Baby Girl

NJ -

Female -

2 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-08-25

Personal Information

Weight:57 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Unknown



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Babygirl is doing awesome now she was feeling under the weather for a little while but a few vets and a visit to a specialist to find out what was going on and a plan to correct it has been a success. She developed this odd cough that most doctors couldn't quite grasp how she got it or what was causing it but one specialist put his finger on it quickly and started a series of medicine to correct it.   Happy to say it's been a few weeks now with no signs of coughing and we have our happy playful boxer back.  


Babygirl is doing great she turns 4 tomorrow actually.  She is such a clown we love her dearly and my male tyson wouldn't know what to do without her now.


Babygirl is doing great she turns 4 tomorrow actually.  She is such a clown we love her dearly and my male tyson wouldn't know what to do without her now.


Baby Girl is making herself quite at home!  As I expected, she is sweet and laid back.  She runs around playing chase with my male, Leroy and enjoys his company.  My female, Tootsie is the "Queen" and I can tell that Baby Girl is not quite certain that she completely trusts her, although they have played fine together. 
Baby Girl loves her stuffed babies.  In fact, every time she goes outside she has to take one with her and holds it in her mouth as she times she walks around whimpering with it.  She is awesome in her crate and when she is out of it and roaming around, sometimes I find her lying or sleeping in her crate rather than the dog bed.
She understands Sit, Down, Paw and Wait.  She sits quietly until dinner is served but I have not figured out what her Release word is.  After I put her meal on the floor and I want her to eat, she just sits and looks at me still waiting!  I have tried using the words: Okay, Done, called her name, pointed to her dish...she eats only after you leave...Soooo that is what I do!
She of course just loves being with you - typical Boxer!  She is not a bother at all, she is such a good girl that at times, you don't even know she is here!  She is the perfect foster girl!  She makes herself comfortable when you are on the computer and just loves to be near you.  Outside she is quite prey driven when spotting a rabbit or squirrel but she is not a fence jumper or a counter surfer.  She settles nicely in the house but still has that Boxer energy and can race around the yard!  She is the perfect Baby and some lucky family will adore her!


Baby Girl just arrived today and she is settling in nicely.  She is a very good girl in the crate and quite relaxed for her first day here.  My male, Leroy was "playbowing" her from outside the crate on his way to go outside and my female was wagging her tail and wanted to sniff, so I guess introductions in a day or so! 
She is a very sweet girl and everyone at the vet office just raved about her.  In fact when the transporter dropped her off, he told me he just fell in love with her, that she was so sweet, walked great on the leash and just wanted to take her home!  He said she was very special and he has delivered alot of dogs!
Keep checking back and I will post to her webpage as soon as I have more to report!  She is a cutie, pretty calm and very sweet.  I am sure she will not be in our foster home long!

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