NJ -

Female -

13 Weeks

This dog was adopted on 2012-05-27

Personal Information

Weight:12 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:Because I am a baby, I will need to have someone home with me most of the day.

Adoption Donation:$425 ($50 to be returned upon proof of spay)

My Story


Erin has become a huge part of our family.  This was my first puppy and I could not have asked for a better experience.  She is full of that energy and unconditional love and we cannot imagine our life without her!


Erin is doing so well it is hard to believe how fast she has grown up.  She is still a snuggle bug and super-fast but has also become quite a lady.  Her manners have improved quite a bit especially since puppy school!  We love our peanut so much and can't imagine our family without her!  Thank you New Life Boxer Rescue for picking us as Erin's forever home!


Just got home from daycare and boy am I POOPED!  I had such a great time today doing zoomies at PawPad and all the dogs love to play with me!  I am very polite and know exactly how to interact!  Watch the new short video clips of me running and playing chase today!  I had a ball...Oh yes, we did play that too at daycare!


Hi Everyone! Erin here... Since foster mom says that I am doing so well with my training and that I am just being the best behaved gal in the house with my foster brother and sister, I am now allowed in the livingroom to play with Toostie and Leroy.   Although I would like to go on the furniture, foster mom says that I have to stay “off"!  I am learning that word, along with "sit", "down", "wait" and "enough"!  I am getting along great with Tootsie (she is the queen, you know!)...she is very tolerant of me and if Leroy doesn't want to be bothered, he just walks away!  We have so much fun together!  I LOVE to play, play, play and also just love hanging out with my foster siblings!  They are teaching me so much!!  Foster mom has sent some of those new pictures of us playing and hanging out in the living room!  Hope my furever home checks out my webpage, notices what a well behaved, sweet, loving pup I am...and comes for me soon!  Don't want them to miss all my cute puppy antics!


Erin went to her first daycare session today!  I would like her to get more exposure to alot of different dogs (one day a week), so she will be well socialized and...DID SHE HAVE A BALL!  I am sure she will sleep well tonight!  There were about 25 dogs and I was told she was very comfortable (and wanted to stay) in the big dog room!  They said Erin got along with everyone…she was awesome!  They also told me she is a "snuggle bug", of which I know and loves to be hugged, kissed and just snuggle in your arms!  One of the girls at the daycare center took a number of videos of Erin playing outside with two of her friends...boyfriends!  Next week I'll ask her to take another video inside...So enjoy the show!


Erin is a wonderfully smart, inquisitive, affectionate and happy-go-lucky pup!  My nickname for her is little "peanut" since she is such a petite pup with tiny features.  She has not had an accident in the house in a long time and will actually tell me if she has to go out by ringing the bells that hang on my kitchen door.  She is also learning some basic manners and listens pretty well considering how young she is.  She has learned that she cannot come out of the crate until she remains seated until the door is open and I say "ok".  She also has to sit patiently while dinner is made and she has learned that the longer she jumps, barks or carries on, the longer it will take!  Each time she does not sit quietly, I stop making dinner and each time she decides to "speak to me", I leave the room.  Except for an occasional lapse of memory on her part, she has learned how to wait for dinner the proper way!  She is very smart!
Erin loves to climb in your lap if you are sitting cross-legged on the floor.  She gives kisses, plays with her toy or tells her brother if he comes over, "not to bother us"!  She loves to do puppy zoomies around the yard with her brother!  If Tootsie or Lee are chasing her and Erin feels them really close, she tumbles, rolls and waits motionless on her back in submission...then she is up and away in a flash when she thinks they are not looking!  Then, when it is nap time, into the crate... and is sometimes comical to watch her.  As she sits and fights sleep, she sways side to side, her eyes getting heavy, then she crashes and collapses for that much needed nap!  She is just too funny!  More chuckles in the next update, I am sure…So keep checking in!


Erin is doing great with her crate training and house training.  Her crate is always dry!  She plays in the kitchen with her brother Riley and if she needs to go out she runs to the door, spins in a circle, sits and looks at me!  This worked great until I started to realize that she loves it outside and would do this as well as a ploy to go out and play in the yard!  Now I just check the time to make sure she really NEEDS to go out!  Erin is getting along great with my dogs.  She and her brother run around the yard chasing my dogs..running in is so darn cute!  Tootsie, my female, just loves Erin and always tries to initiate play... Erin loves to be with Tootsie as well. Erin goes to sleep in her crate between 9 and 10pm and sleeps till between 5 and 6 in the morning.  I carry them both outside first thing to tinkle, they play, eat, out again to tinkle and after about an hour and a half to two hours are in for a nap in their crate.  They are then out most of the afternoon playing in the kitchen or outside and back in the crate for a nap about 3pm.  Erin and her brother Riley are super good puppies.  They are on a schedule so they are no trouble at all.  If you are looking for a sweet girl who loves to be with you, Erin is the one for you!  Stay tuned for more updates and of course more pictures too!  Oh by the way, she is "smart as a whip" and already knows her name!  Yay Erin!


Sweet Erin is the only female pup of four that arrived from the West Virginia tornados on Saint Patricks day!  Although she is the tiniest, most petite of all, she definitely has learned to hold her own with her brothers!  Riley, her fawn brother, is also staying with us so both can have the comfort of each other while in foster.  Our female gal, Tootsie is quite the mama with puppies and has already tried to show them how to play tug with toys, walks around them and acts as though she is in fact their mom.  These adorable Boxer/Mastiff pups have only been here for one day so they are still settling in...I will post again shortly....stay tuned!

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