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This dog was adopted on 2013-03-15

Personal Information

Weight:60 Pounds

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Unknown



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Carly is doing excellent! She is now in remission from lymphoma. She treated with Tanovea in the end with success after CCNU failed. She’s weighing 73 lbs - just perfect! She gets fresh food daily and only the highest quality good Only issue she has now is a left rear knee arthritis that causes her to limp at times. We treat that with supplements and lots of doggie massages which she loves. We walk at least 2 miles per day and she loves her walks and joy rides in “her” Jeep.

Carly is my heart dog. She sleeps with me every night in the “big bed” thanks to special steps up and is with me when I work all day - she lies on one of her many plush white rugs. Always a love, she truly is my best friend. 
I can’t even fully express my gratitude in finding her or my love for this beautiful sweet Boxer girl. 


Carly checking in! It's 2 years since I found my forever home. I am thrilled to report I am a very comfortable family member -- we walk every single day several times, I have a great yard, awesome food and lots of love and attention. Kim takes me with her everywhere she can and I love our trips in the car! Weeeee!!!! I even spent the weekend with her and Danny at Nana's house and was told I was really good there. They tell me I'm such a good girl all the time. Well, I'm so loved and happy, of course I'm a good girl! 
Sadly Jack, my older fur brother, passed away from illness a couple months ago so it's been different without him. I miss him a lot. Benny the Cat is here but we don't really do much together. We may adopt again to give another dog a great home and be a fur brother for me which will be awesome. Im happy all the same -- with Kim most of the time walking/jogging, playing or napping in her office when she works. (She says I'm her perfect exercise partner.) I sleep in my super plush bed right next to hers. I'm definitely "mommy's girl" but Dan, Danny and Nana spoil me too. 
I love my family and they love me like crazy. Kim says finding me is one of their greatest gifts ever. Wow!  I feel the same way. My life is simply wonderful and I hope every needing dog (cat, bird etc. too) finds what I have -- a caring home with an attentive family full of love to call their own. Life sure is good. 


Carly here -- I am having a lovely time with my new family. I feel pretty spoiled with lots of play, attention, comfy digs and yummy food. I also haven't had any allergpy issues which is such a relief because all that itching was making me crazy!!!! My ears still get dirty -- you know how it is -- but my humans clean them out and keep my beautiful coat white as snow. Did I mention my allergies are gone????!!!!
Benny the Cat has become boring... took me a while but I finally got the hint that he doesn't want to play with me so I just leave him alone. That's fine with me because I have Jack, my Boxer buddy, who likes to play with me and then there's my Danny. I LOVE Danny. He is 9 years old and we play every day. We wrestle, play with toys and run around the house (I am always gentle.) I know I get him full of my white hair but no one seems to mind.
When my humans run out, I play with the toys Danny leaves in the living room. Well he USED to leave them! My favorite were legos -- the built ones because I like to take them apart ever so gently as a favor to Danny so he can build them again. One time I took apart a police helicopter, a boat AND a car and left every piece for Danny -- I didn't even chew or break any -- but he wasn't very happy about it. In fact, he doesn't leave legos for me anymore. Danny was mad, Dan told Danny to make sure toys were picked up but Kim was intrigued. She kept saying "How did you get these apart with those teeth and not damage the pieces!" She thinks I have real talent with legos. Now I collect slippers or shoes and put them on the rug but I don't chew them. One thing I do chew is Kim's Starbucks straws -- yum! If she throws a cup in her office garbage can, I can't help myself -- it's too good!!!! Jack does it too. But I have to remember to put it back or I get caught when they find the green straw on the floor. They are doing a better job at keeping yummy stuff out of the open garbages, but sometimes they forget ;-)
Kim and Dan now let me sit on the front porch with them because they trust me not to run. I like hanging outside and watching cars and people go by. If I sense someone I don't like, I watch and growl. No need to bark because Kim says it's okay and tells me I'm a good girl to be such a great watchdog. But I do bark sometimes if I'm in the backyard and hear someone too close to my home... I'm just letting them know I'm here and my family seems to like that (even though it can be a bit early in the morning sometimes....sorry neighbors...just doing my job!) 
I am so excited to be taking longer walks and being outside more. I don't like the humidity and it really bothers Jack. (Jack was diagnosed with Cushings and is doing so much better now that they know whats wrong.) 
The beach has been fun and I cooled off in the water but the waves (even little ones) were a bit scary. Maybe next summer I will catch some waves with Kim! She loves my company while she works and bought me the softest white rug to lay on by her desk. It’s sooooo soft and cozy I can’t help but nod off for some naps.
My family loves me so much and I love them back. They always say how happy I am (doggie smile) and how happy they are to have me— I am a really lucky girl!


