Georgia (FKA Greta)

PA -

Female -

4 Years

This dog was adopted on 2011-02-04

Personal Information

Weight:71 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Unknown

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Georgia came to me during a very difficult time in my life.  During her standard obedience training, the trainer identified some "alerting" behavior.  Georgia has since been trained as a therapy dog and is with me at all times.  She is extremely loving and affectionate with my entire family, especially my 8 yr. old niece and 73 year old mother.  Georgia is well know at the University where I work and the students created her own faceboo page where students post pictures of themselves with her.


Georgia is doing just fine and living the life of luxury. 
She comes to work with me at the University every day and is well loved by her family, friends, colleagues and students. 
She is a very good canine sister to Ladybug and her new brother Luciano (picture attached).
Georgia (Fawn), Ladybug (white), and Luciano (reverse sealed brindle). 
Georgia  had a tumor removed from her head this past summer and has recovered perfectly.
She enjoys spending time a home snoring on the couch or playing in the back yard with her brother and sister. 
She is not really interested in playing as much as her favorite pastime,sleeping in my bed, eating dog treats and being pampered by her human family.


Georgia impacts my life every day.  She helps me maintain a stress and anxiety free environment at work.  I love all my dogs very much and take them everywhere I go.  They love visiting friends and family and have many boxer playmates as well as human playmates.


Greta is coming along so well. We went back to the vet and she is now 'Up To Date' on all of her shots and scheduled for her spay procedure on Tuesday, January 25. No more litters of pups for her. The vet thinks she has had multiple litters over the course of her life. The girls in the office loved Greta and wanted her to come back for her surgery when they were working so they could spend more time with her. This vet also thought Greta was a bit older- likely around four years of age but it's hard to tell. She acts like an overgrown puppy at times because no one has ever taken the time to teach her. Greta has gained about 6 or 7 pounds already. She's a great eater and I have her on A Taste of the Wild, Venison and Bison Formula and she really loves it. She looks so good with the added weight but could still stand to gain more. She's a nice size girl and is up to 71 pounds already. I gave Greta her first bath and after a little reluctance to get in the tub, she did nicely. She seems to be shedding her old coat and a shiny, soft one is taking its place. 
     Greta is such a good girl. It's like she tries really hard to please us because she seems so very happy here with a family and other dogs to play with. She isn't following me around as much as she was in the beginning. I think Greta is learning to trust. She is not at all aggressive but will engage in play with Roxy, our resident Boxer, and they play fight & box. Actually, Roxy is the instigator and Greta never growls or acts inappropriately. She also learned how to play tug of war and is taking to the toys we have here for her. She chases after a ball but has not yet had the chance to play catch. I know she can catch a treat in her mouth and rarely misses that. We have a lot of fun outside- she began to run and jump about a week ago and has developed more endurance. Greta has truly come out of her shell and what a wonderful girl she is.
     She loves to cuddle and snuggle and we do let her lay on the couch with us. She loves that! One of Greta's best characteristics is her ability to love unconditionally. She now kisses which is something we didn't even think she knew how to do. She is not very vocal, not a barker. But, as I mentioned before, she can snore with the best of them. At times, it's loud!
     My one year old baby boy, Sean, uses Greta as a pillow, a step ladder and a play partner. She is a little clumsy at times- that puppy like behavior- but very much a well behaved girl around him. She had a rawhide type of treat yesterday and Sean took it right out of her mouth. Greta didn't even flinch. She waited patiently for her chance to take it back when Sean was no longer interested in it. Sweet girl.
     I will post more after her procedure. I imagine we will have a couple of days of R & R while she recovers.


It's been a week now that Greta has been with us and we have all fallen in love. This girl is a sweet soul and genuinely acts so grateful to be here. She is a great house guest and just wants to be near me. She follows me around the house wherever I go. Greta and my Boxer, Roxy, have been getting along like they've been friends forever. Roxy has been showing our foster girl the ropes like watching out the sliding glass door for deer in the backyard and monitoring the front door. They are both big fans of napping and you'll often see them curled up together for a snooze. Greta likes to play and as her health continues to improve so does her playful side. She likes to use her paws with toys and will even paw at you when she wants your attention. We go for walks and play outdoors where she has become more adventurous and less frightened. Her confidence improves daily as does her tolerance for exercise. Greta has been excellent about going outside to do "her business". She's been sleeping in our bedroom on her dog bed and has been eating very well. Now that her medical issues are resolving, she is gaining weight and filling out nicely. We are working on our obedience skills and she learned how to sit and give paw on command. She's a smart girl and catches on quickly- especially when a treat is the reward! We go to the vet on Thursday and I will post the outcome with her new weight at
the end of the week.


This is Greta. She is a beautiful dog both inside and out. Despite her past she seems to hold no grudges and wants nothing more than love and affection from her foster family. 
     I found this sweet girl through an online ad and picked her up the following day. We arrived to get her and when she came to me her head hung low and she looked worn; well beyond her young 2 years. She cradled her head in my hands and as I hugged her I whispered to her that everything was going to be alright. She was safe now and coming with me. I remember driving home with tears in my eyes thinking about what she had probably been through.
     The first couple of days were rough as Greta was so sick, malnourished and dehydrated. After an emergency trip to the vet, we started to see big improvements. Each day she gets brighter and stronger. Her eyes are where I see the most changes. You can also see the trust developing and the sadness fading away. Her resilience is amazing.   
     Greta loves to cuddle and has made herself right at home here. She gets along very well with my male Lab and female Boxer. The two Boxers have begun playing and romping around together. Greta loves to go outside to play, which we do very day but she exhausts quickly. Not only is it frigid outside but she is in such poor physical condition that it takes a lot out of her. She is a big fan of napping and snores rather obnoxiously. She's a real character- a Boxer to the core. I have two children, both boys, in the house. One is 12 and the other only 11 months. Greta is a gentle and loving dog and her patience and kindness show when the kids play with her.
     We are still learning about one another but so far I love what I see. Greta is working on some basic obedience skills and gaining some much needed weight. We have a follow up appointment with the vet later in the month and then we be able to schedule her for spaying. Be sure to check back on Greta and watch for her updates. This is one special Boxer!

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