Dylan (FKA - Dean)

NJ -

Male -

3 Years

This dog was adopted on 2015-08-28

Personal Information

Weight:65 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


He is a loving, handsome, gentle big mush. He does great with other dogs and would do great with kids. Dylan is like most boxers and just wants attention and will bring you so much joy. Dylan needs a family with a high secure fence who will stay outside with him while he is playing. He is such a good boy and is so worth putting the extra time in to spend with him out in the yard. He loves to smell the air while outside, so if you had gardening, or wanted to read, or have the kids play while he is out in the yard with you, he would be fine.

In the house he is calm and does well with his other boxer friends who live with him. I can't believe that Dylan is still here, just look at that face - how could you resist such a sweet boy :)  and also does well in the car.

So bottom line is, if your looking for a great, loving boy then Dylan is your guy. If you have the individual needs that Dylan requires (sorry no electric fences for this boy), then please submit your application (not on your phone please) so we can find the best home for Dylan. But Hurry, because the longer Dylan stays with us, we may keep him for ourselves :)


The weather is getting nice out and Dylan LOVES to be outside and take in the fresh air. Sometimes he will even stay out when his boxer house mates decide to go in. Dylan is such a loving dog. He gets along well with other dogs, would do well with children and would love for you to keep him company in the yard. If you like to take walks I know Dylan would feel so special for the attention he would be receiving. Dylan has been patiently waiting for a great home & I keep telling him that a very nice family will come and give him lots of love and attention. If you have room for a loving boy that will give you unconditional love, than Dylan may be a match for you. It's time for Dylan to find his special home. Please submit your application so you can see what a wonderful boy he is.


Dylan is doing fantastic and is such a good boy. He loves to play outside a lot and can be very active. For this reason he should have dogs and kids to play with. Over the holiday we went up to PA and he did great in the car. During the time up in PA he was outside in a huge yard with a 6' fence. He was running with 3 other boxers having a great time playing. Unfortunately, this was not enough to satisfy Dylan. See Dylan has a very curious side when he is outside in the yard and believes the grass is greener on the other side. Dylan doesn't realize harm can come to him being outside the fence. Luckily I was watching him and got him right away. If you can not be outside with Dylan AT ALL TIMES then Dylan is not the right dog for you. This is for the safety of Dylan.

Dylan is a great boy and is well worth the extra time, but you MUST think this through and be honest, are you willing to watch Dylan while he is outside at all times for his safety? Dylan is a curious boy when it comes to the outside but is well worth it! He might even benefit from someone who likes to take walks or small runs, maybe this will curb his curiousity for outside the fence. Dylan LOVES to run and play with the other dogs and CAN NOT BE TIED UP in the yard. He needs a family who will spend the time with him while he is out. When he is in the house he settles down and is a wonderful boy who loves attention, best of all he loves to give it back.

Dylan may be your boy if you have all his requirements and aren't put off by some of his needs. HE IS WELL WORTH IT and makes him more special.


I have had Dylan for two weeks now and I can say he is a fantastic loving dog. He has met his foster sister Dixie and all my boxers also. Dylan is very loving and wants all the love and affection you can give him. He has slept up in my bed with me and did very well. He is eating twice a day and weighs 60 lbs. Dylan needs his new family to stay out with him when he is out in the yard and can not be left by himself. Dylan loves to be around his new boxer family and would do best with a family that can give him all the love and time he deserves. If you think Dylan may be a fit for your family, then please submit your application so we can find the best home for Dylan.


NLBR wants to give a big loving welcome to Odie, Jesse and Dylan who are now in NJ!! We can't be happier. They can FINALLY get all the love and attention that they deserve! We picked them up on Saturday 9.13.14 and all did fantastic on the ride home to NJ. I've only had Dylan for two days so I can't give you much information just yet, but what I can tell you is he is a loving dog who just wants to be loved. I took him to the vet and he saw a small dog and didn't care. He also saw the cats in the cage a the vet office and couldn't care less. Dylan hasn't been free with my dogs or his foster sister Dixie just yet but will be soon. He hasn't shown any signs of aggression and is a very sweet dog. He does well in the car and hasn't had any accidents in the house or his crate yet. I took him up to bed with me last night and he did great! He truely wants to be with you and give you lots of kisses. When I can see how he is with other dogs and children, I will let you know more information. Dylan was around his sister Jesse who is also doing FANTASTIC IN another NJ home. As I learn more about my beautiful boy Dylan I will let you know. I am asking all of our family, friends and dog lovers to please come together and spread the word the NJ now has 3 loving dogs, Dylan, Jesse and Odie that need their forever home. They have waited long enough. Being in NJ they now have more access to more families with our surrounding states. So I'm calling on all our neighbors to spread the word and help these the cuties the home they deserve. NY, DE, CT, PA, CT and everyone else we are asking for your help. Please post and pass on to all your family and friends to help find the best possible home for our boxer babes. I am asking all my previous fosters families to help with this mission. You know how great it felt when you found your new family member, Lets do this for Dylan, Jesse and Odie. Please help them find the best forever family by passing on this information to everyone you know. Also when filling out the application form, please do not use your cell phone. So keep us in mind when you are looking for a new member to add to your family, everyone deserves a second chance at living a life full of love. Will you be that person who can give all the love to our boxer babes? Don't wait long, I know the perfect family will come along for Dylan, Jesse and Odie.


Dylans comical ways are coming through. He is a very happy boy who loves his people. He is getting along great with the pack members and loves play time. He has the typical silly boxer personity that puts a smile on your face. He has lots of eneergy and needs a famly that is willing to give him the exercise needed to make him shine. He is a very handsome boy and very food motivated which is a plus in his training. This boy will make some family very happy.


Dean is a lovely 3 year old boy who is beginning to learn appropriate house manners. He is anxious to please and is improving steadily. Dean needs structure and guidance and a handler who will be a strong pack leader. He has a very high energy level and his play is very rough, sometimes causing other dogs to misread him. He is learning to tone down that play and read the signals from the other dogs. Dean is in a foster home with several other dogs and plays well with them as long as he controls his energy level. Look for more on Dean as he settles in at his foster home and releases some of that boxer boy enthusiasm. He is a great dog with a ton of potential for the right family.

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