Jethro (FKA Astor)

NJ -

Male -


This dog was adopted on 2019-05-18

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Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs: fenced in yard

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We do call him daughter’s favorite TV character is Jethro Gibbs from NCIS. 
He fits right in to our family! He does not have a mean bone in his body. He’s friendly to anyone to comes to our house. He plays all the time with my husband and my 12 year old. He sleeps most nights with my 16 year old and my 19 year old takes him for walks all the time.  He wants to be near someone all the time. He also loves laying in a pool of sunshine. 
He eats dry dog food but now we have to mix in a tablespoon of wet food. When my parents came to visit they did that with their own dogs and Jethro got spoiled by it so now we have to do that for him every day, twice a day!! Lol! He won’t eat his food without it. My husband had to make an emergency run to the pet store to get more one day when we ran out. He just sat looking at his bowl. 
He gets along great with any dog that comes to visit. He has to warm up a little, but then he starts playing and all is well. His favorite toy used to be a stuffed dinosaur but we had to get rid of that when he tore the stuffing out of it. Now he loves his red ball, a soft squeaky ball and he loves chewing on a beef bone. We tried throwing a ball for him in the yard but I don’t think he ever learned to do that so instead we just throw the ball up for him to catch in the house. He won’t chase the ball if we throw’s the people who end up chasing the ball instead of him. Haha!
He’s also a great talker. He “talks” to us whenever he wants something. The trick is trying to find out what exactly he wants. We all have a lot of videos on our phones of him doing just that. We laugh at ourselves for asking “what do you want???” and of course there’s no answer. 


Astor is doing wonderfully! He loves going to the bay and jumping around in the waves. He plays with his lacrosse ball and then finds a puddle of sunshine to relax in. He keeps us laughing everyday with his funny antics. We love Astor!


Hi All, 

The names Astor...I was a city boy and proud of it!  Really enjoy staying here in Jersey though.  Just arrived and found myself high-steppin' it through this stuff called "grass".  Man, did that feel weird on my feet.  Foster mom has been taking me out in the yard periodically during the day to enjoy the weather and you know, that grass isn't so bad after all.  I get to wander arond this nice fenced in yard and smell the flowers.  

I am a goofy boy that loves, loves, loves to play with toys especially the squeaky ones and WOW there are alot of them here!  I do enjoy walks and just lying around too.  But you do know, I am a Boxer and can be a crazy man sometimes, although foster mom says I am just a puppy in a 4 year old's body!  She says I am very sweet, sometimes timid (since some new things are strange to me) and have such soulful eyes that melt your heart.  

Went to the vet the other day and I did awesome.  I had to say hello to everyone there and the vet said that I was very handsome so I gave him lots of kisses.  I even rode nicely in the car.

I haven't been completely introduced "one on one" to the dogs living here yet but I am told that once I settle in more, I will meet each of them.  I previously lived ( for a time) with a smaller female dog so foster mom doesn't think I will have a problem...if anything her dogs may not like me? Huh..

I understand pretty well how to "sit" when asked so now we are working on "wait".  You kmow it is soooo hard to do this one when there is something else interesting going on, or lunch is served and I just want to chow down but I am doing better every day!  I am a very smart boy.

If any of you adopters out there think you are a match to me, please fill out an application quickly.  I am waiting for my perfect furever home!

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