NJ -

Male -

5 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-10-21

Personal Information

Weight:55 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Need to be adopted as a pair

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Pumpkin and Bobo are growing old gracefully! Bobo has slowed down a bit but Pumpkin is still full of energy. 


Pumpkin and Bobo are doing just fine.  Yesterday they visited with their vet and he said that they both look healthy and happy. 

The heat has been rough this summer but that doesn’t stop Pumpkin from running around the yard.  Bobo joins her every once in a while but he seems to prefer a nice, cold air conditioned room.  Frankly I don’t blame him! 

These two are such wonderful dogs and we are very grateful that they joined our family. 


We are so happy to have these goofballs in our lives!  A home is not a home without a dog and two dogs makes it twice as special.  We were very sad at the loss of our pal Nemo and we miss him terribly.  These two helped us to get over our loss.  It is great to have dogs back in the house!


Hi Everyone!  Pumpkin & Bobo are doing great.  Pumpkin has gained 3 pounds!!  I keep the food down for her when she is alone in her cage so she can eat whenever she wants.  Pumpkin is very energetic and loves to run and play with the dogs.  She is so loving and playful that once you meet her you won't forget her.  Her brother Bobo is doing great also.  I took him out with me to an event and he did wonderful!  Everybody loves Bobo when they see him.  He's so gentle and loving.  All Bobo wants is love and attention from you.  He will sit with his head in your lap all day if you let him.  When you adopt these two dogs it's really only like adopting one because Bobo is so quiet that most of the time if he's not getting attention from you, you wouldn't even know he's there.  So please open up your hearts to these two wonderful dogs who love dogs, cats and children and let them find their forever home.


Hi Everyone!  Just wanted to give you an update on Pumpkin & Bobo.  They are doing great with the dogs and will still chase the cats some.  Not to hurt the cats, more curious.  Pumpkin is so active.  She will whip around the yard with her being leader of the pack and has the other dogs having the best time trying to catch her.  When I tell you she is quick, I mean very, very quick.  She keeps the boys in shape.  She has food down in her cage all the time so she can eat whenever she wants.  She is only 45 pounds and still has some weight to put on.  Her brother BoBo loves to play with all the dogs and weighs 55 pounds.  BoBo has this gentle look to him that makes you want to squeeze him all the time.  I put my hands out to him and like a little boy he always comes with an open heart just looking for love.  Trust me when I tell you, you don't want to let him go.  He is so gentle and will stay with you forever if he could.  Each day I fall in love with them more and more so I really need you guys to help find them a home soon!  BoBo & Pumpkin will have a piece of my heart when they find their new home.  They are such a wonderful pair you really can't resist them once you meet them.  They are such good dogs that you don't even realize there are two.  If Bobo isn't getting attention from you, he will quietly lay on the floor and you would miss him…he's that quiet.  Please open your hearts to this wonderful pair, they are truly unique!  So stop thinking, you know you want them, put your application in and I promise you won't be sorry.


Bobo and Pumpkin are brother and sister who just came to us yesterday from a long transport.  We are so very lucky to have received this pair.  You will not be disappointed!  When I heard that we had a brother/sister team I just had to have them!  I knew that we were up for the challenge and could find them their new furever home.  I know with all our boxer/ animal lovers out there we will find them a new home together like they have always been. Pumpkin is 1-1/2 year-old fawn that needs to put on some weight.  She is more a petite boxer but is very gentle, loving and LOVES to play with her brother.  Bobo is a handsome fawn boy, is 5 years old and you would NEVER know it.  Together they whip around the yard like speed racer.  They both can jump very high when playing without any effort.  It's so nice to watch them run and play together.  I know it must have been scary for them to leave their home and go to a new place but luckily they will stay together and have the comfort of one another that they are used to.  They eat and sleep in the same cage for now and are very happy to have each other.  They met my neighbor’s children through the fence yesterday and did great.  They loved all the attention and showed how much love they have to give anyone who would be lucky enough to adopt them. Pumpkin and Bobo haven't met my other dogs yet because we are giving them time to settle in and feel secure in their new surroundings.  Pumpkin and Bobo have done well meeting people showing them their personality and how loving they are.  They loved all the attention from the kids and neighbors.  When people see them they all say how well they are together.  They really are like peanut butter & jelly -They just fit so well together.  They will be going to the vet for their check up and we will update you with more information after their visit.  So far Pumpkin and Bobo are doing well in their new surroundings and are looking forward to finding their new forever home to share all the love, kisses and companionship they have to offer.  When I first heard that there was a brother/sister team that needed to find a new home together I immediately wanted them.  I knew that we will be able to find them another home together.  I am asking everyone to tell everyone they know about Pumpkin and Bobo in your family, friends, co-workers, gym, e-mail list, facebook and anyone else you could think of that would be a loving and responsible person who could benefit from all the love and companionship that they have to offer.  Please tell everyone to submit an application so we can review all our potential furever homes.  I am asking all our animal lovers to open up their minds and hearts by helping them find their new home soon.  Together we are up for this challenge and can make it happen.  I am calling on all our surrounding states to help make this happen.  You have come through in the past and we need all your support again.  Please don't disappoint Bobo & Pumpkin, open your hearts and home to this dynamic duo, you won't be sorry.  Coming from a person who has always had a multi pet household, there are no words that describe all the love they give you.  Trust me, they will love and appreciate you more than you'll ever know.  They know that YOU made it happen and kept them together as a family.  You will get all the love and affection back ten times over.  Please help this brother/sister team stay together again for their new FUREVER home once again.  For now Bobo & Pumpkin will stay with me and give me lots of love and kisses that you'll be missing out on if you don't put in your application.  Please make their lives complete by bringing them into your hearts and home.  You won't be sorry!!!!

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