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Male -

1.5 Years

This dog was adopted on 2013-04-27

Personal Information

Weight:55 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:A fenced-in yard would be best for this boy.

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We are so happy that we found New Life Boxer Rescue!  Our Burton is doing just wonderfully.  He is a huge part of our family and we couldn’t love him more.

He is such a wonderful Boxer boy, so good and all grown and filled out now at 60lbs.  He loves to play with his many toys, he has a whole crate full and likes to pick and choose, based on what exactly, I am not sure. J  We’ve taught him to “get it” and “bring it” and recently we’ve begun hide-and-seek, mainly with me hiding and him seeking.  He gets very excited when he “finds” me and I jump out and say “boo”!  It is quite comical. 

His routine hasn’t changed, we go for walks every day, he goes to work to my husband’s showroom each day except when he goes to doggie daycare once or twice a week.  He is great with the customers and people, observing them for a bit and coming over when he chooses to.  Burton loves other dogs and has no second thoughts about bounding up to greet them and play.  Doggie daycare tells us how great his disposition is, he gets along well with all the other dogs and puppies.

I’ve included some pictures, one where he is working to get his favorite treat, one he just brought me home from a walk and the last is with one of his Christmas toys.  He’s just too cute!

Thanks for all you do to give these wonderful dogs a happy home.



I always enjoy an opportunity to talk about our Burton !  He is wonderful and we could not love him more.  He is such a happy sweet boy and nothing makes us happier than to see him happy! 

He is very silly and loads of fun.  We take walks and play each day.  He likes all types of toys, squeaky, stuffed, balls, ropes, you name it.  He hasn’t met a dog he doesn’t like, doggie daycare tells us how great his disposition is, they can put him with any dog and they get along great!  Burton loves to come with us anywhere we go, to work with my husband, a friends house, camp, hiking, the park, boat rides (he loves those), he adjusts very well to whatever situation we are in.

At first he would get mad when we left him at home, but he is getting better all the time.  He is a total comfort monger and thoroughly enjoys curling up on the couch, any of his three dog beds, a blanket and his favorite, the guest bed (or our bed).

Burton turned two last December and his deep boxer chest has filled out, he so CUTE!  We just can’t help but to spoil him as much as possible!

Thanks to all of you at New Life Boxer rescue for the wonderful work you do!


Our Burton is doing so great!  He’s filled out quite a bit in his chest as I will try to show in the pic’s attached.  Burton is a big bundle of energy and loves to run all around the house and play.  He does this every day when I get home from work and go upstairs to get into “comfy clothes”, it is so funny, I love it!  He has such a great sense of humorJ.  He runs from the guest room and bed to our bed room, grabs his blanket and runs upstairs to the attic (it is finished up there) then he runs back down and hurrumph’s and snorts and sort of bucks around, it is hysterical.

He is a little superstar at doggie daycare, they tell me they can put him in with any dog and he is great.  They use him as a “tester” for new dogs, where they watch to see if the new dogs are okay to play with other dogs.

He does great at the store with Drew and loves meeting all of the customers.  Of course, he checks them out first and then comes over and sniffs their hands and wags his nub for pets.  Many people have told us how they have only known “very hyper” “uncontrollable” boxers and Burton has such a great disposition. 

He is a bit nervous at the vet’s office.  Not in the waiting area but in the room.  I think he feels “boxed in” when the vet and tech come in and feels cornered.  He relaxes in a few minutes but doesn’t like the vet to touch him too much.  I’m going to take him in there more often to try to get him more comfortable.  They recommended that too.  They are really great over there and are very accommodating.

Here are some pics.  The one side shot where he is facing right is from the day we brought him home and then there is another side shot (it is a little blurry~sorry) where he is facing left, you can see how much his chest has grown!  I measured in Sept 13 and then in Dec 13 and his chest grew just under 2”!



Burton is absolutely wonderful!  He has really blossomed and is a happy, healthy, exuberant boxer boy!

He plays “all out” and is also quite the cuddle bug, a perfect mix.

We are lucky enough to have two young pups (about a year old) living next door and they and Burton play all the time.  One is almost as fast as Burton and they barrel around the yard, while us people try to get out of their way!

Burton has a new way to entice me to play in the morning.  I workout upstairs each morning and Burton comes up with me, usually he will play on his own with a toy or lay in his bed up there and nap.  Lately, he watches for me to sit on the floor and put on my sneakers.  Then he’ll walk over and walk up to me, putting his head in my tummy, this always gets me to pet him, it is too cute.  Once I start to pet him he does the dive and roll, laying down in between my legs and rolling onto his back and wiggles his belly around!  I can’t not give him a big belly rub. Then the playing begins and we’ll wrestle a bit and play with a toy.  It is a great way to start the day.:)

Needless to say, he is a perfect fit for our family and we both adore him.  He knows all the neighbors and neighborhood dogs and is friends with all.  He knows where all the dogs live and always looks for them when we pass those homes on our walks, hoping one of the dogs will be out to play. 

We are fortunate that Burton can go to work with my husband each day, so he is rarely alone.  He is doing really well, though when he is home alone and hasn’t “moved” any items for a while now ( he used to move a sneaker into another room of the house, the bag of bbq coals, a book here or there…).  He did not destroy the items (just one book binding) but would take the things to other areas of the house!

