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6 Years

This dog was adopted on 2014-09-10

Personal Information

Weight:70 Pounds

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:NO CATS

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Dupree has been with our family since the fall of 2013. Initially, he was our foster for NLBR and then about a year later, we officially adopted him. It's like he's always been here as he is an absolute joy to have. Dupree's days are pretty predictable. He is our lounge dog- loves his naps and is typically curled up on one of our couches. He sleeps in our teenager's bed every night without fail. He loves his biscuits too and will let you know when he thinks he should have one. He is all business when it's time to go outside and is often the first one to be back at the door. On warm days he enjoys hanging out in the yard or sniffing around the property. He loves his toys and often will bring you a tug tope when he's in the mood. We recently found that he loves to play fetch and is the only Boxer I have ever known who actually returns the ball to you! Dupree gets along great with my other two Boxers and we have never had so much as a spat among them. Dupree loves to eat and will definitely let you know as dinner time approaches. He usually starts about a half hour prior to feeding time with some nudging, howling and dancing around. He's a funny dog and so predictable! He eats twice daily and his diet consists of a high quality dry kibble that is salmon based. We use a spoonful of canned food each time he receives his medication which is twice a day. 

Dupree's overall health is good. We had him to our vet clinic, Brush Run, in October where he had a full checkup and his vaccinations. This poor boy had suffered terribly from allergies for the two years or so that he lived with us and nothing we did seemed to help. After trying nearly everything under the sun to help him get some relief (including periodic rounds of steroids) we finally found the cure. Dr. Volz suggested that we give Apoquel a chance and gave us a month's supply. Within days, all of his allergy symptoms were gone. Completely gone. No more chewing his feet, no scratching or digging and no more irritated skin or redness. Before the Apoquel we could not give him belly rubs and were limited as to where we could pet him. Because his skin was so irritated, he found the petting to be intolerable. Now, we can pet him all over and rub his belly without him scratching in frustration. He can sleep peacefully (and snore!) without the constant interruptions from scratching. Overall, he seems like a much happier guy.
This past December I noticed Dupree's eye was developing some minor cloudiness so we went back to see Dr. Keller at PVSEC where he had his original eye surgery procedure in December of 2013. The staff there is wonderful and they always remember Dupree. Dr. Keller noted that the eye pressure in the remaining right eye was higher than it should be and prescribed a blood pressure medication as well as two eye drop medications for the glaucoma - Cosopt and Latanoprost. After a month passed, we went back for our follow- up and Dr. Keller said that Dupree's eye pressure was back to an acceptable level. Such a relief. He continues to take the oral medication daily along with the two eye drops twice a day. What's funny is that no matter what, when he sees me bringing the small eye drop bottle toward him he wags his little nub. It's like he knows how beneficial they are and is a perfect gentlemen when the drops are given. We will continue to do everything we can do to preserve his eyesight. We are so grateful that Dupree is a member of our family - can't imagine life without our white Boxer boy. 


Dupree continues to be a joy to have here and has the best personality.  He is a man of leisure, enjoys those naps and is a big fan of meal time.  He is always first in line when treats are handed out too.  His vision is stable and he seems to do fine with having one useful eye.  He is amazing.

Dupree has a feisty side too which is really comical.  He puts my boxer girl in check at times and I giggle every time he does so.  She is such a little diva and he gives it right back to her.  Although he has arthritis and suffers with stiffness, he can still run and play in the yard with my two.  I think he's a pretty happy guy.


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So yesterday afternoon Dupree had his fourth and final re-check with the eye surgeon and I'm happy to report that the eye is perfect! Dr. Keller tested and examined him thoroughly and was very pleased with his eye overall and the intraocular pressure too. We are at last finished with the re-checks- these were scheduled at the time of his surgery and were included in the original surgical cost. Lots of driving to and from but Pree loves the car rides and doesn't seem to mind at all. He will have to return in three months for monitoring, again in six months time and then yearly after that. We were able to eliminate another eye drop from the regimen too, yay! We are down to one eye drop and it is only administered once per day for two more weeks. At that point, 13 days from now, we will be completely done with meds! That will be wonderful
Pree always rides shotgun when we go to PVSEC. He won't hear of riding in the back of the SUV so it's in the front seat he goes. What's really funny is that he now sets off the seat belt alarm due to the extra few pounds (as in 10+ lbs) that he has gained since the surgery. Makes me laugh each time we drive down my street (because I forget) only to pull right over and secure the belt to stop the incessant beeping, lol. I've attached a photo of him napping on the way home. He loves his blanket and I lay it over the center console because he likes to rest his head there. Please bear in mind that the heated seat feature is turned on for the spoiled boy:)) 


It?s been a while since I have submitted an update but we have been Busy! Dupree has had quite the exciting last two months. Dupree was blind when he came into rescue- he was unable to see and had obvious limitations as a result. All of that has changed. Due to the sincere generosity of our volunteers and other Boxer lovers too, we were able to help Dupree get the surgery he needed to correct his vision. Dupree had been diagnosed with bilateral cataracts and advanced stage glaucoma in the left eye. The right eye had not yet reached the level of irreversible damage found in the left where that retina had detached and was not able to be repaired or saved. Following the recommendation of the surgeon, Dupree?s left eye was surgically removed. However, his right eye was able to undergo the cataract removal surgery thus restoring his vision once again. Dupree is able to see!

