NJ -

Male -

18 weeks

This dog was adopted on 2015-08-27

Personal Information

Weight:20 pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Because I am a young puppy I require placement, where my owners are at home most of the time. I will also need a fenced in yard to play.

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Donut is a wonderful puppy! He amazes me every day with the silly things he does and how fast he learns new tricks! Donut has learned to sit and wait for "permission" before entering and exiting any door. 

Donut has also learned to shake hands; He's learned to "high five" with both paws! In addition to these tricks Donut also knows how to sit and lay. 
Donut has been around elderly people and young children and is so well behaved! He is always so excited to meet new people! 


 Donut is Mr. Personality Pup!  You just have to meet him to understand...he is one of a kind. For instance, he will keep you entertained just by watching him play.  He throws his toys around to play by himself and he even throws his treats around,  at which time Giggles (our other foster pup) sometimes gets the better end of the deal!
  Donut has met/played with many dogs already!  He met many dogs before he came to my foster home, is now living and playing with my 4 dogs, as well as  Giggles. He even went to Daycare today and met many more! The girls at Daycare were amazed at how he tried to get dogs to play with him, acted like he had always been coming, and ran around as if he was saying..."OK, who wants to play with me now?"  For a very young dog, he is very good at changing his play style to each dog and plays so nicely with each one.  He understands how to approach each of them and really "reads" them well. It is very important for Donut to continue socializing with other dogs and many more people when he goes home to his "forever" home.  That way he can continue to build that well rounded, confident, balanced dog that he already is.  Failure to do so could be detrimental to his social development and could change for the worse if not continued.  This is what he has always known and loved and if it is stopped, he will think that something might be "wrong" when meeting another dog later on. He just loves, loves, loves, to play, play, play, with other dogs and that alone is a plus! So if you would like to see Donut in action, just view "Donuts Daycare Day" that is attached here!




Donut keeps amazing me every day! When I went upstairs to get something from our bedroom and turned around to come back downstairs, there was Donut right behind me. He had climbed the entire set of steps! I wasn't sure about him coming down so I just carried him... but he hasn't tried it again. He went up a couple of steps to follow my dog Lee but when I called to Donut, he stopped and turned around and came down. I also took him to work and to our doggie day care facility to do some "human" socialization. He was so loveable, giving kisses to everyone and they just thought he was so adorable and handsome. His pictures just don't do him justice. While we were at the daycare facility, he noticed a plaster dog up on a 3 foot high platform. He took one look, stood up on the platform with his front feet and when he couldn't get close enough, jumped right up onto the platform to take a closer look! He then proceeded to try to "greet" the dog, play bow, and walk around him as if inspecting this unusual dog. When he realized the dog was a "fake" he just jumped down. It was so cute. When he heard the "real" dogs barking, he ran down the long hall barking back as if to say "How do I get in to play with you?" When I took Donut to his vet appointment (first office visit after coming into rescue), our vet felt the initial "guess' by the other veterinarian regarding age was probably incorrect since Donut had lost some of his front baby teeth. Therefore, he felt Donut was about a month older than originally estimated. However, he is still SO smart for his age. Donut has also been awesome with his new foster puppy playmate, Giggles! They play, play, play all day long! He has been teaching her how to be a puppy and since he is a confident boy, Giggles looks to him for guidance. That's about it for now! Will update when there is more to report!


The Donut is amazing! He is everything that anyone would ever want in a puppy! He is very SWEET, happy, confident, playful, adorable, smart, social, content, and a very responsive little boy. He is only 11 weeks old and has been such a joy to have as a foster pup already and is probably the easiest puppy that I have ever fostered. He is very focused, so his potty training is amazing! He sleeps thru the night without messing his crate and runs outside with my two females to do his "business" in the morning. He has had very few accidents during the day, (it is usually my fault...I forget!) since I let him out right after he eats and every 1 1/2 to 2 hours during the day. He does his "business" every time! This little munchkin is great with my 4 dogs and is very dog "savy". He seems to understand what they are telling him, is very respectful, and listens very well. Noises do not bother him, he just "goes with the flow". He is happy to just trot around with my guys, play with them, or is happy to just chew a bone or throw a toy around and play with it himself. Tootsie (my oldest female) has just taught him how to tug and she ran around so much with him yesterday that she had to rest today. Therefore, he played a lot on his own and I found him "play bowing" a ball and rolling it around on the cute! He has learned how to sit before taking a treat or before eating dinner. He is learning his name and to "come" when called. We are working on going into the crate when I tell him (all good things happen in the crate) and will begin working on the game "touch" my hand. He was actually great in the car. I fed him a little chicken while he was in the crate as we traveled to the vet. Since the transporter told me he had barked a lot on his way into rescue, I wanted to make it a positive experience and he did great. He fell asleep and never got car sick either. He didn't bark and was the perfect passenger. He is a pretty laid back "balanced" puppy and can focus well when you ask him. He just loves being with his humans too and just gives lots of puppy kisses and wants to snuggle. Not only is he an awesome puppy behaviorally but he is an exceptionally handsome dog with beautiful markings...He is the complete package! I am amazed at such a young age all he has to offer already! He is an awesome pup!


Doesn't everyone just love a Donut? Donut arrived late yesterday and slept thru the night without an accident on his blanket! He is just adorable, sweet, and loves to snuggle! I will update soon when there is more to tell about this little munchkin! Keep checking for updates!

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