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10 Months

This dog was adopted on 2015-02-06

Personal Information

Weight:12 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Must have a fence and another dog in the home. Older children only.

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


She has had no medical problems.  Has a cyst that we have watched for about 3 years on left rear side of the body but vet doesn't feel the need to remove.
Everyone loves Fawn!  She is very personable, comical, and very loving!   We had Fawn DNA'd and her largest breed ID was Parson's terrier and Miniature Italian Greyhound. You can definitely see the Mini Greyhound with her long legs when she stands and how her back curves just like a little greyhound when she runs.  
I know you are probably saying, how did she come to be in a Boxer Rescue? Since I do intake for the rescue, years ago the shelter contacted us about these puppies that they thought were Boxer mixes.  They had the white chest, paws and docked tails  so we decided to take them and I would foster. We were only able to get one picture of Fawn and her sister from the shelter. (sometimes you can only get limited information)  Imagine my surprise when they arrived and they were 4 lbs at 9 weeks!  But her sister got a great home and my Female Boxer Tootsie was very protective of Fawn and was very bonded so we decided to adopt her....She is a little 20 lb bundle of joy, very well behaved and sweet until she is outside and the terrier comes out.  Those fast legs and sniffing nose has allowed her to catch 2 rabbits and one bird this year! We have to watch her like a hawk..  If there are no animals around she chases ants and bugs, frogs in Maine and anything else that moves.  
I cook for my pups and they also get raw food as well.  They eat smaller meals three times a day with a 20-25 minute walk in the morning, training always during the day to keep them busy. She will play fetch at times, when she wants to and does play with little stuffed toys. Loves to pull the squeaker out but will stop and just play with it if you tell her.  She is such a good girl and sleeps right next to me at night.  She waits to be invited up on my chair and sits with me in the evening.
Fawn thinks she is a Boxer... a big personality in a little body.  She will tell the big dogs off if she gets stepped on but will run and "hang" with them at times too.  If it gets too wild, she'll step aside and find a spot where she can watch. She will let them know "what for" but will lie together with any of the other pack (especially Donut) to rest.  She is a sweetheart and can't believe she will be 7 years old this year in Dec!


Fawn is such a character! She is such a sweet little fiesty gal! She is definately prey driven and if there are no squirrels, rabbits, or other varments to chase, she goes after bugs. She is very "close" to me and loves to sleep in the chair with me or sit next to me on the couch or outside. She gets along wonderfully with Tootsie and all the fosters that have stayed with us. She also loves to chew her bones and play with toys...especially a little blue ball that we have outside. She is definately a gem and I just love the way she trots out with the other bigger dogs and thinks she is a Boxer. She plays by standing on her back legs and boxing...and since she is part miniature Italian Greyhound, she is super quick (she only weighs about 16 lbs) She is so much fun to have and life with her is never boring. She always makes me laugh! It is like having a Boxer in a little body!


Fawn is a 15 lb sweetie that we were fostering for about a year and because of her close relationship to our 7 1/2 year old female who was like a mom to her, we decided to adopt Fawn. We felt it was in the best interest of both dogs to let her stay and become part of our family. She is confident when our older female ( Tootsie) is around but take Tootsie out of the picture and she is somewhat nervous. She is a feisty little girl at times (has no problem "telling off" our 70lb goofy Boxer boy) and he is super quick since she is part Miniature Italian Greyhound. She is still learning every day and has become helpful and quite comical playing with our new foster puppies. She is no trouble at all, listens very well, and of course because of her size, compared to our other three Boxers, it is not like we even have a 4th dog! She makes me laugh with her funny quick movements and loves to snuggle and sleep on my lap in the recliner. I can't imagine her not being with us. We love her!


Fawn is a sweet little pup who is very connected to my Boxer gal, Tootsie. Tootsie is like a mom to her so when she is around, Fawn is very confident. Without Tootsie though, Fawn tends to be a little timid around unfamiliar people and kids. She exhibits what I call the "little dog" behavior and acts scared and stays at a distance. But once she gets comfortable with the person, she is awesome. She will sit in your lap, give kisses, ask for "belly rubs" by rolling over on her back and "smoozing" up to you on the couch! I feel she would do best in a home with another dog to give her that confidence and companionship in her new home. She is great with my pack and doesn't know she is a little dog...she just runs around the yard with them as if she was a Boxer! She is a fiesty little girl and definately "struts her stuff" with my dogs and will push her way in to be included. She does think "who she is" with the other dogs and you have to laugh sometimes. She loves to chase the rabbits and play in the yard. She just wants to be with you and just enjoys life and whatever new things she can find to do. She is so cute when she chases and jumps to see the butterflies. It is so interesting that the butterflies tend to stay around and swoop down as if to play with her. One day when I was walking around the yard I turned around to see where she was and found she had climbed up a ledge of stone to stand on the top rock behind a small pond we have in the yard! Yikes! Sometimes I forget she is a tiny girl that is very inquisitive, is quite quick and can get to places that the big dogs can't. She looked at me as if to say..but I just wanted to see what was behind the rocks! If you are looking for a cute little energetic sweet pup, put your application in for Fawn. She may be a "Match" for your family!