I could go on and on about our boy!  We are very thankful we found him.



We are enjoying our summer with Burton so very much!  ( I could do without this humidity, but that is a whole other thing…  ha!)

Burton is absolutely wonderful!  He is a beautiful, happy, silly boxer boy and we could not love him more.  He makes me laugh every day.  We so enjoy having Burton in our family.

He goes to work with my husband every day (except when he goes to doggie daycare) and all of his customers love him and they always remark what a great boy he is. 

He has really adjusted well to his “new” routine and is always happy to try new things and go places. 

He was a little shy when he first came to us, with new people, now he is increasingly less so.  He is great with other dogs and loves to play.  Our neighbors have two new puppies and he seems to understand that they are small and plays gently with them.

He gets the hiccups often, so the other day I decided to try scaring him to see if it would cure them (they say it works).  So he was laying on the couch, hiccupping, trying to sleep and I reach over and “poke” him with my finger tips while going “boo”!  well he practically lifted clear off the couch.  It was very funny (for us, at least).  It worked, though, his hiccups were gone! J

We are just about done obedience training and Burton and I are doing very well with our training.  He already knew a lot, which was very helpful for us.

I really cannot express how happy we are to have Burton in our lives and how thankful we are to NLBR (and Donna!) for taking such wonderful care of him and matching us up!


Burton has brought much happiness to our home!  He has the sweetest disposition and loves new adventures.  I so enjoy exploring with him.  He fits right in and is more than willing to do anything we've introduced him to.
He has met many new people and dogs and gets along wonderfully with all.  He loves to play, play, play and then take a nap and snuggle.
He goes to work with my husband and is a perfect gentleman with his customers, they just adore him. 
He is a perfect addition to our family and we could not be happier. We are very thankful we found him!


UPDATE FROM BURTON’S FOREVER FAMILY - Here are some pictures of Burton from today.  He is SO GOOD!  He is really settling in well and I am sure he will even more so over the next few weeks.  He really is such a special boy with an amazing disposition!
He seems to really like chewing on sticks in the backyard and one in particular is about as long as he is.  He looks so cute carrying it around!  I was trying to get a picture of him as he rolled on his back in the grass with the big stick but I wasn’t quick enough!
We had a great walk this morning and toward the end we ran into one of our neighbors who has an 8-month-old Bernese Mountain dog named Ivy.  Ivy and Burton played for about 45 minutes and had a blast!  Burton is way faster than Ivy and ran circles around her!
Many more updates on Burton to come!!!


So, our little guy Burton is really coming along!  No accidents in the house for almost a week now and we're sooooo proud of him!  He went to the vet's office on Tuesday and has gained seven pounds since his post-surgery weight loss!  YAY BURTON! 


Well, our boy Burton has been in his permanent foster home for a little over two weeks now.  He’s a great boy that loves to snuggle and is very eager to please.  He’s a young boy and still acts like a puppy a lot of the time but we are working together with several daily training sessions and he is doing very well!  He loves to play with his foster brother Tyson but Tyson is seven and only has about fifteen minutes of play time in him per session.  Burton sees things differently and sometimes needs help from me to settle down.  He tries so hard to listen but again, he’s still a baby and so has tons and tons of energy!
Burton is for the most part potty trained but has had a few accidents in the house since coming here.  These accidents have happened while he was playing and I think are due mostly to being over-excited and not because he doesn’t understand that he’s supposed to pee outside.  Also, my home is a fourth-floor condo so he doesn’t have as easy an access to the outside as he did in his previous foster home or at my friend’s house where he stayed for four days while I was house sitting.  In both of these homes, he took care of business outside without a problem.  This is one reason why I believe he would do best in a home with a fenced-in yard.
Burton remains a bit nervous while outside walking but only when a big or noisy vehicle is passing by.  Otherwise; for a boy his age, he does extremely well on a leash.  Sometimes, he will let you know that he’s tired of you walking him and will take the end of the leash nearest him into his mouth and “walks” you!  It’s kind of funny but I try not to laugh and tell him “no”.  He can be persistent but he’s getting better with not trying to walk his person…LOL!
As his previous foster home reported, Burton is a little shy when meeting new people.  Once he has a few minutes to get to know a new person though, he warms up quickly!  He loves everybody that he meets, dog and human!  He’s so handsome and loveable that you just can’t help falling in love with him instantly!  Trust me when I tell you, his pictures just do not capture how absolutely handsome he is!  And…you won’t find a more cuddly boy than Burton!
So here’s what Burton is looking for – A family that has experience with a young, high-energy Boxer boy and understands that he needs some training on the road to maturity.  He does well with children but I believe that a family with older kids would be best, due his level of energy and excitement when playing.  Burton is already an incredible boy and with a little training and patience will become the best dog ever!  Get those applications in because I can promise you that he won’t be available for very long!


Burton is a beautiful young male.  A typical silly boxer boy who loves to play with his stuffed toy animals and is excellent with other dogs.
Burton was hit by a car and broke his femur but he is completely healed and can run super fast.  However, he does not like to walk on a leash on the sidewalk or anywhere near cars so he would do best in a family that has a fenced in yard.
Burton is a big cuddle bug who loves to sleep with his human friends and his fur buddies as well.
Burton is shy when meeting new people at first but warms up quickly.

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