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2.5 Years

This dog was adopted on 2013-02-02

Personal Information

Weight:50 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:No

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Bowzer is doing great.  He turned 10 on July 30th and still acts like a puppy! He runs with his two four legged brothers, Rocco 2 & ½ and Junior 1 & ½. They play Frisbee and fetch the ball every morning before their walk.

Then it’s play time again , back outside to run and play in the yard before breakfast .  Then it’s nap time when I head off to work .  Mario gets home around 2:45 and it’s play time in the yard again!!  He may be 10 but he acts like he’s 5!!

He’s so cute, if he starts to get tired he will just take the ball and go lay up on the deck with it , so Rocco and Jr. know it’s time to grab one of the other balls or the Frisbee!! Bowzer always had a toy aggression , but he has gotten so much better, he actually shares now!

All his Vet check up’s are great , he’s happy and healthy! He's very  loving affectionate & sweet . Everyone loves him . The Vet calls him the professor , because of his bushy gray eyebrows, she absolutely loves him! All my friends, family, coworkers, neighbors, etc. just adore him. He’s very friendly, great with young and old people and animals.

I know I said this from day one…… But he is so special to us, I love our other two dogs, but there is something so calming and loving and special about Bowzer, that I just can’t explain. He’s just the love of our lives! I think he’s just such a grateful dog.

So thank you so much for having such a great rescue.


Bowzer is doing great!! He has been with us now for 7 years!  I can’t believe he is going to be 10!! In July. Yahoo!!    He is still like a puppy , so much energy, loves to run and play with his 4 legged  brothers.  They all play so well together.  They love running the yard, going for walks, etc.

He still gets a little nervous in the car, so we all pile in and go for rides to help him overcome his fears. Almost every weekend just him and I go for a ride to the next time over to the Co-Op, they have everything for equine and dogs, cats, all kinds of good treats and they love BOXERS!!!  They all know him there and he loves it.  It helped him so much with the car , he was a little nervous around people when we first got him so if you went to pet him he would pee. He is 100 times better now!


I call him my love bug, because he’s so affectionate and loving. He loves to be snuggled in and he’s a big lap dog!! Everyone that meets him loves him !! All my & Mario’s friends and family and even my neighbors want him.   One of our neighbors has a son with autism and Bowzer is so great with him , he actually calms him. He’s an amazing animal,  the Best!!  My veterinarian is also another  big fan of his. She calls him the Professor, because of the gray face & bushy eyebrows!  Everybody loves him! 

I said it from day one with him – that there is something so special about him. When I was sick with some health issues, he never left my side. He is so special to Mario & I.  The bond we have with him is unbelievable. We could never imagine our life’s without him.  He still gets so excited when we come home, that he grabs one of his toys and  dose the Boxer twist for about five minutes! It’s adorable! We love him more than you could ever imagine!


Bowzer makes us smile every day.  He is so loving, funny, sweet and happy.  He is also so smart and very eager to learn!  He has come such a long way.  When we first adopted Bowzer, he was very shy, confused, did not know anything about affection.  He had a very strong toy aggression.  He was very unsure of people, he would quiver and urinate.  Not anymore, those days are behind him now!  He loves everyone, no quivering or urinating, he loves being kissed and hugged and giving them!  He shares his toys with his sister and brother (our two other boxers).  He can't wait until after dinner to hop up on the sofa with his best friend - DAD, snuggle in and watch TV.  OH....when it's bedtime he is the first one upstairs in the bed between both of our pillows, well his head is always on his dad's.  They have a bond that is so special.  Mario has high blood pressure, something about Bowzer calms him.  As soon as they sitdown together they are out like a light.  I know we helped Bowzer by adopting him, but the truth is, he really helps us.  We just LOVE HIM!!

We love all of our three boxers, there is something so special about Bowzer.  We could not have asked for a happier, loving, appreciative dog.  We say it everyday, we tell everyone we meet, adopting is the only way to go.  I know WE will from now on.

He loves to play with his toys, going forw alks and snuggling on the sofa with his dad and brother and sister.


Bowzer has been a great addition to our family.  He has a blast with our other two Boxers.  They play with all their toys and run outside for a while until they get out all their energy.  It has been great for all three of them.  After play time and at night everyone snuggles in together.  It's so cute!!  Bowzer has added a sense of calm to our house.  We have been working with a trainer that comes to our house to work with all three of our dogs and that has been great for everyone.  He is a great little boy and we just LOVE him!!


Bowzer is an owner surrender who made his way to NLBR last Saturday.  He's been here almost a week and I've gotten to know this boy a little bit.  Let me start off by saying he's very sweet and has a very engaging personality.  He was nervous and I think confused that first day.  I put his blanket and toy in his crate with him so he had familiar smells, as I thought it might comfort him.  I also had my own boy sleep crated next to Bowzer since he got here so he wasn't alone. 
He does not appear to have any food aggression.  I am feeding him in the crate so he can eat in peace without my boy bothering him.  By day two or three, he knew the routine.  He watches me put food in his bowl and runs to the crate.  He LOVES toys and will play and squeak the toy and growl and make all kinds of noises as he plays.  It is so hilarious, he is truly just a happy-go-lucky soul.  He does all his business outside and sleeps through the night without a peep.  He likes my boy boxer and was being a little overly friendly and playful and backed right down when my boy let him know he was being too much.  Bowzer also seems to love people and is a good watch dog.  He's very alert and smart. 
He does not appear to know any commands but follows directions and has learned to catch onto the routine here.  He's very tiny, maybe 50 pounds.  He's also extremely handsome with a beautiful mahogany colored coat.  He does seem to have some submissive peeing which might just be attributed to the changes, he seems to be adjusting each day and I feel this will go away. 
He will make a great addition to a family with children, perhaps another dog, a yard and lots of toys!

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