Bear (AKA Tedy Bear)

NJ -

Male -

3.5 years

This dog was adopted on 2011-12-04

Personal Information

Weight:65 lbs





Shots Up to Date:No

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Time to recover from surgery

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


From day one he came into our home and was completely at ease. He is such a companion and is really very loyal to the both of us. He is very personable and loves company. He loves to be on his bed in the TV room when we are both in there watching TV, reading, etc. He really brought something special to our home and we are very lucky to have found him.


Hi everyone!  I know that it's been quite some time since I updated you on our little guy so here goes…As you can imagine, he is quite the gentleman and grows increasingly polite and kind each day.  Hard to believe that we have had him a year already back in December.  We threw a little party in his honor and had custom Tedy bear cupcakes made for all the guests. 

He truly has made such an impact on our lives and we can't imagine life without him.  He has basically taken over the house and we tried the no furniture rule but that has gone out the window.  It's completely fine and he is so happy that he can lay on the sofa and chairs.  He enjoys playing with his neighborhood friends and is especially fond of our neighbor's little girls, Addie and Bella.  Attached are of few pics of him and I'll be sure to provide updates on a more regular basis. 

Jim, Bill and Tedy Bear


Just wanted to provide an update on our little guy Tedy-Bear, or as you know him - Bear.  He is an absolute sweetheart and a total asset to our home.  He is so much fun and has just passed his test to Camp Bow Wow as a loveable camper and friend to the counselors!  He loves his toys and his treats!  Again, thank you to everyone that brought this amazing little guy into our lives!!!


Well, Vet said that we could let the dogs play together so I got permission from our daycare center to take Lee and Bear  to the facility ( since it had been so wet outside), to play in the small dog room.  To my surprise, Bear had no desire to play with Lee---even with Lee trying his best to initiate play---Bear just did a low little growl as if to say, "leave me alone" and Lee just backed off!  I decided not to try Tootsie at all, since she is "queen" and expects all dogs to follow her wishes.  I tried  Bear and Lee again in our yard when it was less wet ---let them both run out the door together but shortly after running the same direction, parted ways and ignored each other. I have since then, realized that  Bear really doesn't bother with my dogs and my dogs stand a distance from him as if he has this "invisible field" around him.  When they walk together to go outside to "tinkle", they all run in excitement but then my two move a couple of feet away and behind him as if giving him room.  Have not quite put my finger on the dynamic of the three of them other than Bear having a "passive dominance" and they just understand the "vibes" he is telling them.  Very interesting though. My dogs are normally that "CRAZY" happy, crappy boxer but now I have noticed that since Bear has been with us, they act more complacent and reserved in his presence.  Lee will just lie outside now, whilst Bear is in his glory bounding around the yard and attempting to play with my husband and I.  Bear LOVES people but just wants to keep to himself when it comes to my dogs---he is fine being with them just doesn't want to interact.  He also does not seem to like when there is alot of noisy play going on between Tootsie and Lee---and since Bear has come, my two do very little playing when he is around them.  Bear would just as soon follow my husband or I around the house, just wanting to be with us, and  if we are busy at the computer, just lies at our feet and rests.  He is not the typical boxer---he sleeps most of the day but that typical boxer appears when you  are with him outside-- just wants to play with you!  If you put his leash on, he gets so excited because he knows he is going for a walk or in the car.  He does pull somewhat on leash and I do recommend a harness for him ---he is "strong like bull" (or should I say bear?) and has come a long way!  He has filled out and seems to have grown into himself---he seems so much bigger than when he came---probably because he is feeling so much better! He would be best as an only dog with the family home as much as possible and willing to take him places.  He is great in the car and out in public and sometimes  crys when he sees you leaving without him.Bear just wants  ALL his owners attention and wants to be with his "humans", ALL the time!