Carly has been a great addition to our family.  Even Benny the Cat has accepted her and they are getting along (i.e. Benny tolerates her curiosity.)  She's very smart, sweet and funny at times.  She seems quite happy -- just like her foster mom reported.  We keep her exercised, well fed with a healthy diet and keep her constantly involved in our day.  She gets plenty of attention and affection -- especially when she listens to commands as positive reinforcement.
It has been challenging with the cat situation and we were not sure it would work at first but we were patient and understanding. Introducing a new dog and training can be challenging, but we stayed positive and dedicated to making it work.  Carly completed a 6 week basic training and we continue to practice and reinforce the teachings.  She continues to improve and I know she is going to exceed expectations.
She has got me to walk more with her high energy, take much needed breaks from work and my dogs and cat help reduce some of the daily stress by making me laugh or just relax.  She gets up at sunrise with me and is my company all morning long while the boys are sleeping.  Soon we will be jogging partners -- she loves to run!  My son has also benefited in adopting Carly in being part of her training class and having the opportunity to learn more about dogs, responsibility and non-agressive discipline.
She has helped Jack the Boxer endure longer walks and running around the yard playing; additional exercise he needed badly after gaining weight with hypothyroidism.  They get along fine so I would like to think Jack has a new doggy friend.  My husband will tell you that Carly has brought him "more poop to scoop!"  Seriously, he loves Carly too and agrees we were lucky to find her.
At first we considered another boxer puppy experience but decided a rescue was a much better option all around with the proper fit for the dog and our family and lifestyle.  Like any dog, it's a big responsibility and can be challenging at times but we have found adopting a rescue to be so rewarding in all that Carly gives to us each day.  Thank you New Life Boxer Rescue!  She's perfect!


Hi everyone! Carly here!  My foster mom has been soooooooo busy with the puppies and my new foster sister Pearl, that I figured I had better do an update for myself so my forever family can find me!
I love it here in NJ but I am anxious to go out and explore the world with a family that I can call my own.  Foster mom says that I am perfect!  I smile a lot (lol) because what's not to smile at?  The world is a wonderful place and I have lots of food and blankets and LOVE over here so I am a very happy girl.  I just love people.  Anyone who comes to visit makes me wiggle and dance and I can barely control my enthusiasm!!  I just LOVE people-any people, big or small, short or tall, men or ladies, kids, babies-I love them all!  Of course, all the better if they bring me a treat or two :)
Foster mom says that I have only one issue - I have some food allergies but we finally figured out that if I eat the great food we found, no more allergies!!  YAY cause I was pretty itchy until we found that good stuff to eat!
Please fill out that application!  Foster mom says that I could stay forever but I just know there is a family out there waiting for me and maybe it's you!!!!!
Have a wonderful Holiday season and I hope I can wish you a Happy New Year in person!!  Gotta go take a nap now-byeeeeeeeee,  Love Carly


Carly has been having a wonderful time since the warm weather has been upon us.  If left to her own devices, she would spend hours outside just sniffing and investigating and enjoying the day.  I do have to bring her in, much to her displeasure, when the temps are too high or the humidity kicks in.
Carly is just the sweetest, most agreeable little girl ever!  I honestly can't say enough good things about her.  She is totally house-trained, totally crate-trained and makes no demands at all on anyone.  She LOVES people and would play for hours with anyone she meets.  She loves her food and would do most anything for a good treat or a bowl of food-but she's just as happy to do what you want if you just smile at her and tell her she's a good girl.  Carly smiles from ear to ear-REALLY SMILES-all the time!!
Carly does much better with male dogs than female dogs.  She could probably live with a submissive male, a bit older than she is, who would play with her and could teach her the rules in her new home.  She doesn't seem too fond of cats, although at the vet's office, she just was curious and did not go after their two cats. 
I'm surprised that Carly is still with me.  You're really missing out on a great little girl who will love you forever!!!  She loves taking a walk and has improved her leash-walking skills and only pulls a little now.  She does much better with a harness than a collar.
Carly doesn't live with children here but I feel that with adequate supervision, she would be fine with kids older than 5 years of age.  She would love little ones but she is a big girl and could be a bit exuberant for the tiny tots.
Get your applications in!!!  Carly really is a keeper!


Carly is doing really well here.  She has settled in and is loving the wonderful weather.  Carly prefers to be an only girl and get all of the attention.  She is tolerant of other dogs, but I think she would do best as the queen bee in her new home.
Carly has this adorable habit of taking the position of a Pointer when she sees a small animal of any kind.  She lifts her front paw off the ground and points her nose at the animmal.  She doesn't run after or chase the critter-she just points it!
Carly is very much a dog who follows "scent".  When in the yard or on the leash, most often her nose is on the ground smelling every blade of grass.  She will do that for quite a while and then, when she's decided she knows the lay of the land, she will play!
Carly is waiting very patiently for her forever home.  She is a very sweet girl who loves people! She is quite content to give kisses and hugs and spend all her time with her people. 
Get those applications in, I don't think she will be around long!!


Carly has been with us for about a week now. She came into rescue because she and her fursister were not able to play nicely together and it was thought best to rehome her. 
Carly is a wonderful girl. She is always smiling and happy and loves, loves, loves the company of any and all humans. Carly is a quiet girl who has only barked once or twice and only when she feels the situation really requires her to do it! She gets A's for crate-training and house-training and passed all of her exams on eating 2 good meals a day and sleeping through the night without a peep.
Carly is a big girl and very playful so at this time, I would recommend that she find a family with children over the age of 10. I believe she would love all kids, but might be a bit much for younger ones. I am sure that as she matures, that will change-a pup is a pup afterall!!
Although Carly has not been in the same room with the other dogs here as yet, she has had no issues of any kind with them from inside her crate or, when they are in theirs. She meets them across a baby gate or the fence outside and wiggles her little nub and dances for them. She appears to want to play and we will slowly begin introductions to one or two of the dogs as her time here progresses.
I did include some pictures of this very pretty girl-but we need to work on that :) Outside, Carly still spends most of her time smelling every single blade of grass, so her general position is head to ground lol Inside, she seems to think that this boxy thing that I have in my hand also needs to be smelled, long and often lol so, the pictures are not very creative at this point. More to come, Carly promises!!

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