NJ -

Female -

1 Year

This dog was adopted on 2013-10-14

Personal Information

Weight:45 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Daisy loves to run & play and needs to be in a home with another dog. Her fence must be at least 4 feet high.

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We adopted Daisy in 2013. She was about 1 1/2. She is doing well with no medical issues. She's getting a little grey but,  is still very spunky. She lives with 3 other dogs and 4 cats and gets along with every one well. We feed her Rachel Ray nutrish dry food 2 times a day. For exercise we go on walks or throw the ball in the back yard.
Daisy is Terrified of thunder, fireworks and the smoke detector. We sit with her as she climbs up on our lap thinking she’s a lap dog.
Daisy is a good girl and we love her very much.


Daisy is doing great. We now have another dog added to our family. His name is Angus, he is s lab mix. Daisy, Apollo and Angus get along so well. They have made us a very happy family.


We adopted her in October 2013. In the picture she is in the left. Apollo we adopted in August 2012 from another rescue. They are the best of friends. 
Daisy is a sweet girl who gives lots of love and kisses. Daisy demands attention and will even sit on Apollo to get it. Everyday I take the dogs on a 3 mile run. We usually run into a few neighborhood dogs and we must stop and socialize. Daisy loves to roll around and play with our newest rescue, Malcolm our cat. 
We haven't had many problems with Daisy, she did go through a crewing faze when we left the house, Now we make sure she has plenty of chew toys and we make sure everything is put away. Daisy is also an escape artist, she can open doors so have to make sure doors are locked. We have figured out how to get her back, she loves car rides so I open the door and she jumps right in. 
We love this sweet energetic dog with a huge personality and we couldn't imagine life without her. 


Hi everyone it's Daisy,
I'm still here waiting for my forever home. I've seen many of my foster brother & sisters come and go because they found their home, but unfortunately I haven't and have been left once again.  I really don't know why, my foster mom says I'm cute, the perfect size, a good girl and anyone would be lucky to have me, so I don't know why nobody will give me a chance.
I'm a good dog who gets along great with dogs and children. I love to play all day so I need  another dog who can keep up with me. I will run and play all day. Sometimes even at night I will sit outside for hours looking at the stars all by myself asking when will my forever family come?  So if I'm a good girl, I don't understand why I can't find my forever home.....
Will you be that forever family that gives me a chance to give you all the love & kisses in the world? I promise if you give me a good home with lots of love, a yard to run around in with a dog to keep me company and maybe even some kids to play with would be great, I will be the best dog I can be. Please give me a chance and send in your applications, I promise you won't be sorry.


Daisy is a young girl with lots of energy and loves to play. She would do best in a home with another dog to play with. She is currently in a home with multiple dogs and could out play all of them. She does well with dogs and children. The nice thing about Daisy is that she is not a big dog so she wouldn't take up much room. All she needs is a place to call home and lots of love to share. If you can give Daisy all the love she deserves, then please submit your application. It's time for Daisy to have her forever home.


Daisy is a very active young girl who has lots of energy. She is nonstop and needs a family with a yard and another dog. Daisy is currently being fostered with Peaches who is very much like Daisy. Both have lots of energy and need a high fence. Both Daisy and Peaches need to go to homes with another dog to work off their energy. Daisy loves to be outside and play. If you are interested in Daisy but do not have another dog not to worry, if you would consider adopting her foster sister Peaches also. These two are so close and so much alike that it would be a shame to separate them. Daisy is getting better with the cats. If the cat stays calm, so does Daisy. It's only when the cat gets scared and will hiss back and try to run away that Daisy will chase them a bit. She does not want to hurt them, just curious by them. We are working on getting her used to the cats more. I keep them separate but will start letting her meet them more to help her get used to them. Daisy is a nice dog who needs to live with another dog with a yard and a high fence. Please consider keeping Daisy and Peaches together, you won't be sorry. They will keep each other company and would be great if they can stay together in their forever home.


Daisy is a small girl that loves to run and play. She has much energy and is very determined when it comes to her toys. For this reason she needs to have the black Kong toys or she will go through it no matter what. When she is in the house, sometimes out of nowhere she will bounce up very high without even trying. For this reason she needs a yard with a high fence. She runs with my crew and the other fosters and loves to be with other dogs. When she sees the cats, she just wants to chase them so I keep them in the basement during the day when she is out of her crate. I don't think she wants to hurt them, she just wants to chase them and for this reason I really can't keep her calm enough to get used to them. Daisy has put on weight since she first came but is still the baby of the pack. She can be very loving and loves attention. We are still working on training. You cannot leave things on the counter or she will have it quicker than you think is possible. She has got a few sticks of butter and other things. The best thing for Daisy is strong Kong toys and to play with other dogs. She sometimes gets a bit rough for one of my boxers and I have to tell her to calm down. Daisy was around a small puppy over vacation and did great with playing and teaching her things. I was very proud of all my fosters! They all were fantastic with the puppy. Daisy likes to be out in the yard even when it's cold out and she won't come in until she's ready. I think Daisy would do good in a home with another dog that she can play with and a yard with a higher fence. I know Daisy would also love the attention from children but definitely needs a home with a yard a dog to work out all her energy. Due to the fact that Daisy is young, she needs to be kept busy with toys and playing. If you think this pretty little girl will fit in with your family, then please send in your application so she can find her forever home.


When Daisy first came to the house, she quickly got along with the other dogs. She likes to play with toys and is willing to share her toys. She gets along with the cats but she wants to play with them. The cats are not interested. So she chases them - not to hurt them but to get their interest - just because she is curious and does not understand why they won't play with her. She is a petite little girl with white on all four paws and a little white streak up her nose to her forehead. She has a white chest. Daisy knows "sit" and we are working on other commands. Because she is young, she is still learning and would need someone willing to train her. She is very much a puppy with a lot of energy. She would do well in a home with other dogs or children who like to play. With all that energy, a yard where Daisy can run and play is a nice plus. So if you think Daisy will fit into your family, please submit your application.

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