 Bear is healing nicely and he can begin play with my pups soon.  I am seeing the true Boxer "Bear" starting to come out!  Each day, more and more like that typical Boxer boy--- although, I think he will stay relatively calm for a Boxer.  He still sleeps most of the day but there are times when you can see his energy!  My husband took Bear outside with him to rake leaves last weekend. As my husband had his back turned to him, off Bear went---doing "zoomies" back and forth across the yard.  I ,of course, got concerned but upon checking his stitches he was fine.  My husband then told me that Bear was play bowing him constantly in the yard as well!  Right now he is on leash with me as he walks around the house because they all want to play and that has not been allowed yet but he "hangs" nicely with my guys.  When I am on the computer, Bear comes over and uses his head to get under your arm when you are typing, trying to get you to pet him.  Once you stop, he goes around and does the same thing to the other arm! 
     Bear has also "filled out" nicely.  You can no longer see his ribs or hip bones so I am going to begin cutting down on all the food he has been eatting to fatten him up! After he eats, he has a tendency to try to drink whatever water is left in his bowl, even if it is full! At first, I would  take the bowl away for a few minutes and then give it back.  The other day, as he was waiting, he decided to tell me that he wanted his water back by jumping on my leg---I was shocked!  I had never seen him jump before except for into the car (he is actually a great car rider!). Now, I only fill the bowl halfway!. It is like he has to drink and finish whatever is in the water bowl at mealtime---but then when I fill it back up to halfway, he doesn't bother to drink any more! 
        He does not countersurf,  he likes his crate although he doesn't know what the word means yet) and  he "sits" when told.  He has learned he must wait in a "sit" on his rug  till we release him to eat dinner. He is a such a good boy!  I usually take the younger babies who need so much more attention for behavior or training --- so Bear is such a pleasure to have! 
Will update soon so keep posted!


He came to NLBR as an owner surrender late one night---a volunteer went to get him after work.  As soon as they met, she knew that this was serious.  Luckily he was being vetted in the morning. She took him home and made him comfortable-- accepting his kisses, checking him through the night , and praying was all she could do---nothing for his pain.  When arriving early at the vet office, he was too weak and in such a state of  "septic shock"  that he could not get out of the car on his own--- clinic personnel helped get him into the examining room immediately.  The vet was appauled at what she saw.  He was emaciated, covered in fleas, and his testicles were as large as a cantalope.  This is called Testicular Torsion---when the testicles intertwine and they begin to die, infection sets in, and it becomes a life threatening situation.  He was given pain meds, antibiotics, and fluids before taking him into surgery.  The vet advised that if she found cancer or if his urethra had been damaged that he would have to "go to the bridge".  Miraculously, he made it through the surgery and beat the odds! 
     His name is Bear!  A "Teddy" Bear that is----the sweetest boy you would ever want to meet.  The vet was so glad that we "saved" this boy because he is such a sweet angel.  On his arrival, even in pain and confusion, he continued to give kisses and allowed the technicians and vet to work on him.  The doctor told our volunteer that two more days in his condition and he would have died.  God was looking over him---the owners were suppose to surrender him to NLBR a week later but there were no neuter appointments available the following week so we took him into rescue earlier than expected---and good thing we did!  When we realized it was not a simple medical issue that could be cleared up by a typical neuter, we were extremely concerned.  Soon after his surgery though,  Bear began to recover quickly and he became the "ambassador" of the vet office---greeting every cat or dog from his crate as the patients arrived for their appointments. After a week at the clinic, his drains and staples were removed and he was allowed to come home to recouperate and rest after his traumatic ordeal.  Bear has an open wound that couldn't be closed due to lack of healthy skin around the area so he will be monitored closely.  Luckily, Bear is a lover and a fighter!  A "lover" of people and animals AND a "fighter" of everything he has been thru.  This is what a true "Rescue" is all about!  
     So please help defray the cost of Bears surgery and vet stay, as well as some of the other medical expenses our fosters have recently had or still need to undergo.  Every penny helps to continue to truely  "Rescue"  those in need! 
     Bear sends smooches and hugs and thanks everyone for caring!

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