PA -

Male -

5 years

This dog was adopted on 2011-04-01

Personal Information

Weight:100 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


This boy continues to crack me up!!  Just look a this silly boy.  Yesterday I was taking down St Pattys day decorations and getting Easter stuff out of the attic. Buck made every trip up the steps with me, ball in mouth. My last trip down I shut the door and finished putting laundry away. But Buck stood at the door to the attic.  I noticed he didnt have his ball. I thought Lina stole it from him because she likes to do that. I looked all around for the ball and couldnt find it. So I opened the door and said to Buck "go find your ball buddy"  I did not think it was up there. Up he went I could here him rooting around and didnt he come back down with that ball. I couldnt believe it!!  He is so smart.  He is doing wonderful here as usuall. We were able to go for a walk and he did great. He did pull the first block but once he got that out of his system he was fine. He listens very well.  I woke up this morning to Buck kisses, he comes over to the bed and put his head on the side, face to face with me saying "good morning foster mom, time to get up"  Good boy, he is a real joy to have in our home.


My Buck a Roo is back in PA. He just wanted to see a couple different states before comming back. LOL. He is doing great, eating well and right back into our routine. He loves his toys and playing with the boys and of course napping. He is a very special boy and its great that he is here with us. I hope the weather gets warm soon so we can get out for a walk. He is a big love bug thats for sure. He can hang out here till the perfect family comes along.


Buck has been here 3 days and made himself at home immediately.  I have never met a more laid back boxer! He is a gentle giant with a big heart and expressive eyes.  So far he is sticking close to us and will sit right near you and lean up against you when he is not chasing one of his balls around.  He is getting along fine with his older foster sister.  He makes us laugh with his silly ball fettish, just like the pictures, he does hold it in his mouth and just hang out...sometimes he will fall asleep that way.  We are enjoying having him here, caring for him is a breeze!


Buck came back into rescue today.  His adoption just wasn't a good match for Buck and his adoptive family so Buck is here waiting for the right family to call for him.


Well Christmas and New Years came and went and our boy Buck is still here. He didnt get his Christmas wish but is doing just fine. He didn't have dogs to play with until he came here so now he has Lina who will play for hours at a time. He's not that interested in boxing and really intertains himself. His toy of choice is balls, any size or color it dosent matter. He has a basket ball that he throws around and his fav green ball that he sleeps with. I bought him one that makes noise when he drops it, It goes "wooo,  wooo", . He loves it.  He loves his big blanket and will lay on it where ever it is. He also likes to lay with Cooper the other boxer in the house. I look and they will be all suuggled up together...... it's very sweet. 

I took him with me to do some home checks and everyone loved him, he met 3 other dogs and 2 little girls and was a perfect gentleman. He isn't a fan of snow, but who is? He will run out, do his business and runs right back to the door. We love him and he makes us laugh everyday.


Buck is such a special guy, He is so sweet and loving who could ask for more? He is such a easy go, he goes with the flow and just hangs out. I was wrapping christmas presents and he found,(how I do not know) a present under the tree that was for him. I couildnt beleve it. It was a squeeky steak toy. I could hear this squeek sound and found him squeeking that steak with the wrapping paper still on it. How funny!!! I did take it from him and said "hey mister no presents till christmas" he gave me the sad puppy dog eyes and them found a empty paper roll and had a great time running through the house with it. Just picture it folks, A 100 pound boxer running around with a 4 foot paper roll in his mouth. What  can I say but priceless!! In the pic I attached he fell asleep with a green ball in his mouth, I couldnt resist taking a pic of that. He is a great guy you dont know what you are missing! Merry Christmas.


Thanksgiving came and went and Buck is still here waiting to go home. We had alot of company for the holiday and all the family just loved him and how frendly he is. My mom sat most of the time with him at her feet. He is doing great and has no issues, other than he needs a fur ever home. He is hoping Santa will make his dream come true.


The weather has been so nice here in Pa, we are so lucky. Im sure now that I said that we will get 3 feet of snow. WE were able to go for walks all weekend and it was great. Buck was never walked on a leash before he got here, His owner just left him run free in their yard. So for not having any walking skills he does great. Listens well and just sniffs around. 

I took him to my moms on Sunday to meet my dad, He has been ill and hasnt been to my house in a while. He likes to meet my fosters. Its only about 20 miles so not a long trip but he travels well, just lays down and sleeps. My dad couldnt believe how big he is and how gentle he is. He layed at my dads feet most of the time we were there. Buck is just the best dog any one could ever ask for. I have no idea why he is still here. Im not complaining though we all are very fond of him.


Buck a Roo has been here 3 weeks now and he is such a joy. Very easy going, just goes with the flow. He has loved everyone he has met.  We are very lucky to have him as a house guest.  His favorite thing to do is play with balls, any shape or size, Even a basket ball. He loves to get a bath, He stands there and gets a good scrub. Then he jumps out and runs all through the house and comes to sit girht infront of the biscut jar. So smart.  We took a trip to Pet Co. everyone was petting him and couldnt believe how big he is. He was a very good boy. He listens so well I just think he is super!   So if you are looking for the best behaved boy in the world, he is here waiting for you, just give us a call.


Buck is such a great boy. He has totally settled in and feeling at home. He is one of the easiest fosters ive ever had. His previous owners never crated him but went in for me just fine.  This morning he went in when the other dogs did and waited for his biscut, "good boy"  He has learned the routine here and listens like a dream.  We went for a walk and he was perfect. I alwasys use a harness. He never has a accident and is sleeping upstairs with us.  HIs favorite toy is a basket ball, he loves it, keeps him entertained.  He is still a velcro dog, he likes to be with his people. He loves the boys and is very friendly and gentle. He is the perfect house guest and we all have fallen in love with him. Stay tuned in for more updates on this great boy.


A little update on Buck. He had a really hard time relaxing last night, poor baby. He came upstairs with us for the night and just didnt know what to do with himself. But he did finally settle down and sleep most of the night. He is probly wondering what the heck is going on.  He is stressed but he is really no trouble at all. I will say after having two fosters 1 year old, its a welcome change. He was never crated, but went right in and never made a sound. I dont think he will need to be. If its not freezing we will go for a walk later. Ill keep you updated.


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