PA -

Male -

4 years

This dog was adopted on 2012-04-08

Personal Information

Weight:67 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Buster is doing well.    He loves Halloween and the trick-or-treaters which is why we got him his own costume!  He also loves all of the company at Christmas and proudly wears his fancy neckwear!  . However, being a 'southern dog' he hates the snow and looks longingly to the backyard in winter.  He can't wait until spring/summer when we sit and play outside  and go for walks.  


Buster is doing wonderfully.  He has become so much more relaxed and is even silly at times. Buster loves to go for walks, rides in the car, and just hang out in the back yard.  He finally- this spring- will lay in the grass and roll around (rather than just stand.) He does NOT like snow.  His favorite toy is a squeaking alligator. Just recently Buster gained a sister as we adopted an 11 year old boxer mix.  Things are going very well and he is very loved.


Buster has brought joy into our lives.  He can be a real goof and has us laughing.  He is a lover boy.


Buster the chilled out Boxer is with us a week now and continues to be VERY LAID BACK and lovable.  We would be shocked to find any problem with cats or children because of that fact.  He'll put his head on the arm of my chair when he wants love or just to chat.  He will let us know whenever he wants anything - going out, food or water, attention.  He's extremely smart!  He knows sit, stay and down for sure.  He's excellent walking on a leash!  He's the first of our fosters who isn't a "shadow", he can stay still knowing our routine already and what we are up to and that we'll be right back!  This morning I witnessed a very silly game of tag between him and his K-9 Sissy (yet he knows not to play like that inside - soooo smart!).  So if you are looking for that Que Sera (whatever will be shall be) kind of pup he's your boy!!!  I apologize that I have not added photos - keep an eye out, I promise they will be on by Sunday latest.


Buster arrived on Tuesday and is adapting very quickly!  He's getting along famously with his K-9 Sissy and is very "laid back" so far.  Will elaborate more in a few days after we know him better and have some additional photos to share!

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