my husband and sits right next to him while my husband is watching TV.. He could sit and be patted all night..He craves attention..Aiden is learning stay and down..He is one of the quickest learners I have seen..He so desires to please and just seems so thankful to be in a home with love.. He will make someone a very loyal and loving companion...Amazing what 3 meals a day  can do..His ribs are no longer showing and he is looking very handsome..He has the softest fur like a puppy.. Wait til you see this handsome loving guy..


Aiden went to the vets yesterday.. Sadly Aiden has Hearthworm and will need treatment.. He is way too thin to start it so he will need a couple of weeks to put on weight..Aiden was thought to be 4-6 months but that is not possible as he has adult heartworm..My vet estimates his age to be a year or so old.. This poor boy has had one SAD  life.. The other day I was outside working on training with Aiden as it appears he has had no training what so ever..He has no boundaries or limits and appears no one has taken the time to work with this boy..I was trying to reward him with a treat and he had NO clue how to take it from my hand..He could smell it and wanted it but was jumping all around trying to figure out where it was..I had to cup my hand so he could  finally get it..No one has ever given him a treat..It was VERY sad to see that.....He did finally get it and learned to sit in a day.. He is so sweet and very, very willing to learn..He now sits to be patted and before he gets his meals..He is a REALLY  quick learner.. And did I mention he is one of the SWEETEST dogs I have ever met..Even the vet and tech were commenting on how sweet he is. And mellow, he is very laid back and mellow...When he is over his treatments and ready to go who ever gets to adopt him is getting  the best dog..His name should have been LOVER BOY..He already has my heart..Get your applications in on him he won't last long..He's a doll.!!!


Aiden has arrived..He is in my shop in the basement because his neuter was a couple of days ago so he still has to take it easy..He has met my 2 pugs but not my 2 boxers girls.. He is super sweet and MR personality.. He is either really tired or very mellow.. He is definately a boxer mix and very thin.. He needs some TLC thats for sure..He has ears that looked like someone has chewed on them and taken a small piece out of each one..I would think he is about 6 months old but thats a guess..I expected to be up with him most of the night but so far he has been a very good boy and not a peep out of him..Goes to the bathroom right away when I take him out which is far he is the perfect house guest.

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