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1 Year

This dog was adopted on 2014-08-18

Personal Information

Weight:31 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Boxer Mix (Fenced in yard a must, he has a lot of energy and likes to run around)

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Bryce is doing wonderful.  He has really filled out and weighs close to 70 lbs.  He has explored my neighborhood and we go on 2-3 mile or 2 walks in a week as well as my job has slowed down a bit so I get to be home with him a lot thus cutting down on crate time.  The only issue he has is if he is in the crate and is not feeling well he will make in the crate and then eat his poop to hide the evidence, I obviously can smell it and he leaves remnants in the crate as well as his pee.  He will then get sick and throw up all over the house.  He is getting better though of telling me he needs to go out when this happens I just need to learn to pick up on it, would save me a lot of clean up time.  Otherwise he is doing great. I found a friend to come stay in my house when I go away as well as a nice dog walker if needed for when I am not here.  He is walking much better on the leash and loves his treats and ice and will do anything to get them.  He also loves to have his bones spread throughout the house.  He has now met a few of the dogs around the neighborhood as well as at the local dog park.  I find that just walking him through the neighborhood tires him out and don’t really need the dog park.  He also got to see his cousin dogs a couple weeks ago and had a blast running and playing with them so he does get interaction with other dogs.  Need to get his teeth brushed this year so that will be a first time for him but otherwise he is doing great and feeling fabulous. 


Bryce is my best friend. I know we have only known each other a short time but I continually tell him how lucky I was to find him. He makes me smile especially when he poses for a picture like below and shows his snaggle tooth. He only wants to be close to me and has made a major impact in such a short time. I lost my last puppy way too fast and Bryce has made me believe in the magic of a man's best friend, which he truly is.

Bryce as mentioned earlier is a real ladykiller. He does not realize his strength and I remember the first time he met my 9 year old niece. She was so excited to meet him and he was so excited that someone was close to him in size, so he decided he wanted to stand with her, so she was standing by the wall he decided to get up on 2 paws and stand next to her and they were close to the same size and just being one of the bunch, of course as the picture was going off he got down and the picture was of him on his own. A 2nd story happened that same night. When my uncle walked in with my family it was a little bit intimidating for Bryce with so many new people but he seemed to warm up to everyone but my uncle. My uncle tried everything with giving him treats and walking him and Bryce was just scared of him, so at the end of the night my uncle took one of Bryce's biscuits and put it in his mouth and got on all fours and called Bryce over. Bryce was a bit confused as to what was going on but finally decided to go for the biscuit when he bit into it my uncle would not let it out of his teeth so when Bryce finally bit off his end my uncle laid next to him and ate the biscuit with him. From that point the rest of the night Bryce was at my uncle's side and when my uncle would sit down Bryce would hop in his lap. When he would get up Bryce would hump his leg. Just so cute. A third moment would have to be on my birthday. I took Bryce with me for a sleepover at my girlfriends house. My girlfriend has a dog that was not home but all his toys were there so Bryce decided to share in his toys. Now her dog is a St. Charles all of about 20 lbs and he had tiny little egg that squeaks and Bryce would not let this thing out of his site. All the stuffed animals that he tears apart at my house he was a like a kid in a candy store and just seeing him so happy and having so much fun was the best birthday present I could get. Above I would say are 3 of my favorite moments with Bryce so far.


Bryce continues to do very well. He remains totally crate trained beyond the occasional whine when he is first asked to go in to the crate. I cover his crate and that's his signal that no more whining is allowed. Bryce has very unique markings and is quite the looker getting a lot of attention when we are out and about. His body structure and temperament are very much boxer! Everyone and everything is a new world for this boy and he loves all of it. He plays very well with the two young dogs that are here in his foster home, romping and running most of the day. Bryce will do best in a home with a female dog who has his same high energy level and who also loves the occasional nap. He is an excellent sleeper and goes all night without a peep and waits patiently in the morning to be let out of his crate for potty time and breakfast. I think he might like a family with that same high energy kind of life-running maybe or taking an evening jog would right up Bryce's alley! Get your apps in for this lovely boy who is anxious to find his forever home.


Hey, just a quick update on Bryce.....he's been here a week and it's like he has lived here his whole life! He's super friendly, crate trained, house broken, loves toys, other dogs, running in the yard! He's playful and wiggly. He's even calmed down with the jumping, we have let him know this is not acceptable behavior and he's learning. He's so playful with the other dogs, he play bows and pounces and is always smiling. Each of my daughters said separately without the other knowing, he is so happy and he's the happiest dog they have ever seen! I don't know a more "boxer" boxer. He knows his name, he listens, he knows out........he's extremely smart. Don't wait folks, he totally settled in here in a week, if you want he can be snuggling with you right away! :)))


Bryce was returned to rescue this past Saturday thru no fault of his own. His new owner recently fell ill and can not care for him, so he is once again looking for his forever home. Bryce is a very sweet boy who likes to run in the yard and play with toys. He's friendly with other dogs and children. He needs some 101 manner classes but is just a young boxer who needs to know his limits and boundaries. He has quickly caught on here the in and out routine. He sleeps in his crate and doesn't make a peep. I also feed him in there and he's fine with that. Bryce would do well in any home but one that will make sure they are consistent with him will be where Bryce does best. He is a typical silly boxer that will bring you joy and plenty of laughs. Get your applications in and consider adopting this boy, he will be a wonderful addition to any family.


Bryce has been with our family for two weeks. We decided to go camping this past weekend and he did great! He enjoyed being outside - chewing and playing with toys and going for walks. He sleeps very well at night but is up very early in the morning. He has a very demanding cry that can't be ignored! - LOL He has been a pest to the resident dogs, but they are old and he has so much energy. Bryce is all about having fun and lots of playtime. He has been having some peeing incidents in our home. We are sure it is just typical puppy behavior, losing focus and forgetting to finish when he is outside. He goes all day being in a crate and does not have any accidents. We just put him outside a lot more often when we are home. Bryce is a very fun puppy - when my husband picks him up and puts him on his lap, Bryce usually snuggles in and doses off - it is so cute! Bryce will need an owner that knows how to handle stubborn pups because Bryce has a real nice stubborn steak breed into him. He is easy to redirect and we have no problem getting him redirected to more positive behaviors. :) He is so smart! We are enjoying Bryce very much and at the same time he is keeping us on our toes and laughing. He is fun, cute, and a good boy!


Bryce arrived at our house on Friday and is settling in and learning basic commands. He is a normal happy, energetic, playful, and at times stubborn pup. He is so stinking cute! The 3 resident dogs are getting along with him but do tell him on occasion to back off and to leave them alone. He is eating very well and learned which bowl was his in the matter of 2 days. He sleeps through the night without a peep!

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