NJ -

Female -

4 Years

This dog was adopted on 2015-03-21

Personal Information

Weight:60 Pounds

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Adopting Dixie was our first ever experience with rescue and it couldn’t have gone better!  

She has adjusted very well.  She is the love of my life and adores my husband, and everyone she meets.  She is very fond of her little fur brother and acts like a mommy to him.  He is always looking for her and wants to be near her.  He follows her every lead and she has taught him well.  They are truly bonded and that couldn’t make me happier.

She eats very well and loves fruits and veggies.  She will never turn down a handout of anything you offer her.  She is on Royal Canin Boxer and Royal Canin Large Breed Weight Care food.  We mix half/half. 

Like most Boxers, she’ll let you know when it’s time to eat and gets loud sometimes

She loves to play and wrestle with her fur brother, although he’s not always a fan LOL.  She still does Boxer zoomies around the yard and spins when she plays with her brother.  She has a few toys she plays with here and there but prefers playing by interaction.  “Bed snakes” is probably her favorite (your hand under the blankets for her to attack)

She is such a good girl and everyone she meets just loves her.  My only regret is that I didn’t have her as puppy to go through the puppy years.  But I am so lucky and thankful for her.  I’m hoping her liver numbers are within the normal range when she gets re-checked.


She’s doing so great!  All prior vet issues have been cleared up.  Her and Damien have become buddies and HE will actually egg HER on to play.  We just recently celebrated a year since adopting Dixie and we had a little party for her, complete with hats and Frosty Paws (pictures attached).  Damien’s birthday is in August and he’ll be turning 10 and he acts like he’s 6.  I am in regular contact with Dixie’s foster mom and she comes and visits every now and then and Dixie always remembers her.  She’s my good girl.  I love her more than life itself J and am thankful to NLBR for her every day.


Dixie is doing great!!  I’ve been meaning to send an update but wanted to get her vet issues cleared up first.  I’m so sorry for not sending sooner.  Back on April 4, she had an issue with a swollen anal gland that ruptured when the vet went to express it.  She was on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory to heal it up and it was healing really slowly.  The vet decided to sedate her and go in and clean the tract out on May 14 and did a laser treatment.  It’s looking much better and she’s finally off the meds.  Hoping to get the vet to take another look at her soon and say we’re good.  She also tested positive for hookworms on April 15, so we treated and then re-tested on May 13 and she tested positive again, so we treated again.  Need to re-test again and hope we get a negative result this time.  Third time’s a charm right?

She is SUCH a good girl and we love her so much.  She’s got the best wiggle butt in the East!  She graduated from her obedience training with flying colors (graduation picture being sent via separate email).  She went through a phase of bringing our bedroom slippers into the upstairs hallway or sometimes all the way downstairs into the foyer.  She follows me around and sleeps with me every night (and I love it!).  She is not a fan of the kiddie pool LOL (video attached).  She loves (and Damien too) to play with “the barn” outside (another video attached).  Damien loves his new sister more and more every day.  She’s slowly inching her way closer and closer to him on the couch and on the bed and he isn’t complaining (picture in separate email).  We had a small BBQ and all of our friends loved her and said what a great dog she is and how friendly, calm and mellow she is.  I feel so lucky and blessed to have her.



We get up and go out to do morning business, then we come in and have breakfast. After breakfast, we go back out to do business and then we either go back to bed for a couple hours if it's a weekend or we go to work guarding the house while Mommy and Daddy go to work during the week. I bring all my favorite toys by the front door and guard the house with my new older brother, Damien. We go out as soon as Mommy or Daddy get home from work and we play for a little bit outside. We eat dinner and maybe go for a walk after dinner and then snuggle on the couch to watch TV after playtime and learning new tricks. Then it's bedtime on the big King size bed after we do our business outside.


Dxie likes snuggling on the couch, naps, giving lots of kisses, running around the fenced in backyard, playing with favorite squeaky toys and playing with her new older brother, Damien.

After the recent loss of our beloved Golden Retriever, Dixie has been a truly wonderful addition to our family. She and her new older brother, Damien, have taken to each other very well, with no issues whatsoever. A seamless transition. Damien is 8 years old and Dixie has rejuvenated the puppy in him. She is so happy, gentle and just a joyful addition to our family. I couldn't have asked for a better fit! Thank you Patricia, Theresa and NLBR!


Looking forward to starting our obedience training on April 7, although she is so good and well-behaved already that we may add some new tricks after we brush up on the basics. Dixie loves to lay and nap in the sunny spots on the floor just like a cat when she's not cuddling with Mommy on the couch. She doesn't snuggle with her brother just yet, but we are hoping in time, they will. She "talks" to her favorite toys (which is hysterical). She is a major cuddle bug on the couch and in the bed. I couldn't love her more! I didn't rescue her; Dixie rescued me :)


Dixie has been a wonderful addition to our family.  She has adjusted perfectly, with zero issues.  Her new older Boxer brother, Damien, loves having a new little sister to play with!


Dixie is loving life with her boxer roommates. With a house full of boxers how could you go wrong? Dixie enjoys running laps outside in the yard around the house every so often, and looks great while enjoying life with the boxer crew. Dixie does well with other dogs, rides nice in the car and is just a sweet girl that you can't resist her cute little face. When Dixie looks at you all you want to do is just give her big hugs and tell her how special she is. Dixie is such a wonderful girl that only the best of the best will do for my little girl. So if you think you can give Dixie everything she needs and more, then submit your application so we can go over it together.


Dixie is enjoying life in NJ with her foster brothers Moose & Dylan and loves to play with my dogs also. Dixie is such a sweet girl, you can't go wrong with her. She loves to get approval from you and craves attention like most boxers. I think she would do well with kids and any well behaved dog. I can't begin to tell you what joy Dixie brings to you when your around her. She can do no wrong. If you are looking to add to your family, and have either kids, dogs or both with a fenced in yard, Dixie may be a fit for your family. Please think this through first, make sure that you are a family that has the time, and is willing to spend and play with Dixie and give her all the love she will give you. Bringing a new family member into your family is a "LIFE TIME COMMITMENT." So if you have all the things that Dixie needs to be in a happy and safe home, then please submit your application so we can find the best fit for Dixie. Until then, my Dixie Chick can stay with me and give me all the kisses you are missing out on.


Dixie is such a good girl. I have had no problems with her since she has been with me. She loves her foster brother Tyson and her other boxer buddies that live with her. Dixie is calm and would do well with children. Dixie is such a love bug. She wants to give you so much love all the time. Her butt will wiggle when you call her & she knows she will get attention. Dixie does well around other dogs and loves to meet the neighbor's kids. This is Dixie's time to be loved and given all the attention. Sometimes when I call Dixie and she doesn't want to come - I call her my Dixie chick and she knows that means no more play and to come. She is such a sweet girl that you can't go wrong with her. She is a loving dog that can be around kids, other dogs and only wants to please you. If you can give Dixie all the love in the world, then she may be a match for you. Send in your application so we can pick out the best home for a sweet little girl who deserves nothing but the best.


I received Dixie on Saturday June 6th and she was so happy and friendly. Dixie is 4 years old and has spent most of her life taking care of puppies. It's now time for Dixie to be spoiled, loved and for her to be taken care of. We will be looking for a home that can give her lots of love and attention. She does great with others dogs and would be fantastic in a home with kids to give her lots of hugs and kisses. I haven't had her around cats yet so I'm not sure on that just yet. We will up date as we learn more about Dixie. If you have what Dixie needs and can provide a loving forever home for Dixie, then submit your application so we can look it over

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