This handsome, white guy has been enjoying life more than ever now that he can see his world again. Due to his activity restrictions with the eye surgery, he has to take it easy for another few weeks but he loves to get outdoors and stretch his legs. He no longer needs his cone and is allowed to go on short walks. Because he feels so good, it?s hard at times to keep him calm. Dupree?s personality just shines and he is far less dependent on us, his family. He has become more independent and assertive. Now, he too can see the deer when they enter my backyard and he barks right along with my two Boxers. Dupree is not wild about the vacuum as he playfully bites and barks at it when I use it. We found that he loves squeaky toys, balls and tug of war play of any kind. He is a normal Boxer in every sense- he just does it all with one eye instead of two.

Overall, Dupree is just a happy, good natured boy who is simply a sweetheart. He is a sweet and affectionate dog who LOVES to cuddle with his people. He gets along great with my two Boxers, a male and a female, and loves children. He has learned his basic commands and knows sit, down and come. His favorite activities really are eating and lounging around the house. He is a laid back guy Dupree loves his biscuits and dog treats and expects his breakfast and dinner on time every day:) Did I mention that Dupree loves to eat? He is ever present when I?m in the kitchen just in case something hits the floor. Because Dupree has some allergies he has done very well on a fish based diet. He eats premium kibble- a salmon and trout formula that has helped him a great deal.

Dupree still receives two eye drop medications throughout the day and will have one more visit with his eye surgeon in February. At that time, we hope his activity level will be increased as he is gaining some weight during this recovery process. We are very protective of his eye and keep a watchful eye on any rough-housing with the other dogs. An accidental paw swipe could be disastrous. We recently had a chance to introduce Dupree to a cat and that didn't go quite as well as we had hoped so we will only place him in a home where there are no cats.


I took Duree to PVSEC at 8:00 am this morning for his big day. Fortunately, the nasty weather passed through last evening and the roads were just wet for the drive.

As I watched him walk down the hall to the pre-surgical area with the amazing vet tech, Amy, I tried to hold it together knowing that was the last time I would see him with his "before" look. It will all be worth it though because the surgery was a success!!

Dupree's surgery has been completed and I am so happy to report that he is doing just fine. The operation was successful - the vet tech called to let me know that he was still getting his bearings but she knew that there were a lot of people waiting to hear an update. He is required to spend the night so he can be monitored and have meds administered, mainly eye drops. Tomorrow morning he will have his first eye recheck and then I can take him home.

I will be sure to post another update in the morning. I can hardly wait to see him and have him "see" me back for the first time. We are so grateful for everyone's support- the prayers, positive thoughts and well wishes obviously made a big difference. Thank you.

Post more tomorrow morning .......


Please allow me to introduce Dupree. This handsome sweetheart captured our hearts right from the start and has been a pleasure to foster. Dupree has taught us so much about his disability but the most important lesson learned is that his loss of sight is more an inconvenience than a burden.

I have never fostered a special needs dog before Dupree came along. Turns out you don’t need a certificate or any special training to manage Dupree- just some TLC and common sense. Because he has mature cataracts in both eyes, he is essentially blind although we believe that he does see shadows peripherally. Within just a few days of living in my home Dupree was able to navigate around my first floor on his own and use the stairs with our guidance. He is excellent on a leash and very trusting even trotting along with us in the yard. He and my two Boxers, one male and one female, get along amazingly well and my Boxer girl is known for being pretty judgmental toward foster dogs.  Dupree is very laid back and enjoys a nap or two or three during the day but also loves the outdoors.  

Dupree is just a love and has been a joy to foster. It makes me smile to see his little nub move faster and faster with each passing day as he gains confidence and trust in me and my family.  He is a happy guy with lots of Boxer wiggles and currently resides with my husband and me, a three year old boy, a teenager and two Boxers. He should only go to a home where biscuits will be plentiful for his consumption several times throughout the day- just kidding- but Dupree does LOVE his biscuits and will remind you when he is ready for his treat. He’s such a good boy.

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