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21 months

This dog was adopted on 2011-03-05

Personal Information

Weight:58 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


It has been 4 years since Charlie girl has been with us. She is doing great, we love her to death. She has 1 human brother and another one on the way and 1 canine brother, a jack russell, scrappy. She is such a loving girl.
She has been doing ok with her allergies, she still itches a lot. She continues to take her precription daily along with fish oil pills.


Charlie is doing great, we just love her to death. We haven't had any issues with her, she is just the sweetest thing and has been since day one.

Charlie and my son, Griffin are the best of friends, as you can see in the pictures. Charlie also now has a fur brother named scrappy, they get along great! 

We could not have been more blessed, charlie has been the perfect addition to our family. :)


Charlie is an amazing dog.  She has brought so much love into our home.  She is friendly with everyone and truly my son's best friend.  We could not have asked for a better dog.  She has so much love to give and we have so much love to offer her.  We are very lucky she is a part of our family.


Charlie is doing so well here. She is such a sweet, loving, fun dog. As I type, all 60 pounds of her is curled up on top of a tiny throw pillow she borrowed from the sofa. She certainly loves to be comfortable! Her adorable face with the droopy eyes and tongue hanging out just charms everyone she meets! She's very energetic, especially when she first comes out of the crate, but after a bit of playing with Lola, the resident boxer, she wears herself out and takes a long nap.  She is usually pretty calm and shy when people come over, but she does jump on us when we first get home and she's extra excited, although she calms down quickly! We've been experimenting to see how she does without the crate when we go out for short periods and she's great! I think the crate is definitely a must for longer than a couple of hours as she did have an accident when we left her for 3 hours, but other than that there have been no issues. She's fine in the crate our out - she doesn't mind the crate and is comfortable spending time in there, but she is fine without it also.

I took Charlie to get her nails clipped last week, and she did very well. I have always been a bit timid about trimming nails, and there's a great groomer around here that does it very inexpensively, so I usually go there. Charlie did fine - stood well for the groomer, wasn't concerned about the other dogs hanging around or all the people. The groomer commented on her beautiful coat and how soft and shiny it is. She's so right!!

We decided to wean her off her allergy shots. She started to run away whenever we opened the fridge (where the serum was kept) and she really didn't like getting the shots. We thought we'd see how she did without, and are also working on weaning her off her other allergy meds to see how she does. Her scratching doesn't seem too bad (Lola certainly scratches more!), and while it's winter and the environmental allergies aren't as much of a factor, we wanted to test it out.

Charlie's 2nd birthday is coming up soon and all she really wants is a forever home (and a new ball). Are you the right family to give her a wonderful birthday gift??



Charlie is now signaling to us that she needs to go out by standing by the door and barking or whining. It's so cute how vocal she is! She has a certain voice when she wants to play, and another when she wants to go out. She's generally quiet and doesn't bark much at noises outside, even if Lola starts to bark. But when she wants or needs something, you know! Her favorite signal is when Lola has something that Charlie wants, Charlie will stare at Lola and give a short, sharp bark. At first when she did that, Lola gave up whatever it was, but now she's started to just ignore Charlie. So Charlie has added some grumbling and whining to the bark, which is only slightly more effective. When Charlie plays, she has a tendency to bark and growl, but you can tell it's meant in a fun way - she is not aggressive at all. She and Lola do play rough, and they play some dominance games with each other, but Charlie is not aggressive at all - she just loves to play!

We took Charlie to our neighbor's house last week to see how she did around cats, and she for the most part could care less. At first she just ignored the cat, and when we brought the cat closer, Charlie gave her a sniff, but then went back to ignoring her. We hung around for awhile just to make sure, and she did give a short bark one time when the cat walked by, but I think she was trying to get her to play!


Today Charlie came for a car ride to Petco and Agway (another local store that allows pets). She did well in the car, but she still prefers to stand vs lying down. Once in the stores, she was very well-behaved! She sniffed around a bit and was a little anxious, but she stayed close and didn't tug on the leash. She was shy, but still happy to get a pet from or give a kiss to anyone that wanted one. She paid attention when she heard other dogs barking, but when we walked past them, she didn't give them a second glance. At Agway, she was adored by all the cashiers and she sat and received (several) treats - all grain-free of course! They loved her cute underbite and commented on her wonderful coat and clean teeth! She was tired out on the way home and she finally(!) laid down for the ride.

Charlie celebrated New Years with a small get together at our house. She had a great time early on in the night when it was just a few people. My neighbors came over with their 9 y/o daughter and Charlie had a BLAST playing with her. They went into the basement to play ball and Charlie just adored her. As more people came, she got nervous with all of the people and noise, so she hung out and was quiet in her crate for most of the night. Once she got used to the noise, she came out and visited a little bit with everyone, but seemed happiest in her crate.

