Billie (FKA Billie Jean)

NJ -

Female -

2-2.5 years

This dog was adopted on 2012-01-15

Personal Information

Weight:61.4 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Happy to give a report on our sweet Billie.  She remains to be quite the love bug, and still very energetic & playful.  We have since had a baby (now 3 1/2), and they are truly best friends.  She is very protective of him, but not in an aggressive way.  She just likes to always be around him.  She get so close to the stroller she trips on it!  
We live in a high rise building in New York, and she has many friends in the building.  She always wants to play with the other dogs, even if they are a bit aggressive towards her.  (Sometimes I think her size may be intimidating?)  We are so lucky to have a doggie day care right across the street, who love her just as much as we do.  They take her on daily walks of we don't have time, and if we are out of town she stays in the owners home.  
She's very healthy, always getting great reports from the vet.  She is about 6 now, and we've noticed she is getting a bit gray under her chin & around her eyes although it certainly doesn't make her any less beautiful.  We just love her to pieces & can't thank you enough for allowing us to be her forever home.  


Billie has been a blessig in our family. She is so sweet and loved by everyone. We found out about 2 months after we adopted her, that we were pregnant. When our baby (Ryan) was born, he was diagnosed with Down syndrome, as well as a major heart defect in which he had to have open heart surgery at 14 weeks old. We have learned that one of the best therapy's for children with Ds is animals, dogs in particular. I honestly feel that there was a reason Billie was sent to us. She is unbelieveable with children, and I know that her & Ryan are goning to be best friends. We are so lucky to have her.


 UPDATE FROM BILLIE JEAN’S NEW MOM (Who is now also an NLBR Volunteer!) - Thank you for all the warm welcomes!  We are excited to be a part of the group!   We are extremely lucky to have adopted Billie Jean because she is an absolute DREAM!  A special thank you to Theresa for taking such good care of her as a foster.  She is really loving city life!  We take her daily to Battery Park, where she gets so much attention, especially from the tourists!  She loves meeting & playing with all the other city dogs.  We are of course spoiling her rotten!  :)  I'm going to try to get her doing some “touristy” things around the city soon & will send some of those pics too! 

Thanks again for all the warm welcomes, we are looking forward to (hopefully) helping out in Manhattan soon!


Hi everyone Billie Jean here, I have so much to tell you!  I would first like to thank everyone who came out to see Izzy, Jerome and me, we were like the United Nations.  We had Izzy to represent the brindle, Jerome to represent all who like white boxers and naturally me for the fawns.  The place was hopping!!!  We felt like it was the red carpet!  They even had a picture of me up on the site saying I would be there…I felt like a star!!!  We were busy all afternoon looking for our forever homes.  We all meet some very nice families and I loved all the kids I met.  So keep your eyes open for our next event, we might even try to top this last one. 

I would like to tell you that I have great news - I put on 2+ pounds!  I am now up to 61.4 pounds.  I still have more to go but at least now I'm getting there.  My foster mom says I can gladly have some of hers.  She's funny, I still don't understand it but I'm sure it's good.  I forgot to tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE squeaky toys - The noisier the better!  My foster mom was so proud of me on Saturday, I did very well with meeting new dogs.  I don't know why she worries so much, I just want to say "Chill mom, I got this."  I guess it's because she loves me so much, it's her job to worry. 

I am currently on digestive enzymes.  My FM gives them to me with all my meals.  It's supposed to help me and I think it is because now I'm able to put on weight and finally stopped with the diarrhea (thank goodness, my tushy was on fire for a while there).  No worries though, it's just a tiny bit of powder that I need with my meals and I'm good to go. 

My FM was so proud of me on Saturday, she said she thinks my forever home could be very soon.  So all of you that think you would like to have me forever better hurry up and put in your application because I know my foster mom will have a hard time letting me go.  I keep trying to tell her that I'll keep in touch no matter what.  Soon maybe you'll hear from me from my new forever home!


 Billie Jean did well with her spay and is waiting for her forever home.  As I said before, she is a love bug and craves love and attention.  We are working on getting some weight on her, as she can still use a few more pounds.  We are working on toy issues.  Billie Jean will be a bit possessive when she has a toy around another animal.  When she gives a small growl, I will tell her no and she will stop.  She will also do the same with animals around her food bowl but when I tell her to stop, she does.  I think with some training, she will get past this.  Billie Jean is totally fine with people taking her bowl away while she is eating.  I have seen no aggression with people as far as toys or food.  I can stick my fingers in her mouth and play with her and she has no problems. 

Billie Jean is only 2 or 2-1/2 years old, so she loves to play with you!  She gives little kisses and will do a wooo - wooo with you.  Billie Jean will be at Cherry Brook in Garwood, NJ on Saturday January 7th.  Please come out to see her and a few of the other dogs that are currently up for adoption.  Let Billie Jean show you what a good loving dog she is.  Will you be her forever home???


Hi Everyone, just wanted to give you a quick up date on Billie Jean. She will be going for her spay in a few days so she can be with her forever home very soon. Billie Jean loves to be with people, does fine with my cats and does well with young children. The other day she was running up and down the yard with my neighbor's children on the other side of the fence. One was two or three saying run BJ, run BJ and the two would run together, they looked so cute. BJ even licked her hand through the fence. I think BJ would do fine with children. I think like with all dogs in the beginning, adults should be with young children to show BJ and the children their boundaries. She loves when you play with her and the toys. She will play all day if you can keep up with her. BJ also LOVES the bed. She takes turns and sleeps with me at night. I think BJ would do fine with children but most of all she craves love and attention. So if you have lots of love to give, BJ is the one for you. I will keep you posted on how she does after her surgery. Pray for my little love bug  :  )


I picked up this sweet girl late Saturday night. She came to us with kennel cough so I am giving her time to get better before she meets my 4 resident boxers. They see each other on shifts through the cage. Today she has free roam of the house while my guys are in their cages. She does fine with cats and has a lot of play in her. I started working with her on her commands. We worked on sit and paw, and when she has that down we will try some others. I haven't seen any food aggression and so far no accidents in the house. Don't let this beautiful girl slip away, put your applications in for adoption.

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