Giggles - Boxer Mix

NJ -

Female -

9 months

This dog was adopted on 2015-11-28

Personal Information

Weight:41 pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Will need another resident dog and a fenced in yard. NO ELECTRIC FENCES

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Hi Everyone! Giggles here...or you can call me "GiGi" or just "G" for short! You know, the rescue matches adopters to their dogs but there has been no perfect match for me so far. Are you the perfect match for me? I am a Lab/Boxer mix, who looks like a Lab with a sexy Boxer brindle coloring! I have been told that my eyes are so "soft" and beautiful and I am the sweetest girl that anyone will meet. Do you have a fenced in yard and another doggie? I really do need a doggie companion when I go to my furever home. Although I do like cats, they are no replacement for a doggie companion to help me thru some confidence issues outside the home. I drool in the car and I'm a little nervous going into stores and other places. BUT...with a doggie companion, I lead the way and am able to rest comfortably in the car. I am sure foster mom is happy that I am helping her with the new foster Chick that has arrived! I am having so much fun with Sissy and we play together all the time and I actually showed her how to play tug by bringing a toy and pushing it into her face to get her to take the other end. Boy, it took a little time to get her to understand, but when she did finally play tug with me, I was so glad I could help her. We love running around the yard and both of us enjoy the hose. We love sticking our entire heads under the water. Foster mom always keeps a water bowl that automatically refills but Sissy and I chose to try out the watering can that she filled to sprinkle her flowers. Water tasted the same though... Well, guess that's it for now. Take a look at the new photos of me having fun with Sissy. Foster mom will update when there is more to report.....


Giggles is doing great.....or sometimes we call her Gigi! She is the sweetest girl and just loves everyone...all dogs, cats, kids and all humans! At home, she is an easy keeper and just goes with the flow and very laid back. She does have instances when she needs another confident or "laid back" dog to help her overcome some nerves. I must take another dog in the car or she stresses and/or drools. When she is with my boy Leroy in the car she no longer drools. She has been able to finally relax, lie down, and put her head on him and sleep. Without him (even if I put her in the front seat where I can talk and pet her, she stresses and drools). When going to a store or someplace she hasn't been before she needs another dog to help her understand there is no reason to be scared. When accompanied by another dog she goes right into the store but hangs back and won't enter the store without a partner. She is so great with dogs! She has lived with my other foster dogs and my own since she has been about 9 weeks. She is now about 7 months old and I can honestly say that I have never met a sweeter dog. She stayed with someone when we were away and they had a cat whom Giggles lived with for over a week with no problems from either Giggles or the cat! She learned to climb the stairs and for some reason will only come up my stairs if "invited"! She is completely trained but I still let her out about every 3 hours. She sleeps in her crate at night (from 8pm to 5:30am) and never has an accident. She is an absolute gem and if I didn't already have 4 dogs, I would keep her myself! She is very inquisitive, loves to play with toys and chew her bones. She understands that if another dog has something that she would like, she has to wait for them to finish playing or chewing it and when they leave it, then she can approach the item. All my dogs have learned this so there is no fighting... She just adores being hugged, kissed and loved! She just wants to be close to you if she isn't playing with someone! If you think you would be a good match for Giggles and have the requirements of a fenced in yard and another pup to help Giggles overcome some difficult issues then Giggles would love you to be her "furever family" Please consider filling out an adoption application to begin the process.


Giggles is a beautiful brindle Boxer/Lab mix. Her brindle is the same color, and has similar markings as our own Brindle Boxer boy, Leroy. They both have brown "arrow" marks down the top of their backs. She is the typical sweet, goofy, playful puppy! She plays with her foster bother Donut as well as the other four resident dogs. Tootsie, (the oldest female) is very motherly and tells Giggles what is rude or nice behavior so Giggles is learning a lot about behavior as well as proper play and how to be a good puppy! She looks up to Donut, which is good, since he is a confident, balanced, and grounded puppy. She is understanding more and more from him and one thing that is especially wonderful...that the place to tinkle and do her "business" is outside! She has only been with us a week but has "grown up" so much because of everything she has learned. As puppies, they just "soak" in everything that is taught them. She has already learned to sit before she gets a treat or before she eats. She is now dry when she waked up in the morning and no more messes in the crate. She is actually excellent in the crate and never cries and just goes to sleep or rests when she is in there. Our day begins about 5:30. Outside to tinkle, playtime for one hour, breakfast at 6:30, then nap for 1/2 hour. Then back outside to do our "business"! After that, it's playtime in the kitchen with Donut, outside to play with Donut or the resident dogs, or training with her foster mom...just learning all day long! Lunch is at 12:00 and then a longer naptime. (Giggles has been eating lot and has gained and grown so much in one week! She was very skinny when she arrived.) Up from their nap and, play, play and train, train, train until dinner at 6:30. Last time out for tinkling and doing their "business" is at 7:30 and then in the crate for the night. Dry blankets in the morning...yay...and then the day starts again! The puppies are on a schedule so there is always consistency and it is easy for them to learn. If you are looking to adopt an adorable puppy that is quickly learning all the house rules, please fill out an application to see if your are a match!


Giggles just arrived today so she is settling in. She will have her foster brother Donut, to play with, Tootsie (my older female) to teach her how to be a polite dog, and her foster parents will teach her everything about potty training and good behavior! Stay tuned for an update as soon as there is more to report.

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