Her house training is coming along well. As long as she's not left unattended, she hasn't had any accidents. However, if you leave her alone (for example to go take a shower), chances are good you'll come out to a mess. We have been crating her whenever we need to leave her alone, and that has been working very well!

My next door neighbor has offered up her cats to let us test Charlie around them, so I'll be able to comment for sure on her "cat" status soon!



Charlie has been with us for almost 2 weeks now, and is settling nicely into her foster living situation.  When she first came to us we realized that Charlie (like most not quite 2 y/o Boxers) is very much still a puppy in an adult boxer's body. She does not know many commands and would benefit from obedience training, but she is eager to please and I think will learn quickly.  At the same time Charlie is learning us, we are learning her and her "tells". House training is going well and now she understands that when we go outside, it's not just for playtime, it's to make sure to go to the bathroom too!  Charlie still has an occasional accident, but they are fewer and far between.

Charlie is an athletic girl, and LOVES to play ball!  It doesn't matter what ball, if its round Charlie will play with it - she can get a little obsessed!  Charlie is great in the yard, and is very good so far about yard boundaries. We have a very large yard that isn't fenced, so Charlie is always either on a leash, or dragging a long lead behind her so we can grab her if needed, but she has never made an effort to run - she likes to stay near her people and doesn't seem interested in exploring.  The recent blizzard has effected our ability to walk Charlie frequently, but she seems good on a leash and doesn't pull much when she knows you are walking and not just playing.

Charlie is a very affectionate girl, loves to be where the people are. She goes into the crate pretty easily and doesn't complain much if you're in the room. If you leave the room, she cries for a little while, but then settles down. She has loved everyone she has met, although she can be a little shy at first.  Charlie is very cuddly and gets along very well with our resident boxer, Lola.

The deal on her allergies and shots are that her owner did a lot of tests to determine exactly what she is allergic to. The shots she gets are to desensitize her to those things. She is also currently on a steroid in pill form which she takes easily with a bit of peanut butter. Both of these treatments may or may not be needed for the long-term and her forever home could work with their vet to determine what the best course of action is.

All in all,  Charlie is a great girl, and deserving of a great forever home. She is a wonderful visitor to have here and she will be missed when she gets adopted!



Charlie is a wonderful dog and has adjusted quickly to life in her foster home. One thing you'll notice immediately about Charlie from her pictures is her crazy smile - she has an underbite and a tongue that just seems to be a bit too long for her mouth, so she's always got her tongue sticking out and one or 2 snaggle teeth showing - it's so adorable! She also has the softest coat. Charlie LOVES to play with balls. She will gladly chase after one as long as you feel like throwing it, and if you don't want to play, she's happy to play by herself also. She is doing a great job playing with the resident boxer Lola, and they are both napping right now after a long day of playing. Charlie would love a home with another dog to play with or would probably be fine on her own as long as she gets enough exercise. She loves to be outside and a fenced in yard would be great for her so she could run around to her heart's content, but she's also been okay just on a long lead in our backyard since we do not have a fence. Charlie had one more accident last night, but there haven't been any problems today, so I think yesterday was just the stress of the traveling and being in a new place. We're working on the crate, and she'll go in okay with a treat, but she doesn't like it very much and whines and cries. I bet she'd be okay without a crate, but I don't want to leave her out with our other dog to test that just yet. She does have a bit of separation anxiety, but is not destructive about it. I stepped outside today for a minute to do some work in the driveway, leaving the dogs inside, and you could hear some barking and whining, but when I came in she was just sitting by the door waiting for me. She's adjusting to a big change and I think she'll feel better once she's more settled. She doesn't jump much, and when she does it's very gentle, and she gets down after a quick "off". She is a counter surfer, so you've got to be careful about leaving any food out. She's quick and pretty tall, so anything left out could be gone quickly! Overall, she is just a sweet boxer would love a forever home to start the new year in!


Charlie just arrived to her new foster home. She is an owner surrender due to severe allergies in the household. First impressions are that she's very sweet and a typical, energetic, adolescent boxer.  The transporter said she didn't make a peep for the whole ride, but preferred to stand and lean against the back seat vs. lying down.  She is very well taken care of and has a beautiful coat. Charlie does need some TLC as she has a lot of food allergies and needs frequent shots. However, she is good about getting them and it just takes one person to hold her still while another person gives it to her. Her house training may need some work as the first thing she did when she came in was to pee (after a long walk outside), but I think it is more nerves and getting used to a new place. She and the resident boxer Lola are getting along well and already playing after a long walk together to get introduced. At her old home, she lived with a shih-tzu, so I think she'd get along with dogs of all sizes.

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