Eddie (FKA as Waylon)

NJ -

Male -

4-1/2 months. (born 7/17/20)

This dog was adopted on 2020-12-18

Personal Information

Weight:21 lbs

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:No

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:Fenced in yard.... Needs one more set of puppy vaccines

Adoption Donation:$375.

My Story


Here is Eddie (formerly Waylon) in his new home! I was lucky enough to adopt this special little guy and he is loving it here.



 Eddie wakes me up around 8 or 9AM, and I let him out for a quick pee/poop. We come back inside and he gets food and water and then we leave the house after I've had coffee (usually about 15-20 minutes) and go to the dog park. He runs around with the other dogs for about 30-45 minutes, and then he promptly goes to sleep for a good 3-4 hours. After that, he gets another walk and hangs out with me while I play music or read and go about my day. By 7:30, he's been walked 1 or 2 more times, and he eats his dinner. At 8 o'clock he goes on a walk with his best friend, Lemmy, who is a 1 year old Rottweiler. By the time we're back from that, usually around 8:30, he goes into his crate for a nap, and usually is out after I eat dinner. For the rest of the night, he hangs out near me and my roommates in the living room on his dog bed. I take him out one more time and then we go to sleep around midnight.
 Eddie LOVES the dog park, and likes wrestling with the biggest dogs there. He also genuinely loves his walks because he's very popular around the block, and has a few human friends that he specifically can't wait to see on our usual route.
 Eddie is pretty good with his crate, but sometimes whines, albeit not for an extended period. He has displayed some pretty prominent examples of resource guarding some of his chews and his food/water, both of which I've brought up to the trainer, and we have a plan of action to nip that in the bud. He is showing what I would guess is something called psychogenic polydipsia, which is an almost obsessive desire to drink any and all water that is near him. I've checked his skin and his gums/nose, and he doesn't seem to be dehydrated, but if water is there, he won't stop until he's drunken all of it. I have a vet appointment next month and will bring this up as well. Other than that, he's honestly very smart and sweet, and there isn't anything overly worrisome to report.
 He's been on Orijen dry Puppy Food, and I'm moving him over to Acana dry Puppy Food slowly.
 He has 1.5 cups of food 2 times a day.
 He has a visit scheduled for February, but no visits yet.
 Eddie is a massive source of joy and love, and really filled an Eddie sized hole in our hearts. For me, I have a newfound sense of responsibility (I'm a dad!) and understanding of what it's like to raise something from a young age, and he's not even close to being fully grown. He seems to find the right time to cuddle up with any of us when we're down, and he's certainly a fantastic cuddler. I'm not sure how we got along before I had him, but I'm so glad he's with me and safe in our home.
 Eddie doesn't quite understand how big he is, and that he's a dog, and not a person. He often waits at the dinner table, sitting on a dining room chair, waiting for me to come with my plate to eat. He doesn't even beg! He just likes to be part of it.


Waylon's first walk in the snow, which he really enjoyed....especially eating it! His foster mom said while on his walks, he is getting more focused on finding his favorite spots rather than wandering in a zig zag.
Big news...he has not had an accident lately and has slept thru the night being dry in the morning. What a good boy. He is very interested in the camera even when chewing his treat.
Waylon will be 5 months in another week.


Waylon's new foster mom... reported that he was such a good boy in the car. She has him "out and about" now draining that energy.

He is 4 1/2 months old, and is very handsome. A lot of puppy energy. He is a jumper, but it is just because he wants your attention...he will learn. He is still a baby.

I just wanted to mention that he was doing great for me with his potty training. He went thru the night from 10:30 pm to 5:30 am with a dry crate and yesterday we were gone almost 4 hours during the day and a dry crate again. I am sure Bridget will update soon and I will post for her.

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