NJ -

Female -

1-2 years

This dog was adopted on 2011-02-12

Personal Information

Weight:42 lbs

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Miss Chloe has been having loads of fun with Marvin and Sasha. Just as I thought, introductions with my two were super easy and zero problems. She spends most of her day chasing Marvin in the yard or wrestling in the living room. It's funny to watch her play...she stands on her hind legs and holds on like a big bear hug. At first, she was a bit apprehensive when marvin would chase her in the yard but then once they started sharing toys, she began to trust him more. With Sasha, she seems to want to just be next to her and follow her around. Chloe gives her the nudge to play and runs a bit with her too. Today Chloe has been taking care of Sasha as she's not feeling too well. 

     I haven't seen any food or toy aggression, she plays well, waits patiently for food and doesn't bother the cats. She is doing better with sitting on the floor as opposed to my lap. Tasty treats are helping with that. Last week, I was out in the backyard and but I wanted Chloe stay in the kitchen. I am positive I shut the back door...well I guess Chloe wanted to be outside too and figured out how to turn the handle to come join me. So, considering she was found as a stray and her crafty little brain, I think she may need close supervision in yards. Even so, Chloe is a perfect house guest, very smart and is such a sweetheart. She's welcome here for as long as she wants.


Chloe is a beautiful, lucky little girl who was found as a stray in Philadelphia and brought to the shelter, and then made her way to us. She is very sweet, and quite the attention hound. She loves to lean and rub every single inch of her too skinny little frame all over you. Chloe is a goofy, high-energy young girl and is extremely inquisitive. Her ears and head are always tilting in one direction, then the next with every new sound. She is very charismatic and has a magnetic personality. Her natural tail is always happily swaying in the air - it actually looks like she is drawing imaginary circles with it. Her pretty white fur and her good natured disposition give her an almost angelic quality, but try not to be completely swept away by that. Chloe needs to learn some [minor] boundaries such as all 4 on the floor, but overall is a very, very good girl. Now that she is getting comfortable with me, I've caught her counter surfing a few times already, and can be a bit stubborn [although very cute] when I want her to go back to her crate. It's usually after she has been out for a while and isn't ready to stop getting all the attention she craves. She plants herself in a spot and waves her tail as if to say No thank you, I don't want to come to you right now. Once she is in, however, she is great. One quick objection and that's it...then quiet as a mouse. Chloe loves to hug, and loves to cuddle but is learning that doing so is not an invitation to climb all over and hang from the necks and shoulders of her human. Of course, this is all very new to her and she seems so happy to be loved, warm and cuddled that she gets a bit excited. She is reported to be good with both dogs and cats, and from what I have seen so far, I have no doubts she will be fine with my two dogs but will have to wait just a day or two longer to meet them while her spay stitches heal.

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