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4 years

This dog was adopted on 2011-03-18

Personal Information

Weight:64 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Dylan is part of our family--we cannot imagine life without him! He cracks us all up daily with his crazy tongue, butt wiggles of happiness, and silly ways. Like after eating a meal he will go back and sit prim and proper in the doorway (like he does before he is fed) in hope that someone will not know that he ate and re-feed him! Or the fact that he so despises the cold and has somehow gotten us to tuck him in with a blanket at bedtime! Our three girls come home and tell him about their day, share secrets with him, and love to just lie on him and hug him. He has (accidentally) been pulled, poked, and prodded by the girls and has never even batted an eyelash..in fact the more people piled around him the happier he is! He snores like a trooper at times and cracks my husband and me up nightly. And if life gets busy and you forget that he is OBVIOUSLY your top priority he will walk up and just place a paw on your lap to get the loving that he needs! He goes with us everywhere he is allowed--camping, to the park, the girls soccer games--and is a gentleman. Our entire family loves him wholeheartedly and I think he feels the same way about us.


Our experience with New Life Boxer was excellent--from our interview to keeping us updated on the process to being matched with Dylan and meeting him and taking him home.  We had applied at two other boxer rescues prior to hearing of New Life Boxer but after applying was told that we were not eligible because we had children and the other just never responded back to us..  If we ever decide to take in a second dog or if after Dylan’s time with us is over and we are ready for another we will definitely get a rescue dog again!!  My husband and I have already talked about how we would love to adopt senior dogs after the kids are grown (I think it would be too hard on them with the shortened time together now..). 

THANK YOU for all you do helping these guys in their journey to a new life...  I know Dylan and all of us will be forever grateful!


Dylan continues to be a very good boy...he had a UTI so we went to the vet and he is now finishing up his antibiotics. He has gotten along great with my dogs.  He is very social and likes all people. Dylan has really come out of his shell...playing with toys and trying to be a member of the pack here.  He has a little separation anxiety, but he is learning that he won't be left alone for long and someone will be right back to love him.  He just loves to be with his family and have some company.  For only being three he is not that active.  As long as some one is with him, he is just happy to do what ever you want to do.  I think Dylan would like to find his own family and get his new life started!!


Dylan continues to do well here.  He is a very sweet boy..no aggression, no food aggression, likes treats and attention.  We went to the vet yesterday, he is 63.7 lbs.  Dylan is very mellow for a boxer.  He would be fine with or without another dog.  He has met my grand daughters who are twin two year old girls and he loved them.  He was all boxer wiggles and kisses with them.  So far he is fantastic and ANY family would be lucky to have him!!


I have to say Dylan is a dream. I didnt want to write too early and have something change.  This is my first foster and I guess I had pictured Cujo  in my head.  Dylan is a fantastic, loving dog. He is not aggressive at all..no food aggression and takes treats very gently. He eats anything.  He has sniffed the trash but so far has not touched anything.  He is tall and can reach the cupboards but has so far not taken anything.  I have run downstairs for a few minutes and he just waits at the door.  I crate him if we are going to be gone a while and I have crated him at bedtime.  He doesn't seem to like the crate but has gone in willingly.  He barks if you leave him for a while and at night he is crated in our bedroom so he does well.  I "almost" think he would be ok out but I'm not sure enough to do it yet.

He met my grandchildren this morning, they are twins and he was very gentle and all wiggles and kisses. He goes outside to do his business.  We go to the vet today to get weighed, looked at, and shots UTD.

My Jazmine loves him and my Lyli-Mae, who is an alpha dog, seems to be tolerating him.  Dylan is completely submissive and just wants to get along. He is very mellow for a 3 year old, evidentially i have very active dogs.  He walks well on a leash with little correction.  He is a very good dog and I'm enjoying his company.


Hi everyone,

Dylan has made his way to Ellsworth, Maine!  He is a super sweet boy and he is settling in. He has met both my girls through the crate, that went better than I expected. I sat in on the floor by the crate and read a few emails, trying to keep my body language normal,(lol trying a lil Ceasar Malan). Dylan had a very long journey so we decided to do introductions in the morning...let everyone distress and get a fresh start tomorrow.  

He peed outside, went into his crate willingly, had a good dinner and has settled right down. I got a picture and a video but will get better ones for the website tomorrow. He has a crazy tongue! Can a dog have a crooked tongue...he has teeth, his tongue is crooked. I videoed him drinking, because he drinks out of the side of his mouth, it hangs out constantly.

So far, so good on foster number one.  I don't think he will be here long.  So far he is fabulous...

oh yeah, he sits, shakes and likes treats! pics and video to follow!

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