Fawn has been spayed and is now ready to go to her "furever" home. She is a sweet, energetic, loving little girl who has been one of my easiest foster pups. She is no trouble at all and loves playing with my own dogs...especially Tootsie. She has potty trained quickly, knows some obedience commands and gets along great with other dogs. She definately needs a yard to run. In fact she loves to chase the rabbits! She also loves all toys and is very food motivated. Fawn even enjoys hanging out in her crate...door open or closed! Sometimes she can sit on your lap for an hour and other times will jrun up on your lap and then she is off again in a flash! If you want the perfect little girl to keep you company and laughing, Fawn is the one for you!


Fawn here! My sister Fern has been adopted and I am so happy, happy, happy for her. My foster mom thought that I would take it hard when Fern left but I was glad! Now I have Tootsie and my foster family all to myself! I am just a fun and upbeat gal. The vet says that I will probably not be much more than 20 lbs at the very most when I am full grown and that I may have some Whippet or Italian Greyhound as part of my breed. I don't bark much but I am pretty vocal when I play with other dogs and I am super quick! I love to do my puppy laps around the yard and hunt for that baby rabbit that hides under the bushes. Foster mom says that for a little pup I listen very well. I just love it outside but when she says its time to come in the house, I run right for the door. I so enjoy exploring outside and very curious about all those bugs that fly. My head just keeps spinning to watch all those little critters buzz around! I chased a moth once and almost caught it too if it hadn't flown so high! Foster mom says that we have to watch for bees though...don't know what they are but she says they are not to be played with. Foster mom says that I am very smart and quick to learn. I have to sit and wait for dinner till she says "OK" and then I can go eat. When my foster mom tells me to go in my crate, I do because then I get great treats! I am also learning "down" but she still needs to tempt me with a treat to do it... so not quite sure about that "trick" yet. I have learned "touch" as well. When foster mom holds the palm of her hand out to the side and says "touch", I have to touch it with my nose. She is lifting her hand highter and highter so I have to jump high to reach it... I just love that game! I heard foster mom telling her friend the other day that I am doing excellent on my potty training. She has me on a strict regiment so I do not fail and I very rarely have an accident. She has taken away the newspaper in the kitchen and she has even let me play with Tootsie and Lee in the living room! I am not quite sure how to tell her when I have to go out but I will not dirty my crate so foster mom says that is great! So if you would like a small mixed breed pup with the activity level of a Boxer, the intelligence of a Boxer, faster than a Boxer, quick to learn like a Boxer, has a docked tail and markings like a Boxer, has great focus and listens well....then I am the one for you! Please consider ME...Miss Fawn!



Hi There!   My name is Fawn…the one with the short tail.  If I had white painted on the bottom of my tail, I would look like a little “deer”!  Hence the name Fawn!  My sister Fern and I are enjoying our stay at our foster home and playing with Tootsie, the resident Boxer gal. She is definitely showing Fern and I “the ropes” and teaching us how to play and behave. I am a sassy little girl and a bit more confident than my sister.


When I am apart from my sister, it doesn’t phase me in the least, but my sister Fern cries when we are not together…what a baby! We both love to sit and cuddle on foster mom’s lap and sometimes we fall asleep there… or we fall asleep in the toy basket!  Foster mom says that we are such good puppies…probably the best puppies that she has ever fostered.  We are already paper trained and when we go to bed or take a nap in our crate, we use the paper on one side (if we have the need to tinkle) and sleep on our blanket and never “wet the bed”!  We have only been here a week but we are on a tight schedule for eating, sleeping and playing. I am sure foster mom will check in soon to update about our progress. If you want a cute little “pup” that wants to have fun, cuddle and be your best girl…I’m the one for you!


Fawn has just arrived with her sister Fern and is just settling in. There is really not much to tell yet except that they are having a great time running around and playing together and then "crash" for a nap and then are up and going again! Will update when I know more about them.

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