MH -

Male -

1 Year

This dog was adopted on 2011-06-26

Personal Information

Weight:66 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


 Bruzzer has been here for a few weeks now and he is turning in to such a good boy.  He now that he realizes that all the pups at his foster mom;s house play EVERYDAY for at least an hour or so in the morning and we have nice long walk in the afternoon.   He has mellowed out a lot and is such a love, very gentle.  He takes treats nice and  has not shown any signs at all of aggression.  He has been doing fantastic on his leash training and loves to go for walks.  There are no problems with him and either of the other two dogs in the house.  He knows he is not the boss and he never tries to be. 
      Bruzzer has healed  from his neuter and he is just waiting for his forever home.  Bruzzer is still just a pup, but he is house broken, not a barker and is not a dog that runs off.  He prefers to be with his family!   I tell him every day what a good boy he is and that some family will be so lucky to have him in there life!


 Bruzzer is still being a very good boy and is a smart puppy for not even being a year old.  His whole life is about playing...he likes all different kinds of toys and he will play with a ball by himself for hours.  Bruzzer gets along with every dog we have encountered.  He is an energetic boy and he loves to have attention.  You never have to look for Bruzzer because he is always close by.  He has no aggressions at all and he takes food and treats very gently. Bruzzer is doing fantastic on his leash training and he really enjoys his walks.  For being so young he is a good boy and we have enjoyed having him stay with us.


 I am truly amazed at what a difference a week can make...Bruzzer is a good boy, he knows sit and is learning to stay and shake his paw.  He is a loving pup who has not grown into his size yet.  He did not "do" stairs when he first got here and I live on the second floor so stairs are a must,lol.  He is doing them willingly now but he high steps the whole way up and there is no stopping him on the way down.  All this pup needs is a home that will provide proper exercise to see what a fantastic, smart boy he is. He has done all his bathroom duties outside and  has been left home alone outside of his crate and has not got into anything.  He does go in his crate and is perfectly quiet in there.  He takes treats gently and has no  food aggressions.  He has met my two grand daughters and he was good around them, but he does not realize his size so you have to watch him.  He is more than welcome to stay here as long as he needs.  Brusser is a velcro dog and really does enjoy being part of the family.  He also gets along very well with my dogs and really likes to play with them.  He likes to ride but gets a little excited in the car probably because we have to drive to our play area and he already knows where we are going :)


 Bruzzer is here in down east far so good.  They say 2 out of three isn't bad and I have had two fantastic fosters so I am concerned Bruzzer may be my spitfire, lol.  He is a very energetic boy so we ended his long journey with a 2mile walk...a nice supper and a soft cushy bed.  He did fuss for a bit in his crate...took him out to poop, back in and he was sound asleep.    Introductions to my girls through the crate went well.  They will all meet in the morning...wish me luck:) 
     I will write more when we get to know him.  Thank you to so many volunteers who went out of there way and some on very long legs...great freakin' job!!!  Some might have seen Dan's name on that transport.  Please welcome him and Vicki to our group.  They has adopted "JAKE" and helped transport Bruiser today...thank you all!!!

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