PA -

Female -

3 years

This dog was adopted on 2011-03-13

Personal Information

Weight:49 lbs

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


I am happy to inform that there Aurora set a new bar for being spoiled. 
She is loved, spoiled, walked, treated, exercised regularly.  In return we get unlimited puppy love and faithfulness. Aurora is very smart about asking to go out. She gets along with one (out of 3 cats) and knows not to bother other 2. She is kind and loving. We all love her and we love loving her! She is quite a character and we love every bit of it!
Sad to inform that her cancer growth came back. And it cannot be operated as it reappeared in the same spot. We came to the agreement with out oncologist, that it is best not to intrude in order to maintain happy doggy life for Aurora. So we have to take meds daily, including chemo, in order to maintain the tumor in it's size. It's been working great for a year now. Aurora gets checked by her oncologist on a regular basis.
Thank you again for saving this precious girl. Aurora is a sweetheart, loved by many people. We cannot imagine not having her in our lives.


Aurora is a light and life of this household.  Most loving girl ever, easily wins hearts even of "cat" people.  

She is going through intense treatment now, which erequires special diet for her.  Anything for my girl so she feels better.

As the weather warms up, we are looking forward to walks and hikes.  Very greaful to NLBR for rescuing my girl.  Absolutely cannot immagine not having her in my life.  


Aurora is a wonderful dog, loving and faithful.  I see her opening her personality and letting it out more and more.  She responds great to communication. She knows "drink your water", "eat", "get back", she knows difference between "walk" and "ride" (she won't go to the garage door if I offer to go for a walk").  She knows "get down", "stop", "no", "easy" and "gentle" when it comes to taking treats from hands (she uses her lips trying not to touch hand with her teeth). 

Definitely, she is not an angel.  She knows how to deliver her message when she gets attitude.  When she knows she did something bad and actually learned to apologize for it.  It's a new thing.  She stays outside until she feels I'm not mad anymore.  I have to pat her on forehead. 

I feel like we are still learning about each other and there is more this girl can show me and surprise me with. 
Whatever it is, I see the effort she puts in, like she is saying "tell me,and if I understand, I'll do it".  She is a very smart girl.  I've done some reading about boxers and became part of the boxer’s owner's group on the Internet.  They've been lots of help as far as basic behaviors and some medical issues.


 What a silly girl we have here, she has the best personality, and the cutiest face ever.  She is a really good girl and dosent bother any thing. She is very "busy"  She wants to play 24/7.  Ive come to the conclusion that she is not at all wild when its just her, If I put my dogs in their crates she just lays down and chews a bone or wants to sit on my lap. So what im trying to say is, If you have another dog to keep her company, she will love it, Or if not she will totally be fine as a only dog.  We have been able to walk and she likes that too. She really is doing well, she plays hard and sleeps well. In typical boxer form she loves to be with people. Even when its bath time for the skin kids she comes and sits and waits for us to be done. She is really a sweet heart and we all are getting very attached to her.


 Little miss nutty buddy, as I call her is slowly settling in.  She has been stressing, panting alot and she just couldnt seem to get comfortable. Any little noise or move she would jump right up and start all over but I am happy to say it is getting better.  I was able to get her to sit with me while I was watching a movie and she did relax and snore a little. She is very high energy and loves to play, play, play. She wears us all out. Since we had a few days of nice weather we were able to go for some much needed walks. It helps her to have as much exercise as we can give her. Then I recrute the boys to play fetch with her. I bet she would fetch that ball 100 times if you let her. My male usually hides from her by the end of the day. She just has alot of energy. She does well in thes crate, she will bark for a few minutes then she is ok.  No accidents in the house and walks great on a leash. She has finally stopped eating like she would never see another meal. When she first got her she would eat so fast that she would choke. I gave her several small meals and she is eating fine now. She will be just fine with some time and TLC. I had a rough weekend and just looking in her eyes helped me get through. She is very sweet. If you need help fitting into that bikini for summer Aurora is your girl. I hope it works for me. LOL


I have fallen in love with this little girl. She came to PA early Sunday morning, scared, dirty, hungry, full of fleas and totally stressed out and exausted. But she walks in and I kneel down to her and she put her head right in my chest and stood there for me to to pet her and hold her. She is so glad to be here.  She is thin and has some sores on her ears and feet but she sat for me to give her treats and I gave her the bath of her life im sure. She let me clean out her ears and put ointment on them.  She had a good meal and settled in her crate and took a nice nap.  She is so frendly and sweet. She had some energy to burn off so she played with my male Cooper, She likes him, she layed beside him and was giving him kisses.  She hung out with me and sat with me while I watched tv.  She was so excited to play with the boys. It's safe to say we like her a lot. She has a gentle soul, you can see it in her eyes. She needs to gain some weight and her wounds to heal and some TLC. She is great. I'll update more soon.

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