NJ -

Male -

4 - 6 Months

This dog was adopted on 2010-12-16

Personal Information

Weight:24 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Drummer is doing really well.  He went from 24.6 pounds and bony as can be, to a much healthier 37.1 pounds and looks so much better.  He's still skinny but no longer looks like the dog on the can.  He's soooooo lovable and affectionate.  He loves attention of course and is a real cuddle bug.  He is crating better, he still doesn't run in there willingly but i don't have to give him the might shove anymore. More of a gentle push!   He is housebroken and  does all his business outside. I do let him out a million times a day but hey, he is a pup!  He loves to eat and play with my dogs.  He goes for his neuter today and as long as his recovery is routine is scheduled to be adopted the next day. He actually listens, if I tell him off the furniture or to drop/leave it if he does get something he shouldn't.  He absolutely knows his name and we call him Drummy or puppy as a nickname and he responds to that too! lol  He does need a manners lesson, he jumps and doesn't sit but those are all basic skills he will pick up once he is settled in with his new family. He caught on to the routine here right away and is very smart.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this boy!  He is going to make a wonderful addition to his adoptive family!  I will miss him terribly!  He's a wonderful dog!


Drummer is really a great pup.  He's catching on to the routine like he has always been here.  He doesn't always like going into the crate but I can lure him in with a treat or give him a shove in with minimal fight.  As long as one of my boys is crated next to him, he will lay down without a peep. If he's the only dog crated, he will carry on, but only for a short time, then he settles down.  He had once pee accident since he's been here.........I let him out a million times a day. I guess I let it go too long, because otherwise he holds it and does his business where he's supposed to....outside.      He's very sweet and affectionate.  He does jump and has no manners.  He doesn't sit or do anything else asked of him. lol typical male and typical puppy! ha ha He is totally responding to him name already though, he has learned it.  He loves to eat and is not crazy about how cold it is out!  He throws himself at the door to come in and lets out this bark that sounds like someone is ripping his leg off!  Poor baby.  He has no idea how cold its going to get!      With the right family, giving him discipline, attention and exercise, he will turn into a great adult dog. He's a great little guy now. He doesn't really get into any mischief.  He saw my boy Corona grab a bag of marshmallow's off the lazy Susan and run for the hills and it was hilarious Drummer was hot on his heels to see what he had, but I shut them down, so no one got anything!  He's very playful with my 2 boxer boyz and loves to be around both people and other animals.  He does try and get out the front door every chance he gets.........probably how he ended up being a stray!  But he didn't get anywhere, he just stayed right behind my daughter as she went down the walkway before she realized he was behind her.      Drummy has gained some weight and will soon be able to hopefully get neutered and then adopted.  He will be a great addition to any family. :)


Drummer arrived via a transport from a high kill shelter in Ohio.  I gave him a bath to get the majority of dirt off of him but he is sooooo painfully skinny I couldn't really scrub him down like I like to.      He ate and drank and I gave him some treats through out the afternoon. I didn't want to overload him but you can tell he needs to eat.........ALOT.  He will go in the crate if i throw a treat in there and will stay with a minimal amount of fuss if I'm in view.  Last night he escaped the crate when I went up to bed. So I just put the entire crate in my bedroom. He whined for maybe a minute then settled down and slept from like 10pm until 7am this morning without so much as a whimper.  He seems to do all his business outside when I bring him.  I jumped in the shower and left my 9 year old girls in charge of him for 15-20 minutes..........he knocked the gate down and went and had an accident on my carpet.  But I blame my girls!  Not him! lol      I've alternated crating him all day today while i'm home, letting him out in the yard and letting him loose near me so I can keep an eye on him.  He's been napping in the sun with my 2 boys on and off all day.        He's of course extremely sweet and needs to be taught manners (jumping up etc.).  He's totally a baby but doesn't seem to be afraid of noises or the chaos that goes on in my home! He needs to be neutered and we just need to make sure he's all up to date on his shots.  He will make a great addition to a home that has the time to make sure he grows up to be a well behaved boxer boy!

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