NJ -

Male -

7 months

This dog was adopted on 2020-11-22

Personal Information

Weight:45 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Fenced in yard.

Adoption Donation:$375.

My Story


I am so happy to update you on Cole. I also agree that NLBR is so well organized. Dezeree, Diane, and Jennifer were so helpful during the foster to adopt program! They are also very knowledgeable about the breed and answered a lot of my questions and addressed any concerns we had along the way. 

I knew the day we picked up Cole he was a keeper and people told us we would be "foster failure", a term I hadn't heard before! The true test as Diane and Dezeree said would be with our other 5 year old boxer mix rescue, Lola we had previously.

The first 2 weeks were questionable but after talking to Diane, she told me that it takes time for dogs to learn and warm up to each other and that one of them will have to show who is the boss of the house. A week or two later after that, we felt it was time to have them spend more time together as they were first separated until they got used to one another.

They played and ended up snuggling on the couch together that night and now that's how they end up each night! We kept his name Cole, as he responded so nicely from the beginning to it and didn't want to break up that continuity with him being a puppy and all, so many other new things to learn :).

He is such a lover and wants to give everyone hugs and kisses. He thinks he is a lap dog lol at 50 something pounds, but doesn't every boxer? He gets along well with our 8 year old daughter and other family members. He is curious on walks but doesn't seem to chase after squirrels and the like. He is a jumper when family visit but we are working on that with him.

He eats very well! We kept him on the regime he was on for a few months which included pumpkin, plain yogurt + a protein and Merrick Dog food for breakfast, a Kong snack in the afternoon ( usually peanut butter with cream cheese, some mini milk bones and an apple or banana) and then for dinner 1 cup dry kibble and 1 cup of a homemade "Chicken Stew' we like to call it that consists of chicken, carrots, a winter squash, sweet and regular potatoes and either peas or beans. He eats 4 cups daily plus his Kong snack and 1 special treat. He loves to eat, of course gets treats also such as bully sticks, etc that are puppy safe.

For exercise, he loves to play with Jolly balls and really any types of ball or to play "chase" with his sister Lola in our backyard, we also take walks either around our neighborhood or on the beach. He is curious of seashells on the beach and used to try to eat those, but is much better with that now! We love our handsome boy so much and are so happy to give him a loving home! I often call him my son. He fit right in from the start! We love NLBR and if I could I would rescue 10 more from them! Maybe some day :)


Cole boy exploring the beach today and assisting with virtual learning
?????? He’s such a good boy!

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