Gio (FKA Jethro)

PA -

Male -

3 years

This dog was adopted on 2011-12-26

Personal Information

Weight:63 ibs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We adopted Giotto (Gio for short) in December of 2012. At the time of adoption, his name was Jethro, so Gio was not too difficult to switch to. We’re not entirely sure how old he is, but he was about two when we adopted him, so he is probably ten years old now! Shortly after we adopted him, Gio had viral meningitis and was treated by our vet with steroids and chemotherapy. He made a full recovery and he is now a very happy and healthy boy, even though he is getting to be a bit of an old man. At his most recent checkup, the vet said his heart, lungs, and stomach are all in tip top shape, and that he’s keeping his weight very well.

Gio loves his family and friends, and he gets very excited when people come to visit. He gets along with his two cat siblings pretty well too, but he is a people dog more than anything else. He loves being petted and scratched, and sometimes he forgets he’s too big to be a lap dog (though not for lack of trying!). He eats two meals a day (1 scoop of Iams ‘older adult formula’ per meal), and he is very enthusiastic about his meal times. In addition to his daily walks (morning and evening), Gio also likes playing with his tennis ball, but he likes rearranging pillows and taking naps on the couch just as much! Overall, Gio is a very goofy boy, a big baby, and a joy to be around. We’re very thankful to New Life Boxer Rescue for bringing this guy into our lives.


Well our Jethro left us yesterday.  I must say I was very worried about being upset and sad and NONE OF THAT took place.  When his new family got out of their car, he absolutely became more excited than we had ever seen him in the short but wonderful three weeks he was with us.  It was amazing to watch!  He hopped right up in the back of their SUV when they were ready to leave and didn't give us a second thought!  Another happy ending for NLBR!


Jethro had his first 2 hour drive to his Foster Grandparents out in the wilderness!  He was amazing!  He was up and down in his crate on the way there which would be a very natural behavior with all he's been through but on the way home he laid down the whole time (probably due to exhaustion!).  Cora, his Foster German Short Haired Pointer and the 3 female beagles played him out!  He ran and frolicked nearly all day Saturday yet never seemed to tire of course.  When we got home yesterday, Foster Mommy let him on the bed while she relaxed with a Christmas movie and Foster Daddy watched football.  He slept and snored and never moved but to look up at me every now and then with eyes of thanks for the love and security he was feeling.  This beautiful Boxer will make a wonderful addition to any home; we think he'd be good as an only child or with other dogs.  Although he hasn't met any young children yet, we can't help but believe that he's just too darned lovable to get along with them too!


Jethro moved in on Saturday.  When he arrived he was a bit timid but sweet as could be.  A short time passed and he was playing with Cora, his 4 legged foster sister and they are becoming great friends.  He doesn't take from her dish and she doesn't go to his (for the most part!)  I guess it's their lips that make them such sloppy eaters!!  He has soooo much love to give, he kisses and he will very gently place his front paws on your lap looking for a hug.  He knows sit, stay and down.  He even gives me his muddy paws to wipe if he happens to run a little too hard, too fast.

God Bless the Boxers and all of you wonderful NLBR people who do what you do. A special thanks to Debbie and Mike for teaching me all about this organization - we wouldn' t be here without them.

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