Griffin (FKA Clover)

NJ -

Male -

3 years per vet

This dog was adopted on 2021-01-24

Personal Information

Weight:44 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Fence

Adoption Donation:$400. As of 1/1/21 due to increase in vet. costs, transport fees we have raised our donation fee

My Story


We’ve had Griffin (formerly Clover) for 6 months and he loves Steak or Tuna. He loves to go on the pontoon boat, and all toys that squeak, especially his Ms Piggy. For new tricks, he now can give paw! He loves kids and people, but other furry friends, not so much! He enjoys walking the lake, and running in our neighbors fenced yard! He likes to steal things to get our attention (rare but funny what he will grab). He loves his belly rubbed and gives us kisses to gently wake us up each morning. He loves it when all 3 of us are together! We made him pupcakes for his 6 month anniversary and we went around the lake sharing with our fur buddies! We just love him and feel so blessed to have found him! Thank you!!!


His name is now Griffin and he pretty much started answering to it within 24 hours, he is def a Griffin :) 

No medical problems but we did bring him to our vet to be microchipped and he got the distemper vaccine as well. They said he is more than likely 5-6 and in very good health, a sweet boy!

He has been great with our nieces and nephews, he LOVES children and other people (he is obsessed with our next-door neighbor Chris). He is friendly, curious, and excited to see humans. He is definitely working on his relationship with other dogs, he seems a bit insecure so we have been working on socializing him more, he is very smart and trainable (if he is interested), if necessary we will hire a trainer as we got dog trainee recommendations from our vet.

He eats twice a day, about a cup of Diamond Naturals dog food brand (this is what his foster fed him) although he is pretty finicky and so we cook fish, beef, carrots, pumpkin, and rice to supplement his diet, he eats better than most people LOL!! He is 50 pounds (5 pounds more than when he was rescued) and the Vet said this is a very healthy weight. 

He LOVES to play, we got him a ton of squeaky toys and a longer leash so that he can run more freely in our yard. He loved the frozen lake and taking walks on it. We live on a lake so it will be really interesting to see how he likes our boat and the water! We walk him many times a day, he walks the lake (2.5 miles around) at least once a day and loves to hang with us outside either on the gated deck or on a leash by the firepit! He loves all the activity in the country here in Sussex County, NJ especially as we emerge from winter. 

Thank you for our little man Griffin he has brought such joy to our lives!! 



New Year's hike followed by treats and toys. So far so good 2021! Clover's a fun loving, playful, social, sweet boy who's ready to add some joy to your family.


Clover enjoying a snowy hike; so curious about everything! He's doing quite well and starting to view his crate as more of a comfortable place to nap than a place to escape. He loves to play with his favorite squeak toy and gets the zoomies at least once a day. Clover's also turning into a bit of a snuggler and always finds a sunny place to nap.


Some hiking and yoga before the holidays! This boy loves being outside and was very patient waiting to be let out of the car. He was so happy he wanted to introduce himself to everyone on the trail.
Clover is still working on leash manners, particularly when there's a lot of excitement. He's been gaining weight and eating well.


Clover is settling in and getting acquainted with the neighborhood! He will need some training with the leash, but is doing much better with his walks. He's easy going and affectionate. The crate doesn't seem to be his favorite space; he figured out how to get out once. We're working on making it more enjoyable for him. When he has been left alone briefly outside his crate he's been very well behaved.
He's possibly a boxer and basenji mix with beautiful tricolor markings.

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