NJ -

Female -

14 weeks

This dog was adopted on 2011-03-10

Personal Information

Weight:20 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$450

My Story


This dog is the sweetest dog. She has the most beautiful face and will melt anyone with those eyes. She is always enegetic and keeps the other dog busy playing. She loves to chase the ball at the local park's tennis courts and go for walks when the weather permits. She is a huge snuggle bunny and can always be expected to be on the couch next to you or sleeping up by your head in bed.. She doesn't realize she is over 85 pounds. She is still learning her big girl manners since she can be very stubborn at times, but once she figures out what you want from her.. she learns quickly. Wouldn't trade her for the world.


NEWS FLASH: Gracie is Home and Wanting to Fly! Those wings don’t stay “clipped” long! She’s a fighter and even pneumonia won’t keep her from soaring onward. It’s good to see all that energy again—sometimes!  Gracie is back on track and is doing great!  She has figured out the “crate” game (and the word)--- Just go in the crate and get a treat! Gracie also knows her name (knows “Grace” as well) and her head whips around when you call her. If you place the palm of your hand toward her and tell her to “touch”, she will touch your hand with her nose. She “sits” with a hand signal, knows the word and hand signal for “wait”, and does it before coming out of her crate or before getting her dinner.  Her new trick is “sit pretty” or, as most people know it, “beg”---Great abs Gracie!

 Things we are working on: 

      Gracie is doing well with so many things, in such a short time. We are still working on her being a little “mouthy” ---it only happens sometimes now when she is excited and we are also working on the hand signal for “down”. Her biggest hurdle though---Patience!  She does try to “demand” things, such as: out of the crate, dinner, or not being left in a room alone.  She will do really well for most of the day and then will decide---“Forget it, I’m not waiting.” or “I don’t want to do that.” and throws a little tantrum.  It is sort of funny---because I just leave the room when it happens and she is learning that if she barks, carries on, or jumps, she does not get what she wants unless she is patient and quiet.  The episodes are less frequent and of a shorter duration and some days they don’t happen at all!  Ahhh---Gracie is learning!

     Counter Surfing 101!   Dinner time—Four feet on the floor---means “treat” and dinner gets made faster!  Standing up with feet on the cabinets--- means “ no treat”, dinner preparation ceases to continue, and arms are crossed in disapproval.  The more she jumps, the longer it takes me to prepare her dinner.  She sometimes resorts to “demand barking”, at which time, I leave the room. When there is silence, I return. The longer she throws a tantrum, the longer it takes to eat! This morning was the first time she actually sat nicely the entire time ---Yeah!!!! ---She is a little stubborn but “getting it”!

     Potty training --- When Gracie is in the crate, she still needs to be taken out consistently, or immediately when she wakes up---She still does not understand that she needs to only “tinkle” outside and not in her crate.  Gracie is actually doing great with  potty  training outside of the crate!  If I ask her if she has to “pee-pee”, and she does, she runs to the kitchen door. Playtime distractions heed accidents so I have to make sure to interrupt play and take her out at least every hour. If she, or I,  forgets or waits to long during play, instead of running to the door,  she will sometimes run to a throw rug or back in the crate to “tinkle”--- at least it is better there, than the wall to wall carpet!

     Now for the cute stuff! She plays so good with my pups, learning quickly how to act with them!  She loves her bones and toys and is the typical “run, run, run” pup! She is so adorable--- button eyes, expressive faces and head tilts.  Beautiful light fawn ---such soft fur!  She is just so darn cute and so smart! Just have to make her training part of a routine with positive reinforcement and straight forward leadership --- the results will be what anyone would want in a pup.  She has already had that basic “flight” training!  She is already on her way---Gracie is earning her Wings!



NEWS FLASH: 10 week old puppy saved from high kill shelter—transported to the safety of a foster home where she learns how to be a polite little boxer girl----Saving Grace!

     Gracie is starting to settle in---she had a rough few days sorting things out after being overwhelmed for the first weeks of her life.  She is starting to understand that life is going to be “good” from here on in.  Her anxiety level has dropped tremendously and we are starting to see the true “Gracie personality”.  It has been four days since she came into our lives and each day brings a new level of calm. She is sleeping through the night 7 or 8 hours and her crate is dry in the morning.  There is a sense of urgency though when she wakes---she needs to be taken right outside to tinkle--- she cannot wait!

     Introductions to our fur babies went pretty well.  Leroy wasn’t quite sure about Gracie at first and ran when she tried to bite his back legs. He eventually turned to face her and waited to see what she would do.  As Gracie jumped at his face, he told her that was rude by body blocking her and with a little “growl”, knocked her over.  When she came at him again, he boxed her over gently and then put his paw on top of her as if to say “That’s enough!” and she just lay there, submissive.  Then it was --“OK, Let’s Play!” and off they went! 

Tootsie’s introduction to my surprise went even better!  I was a little nervous since she is a little bossy and is the “queen” although she is very motherly.  Imagine my surprise when I put Gracie on the floor and Gracie went right down to the ground really low---Tootsie just walked around as if she didn’t even see her and as Gracie slinked closer Tootsie walked over, sniffed her, stood above her and then just walked away----with Gracie prancing behind her!  That’s my girl---Miss mama! Gracie did get VERY rude on the second meeting with Tootsie ---Tootsie backed off at first as if to give Gracie a chance to redeem herself but when she continued, Tootsie “Told her off --BUT GOOD”-- then play continued as normal! Mission accomplished!

     We have begun the training agenda!

First thing on the list--- doesn’t like to be left alone, cries and sometimes barks---Solution: Give a treat for being quiet--- surprise! —silence is golden (Priceless!)

Second thing---a little “mouthy”

Solution: Just say “OUCH” really loud and “low and behold”---Gracie is getting it! 

Third thing—learning to sit with a hand signal---Piece of cake! Already got it!

     Gracie sits so pretty when she knows a treat is coming—her leg rolls out to the side and she gives a “quizzical” look--- a slight tilt of the head to one side and then a slight tilt to the other---as if she is trying to sum up the situation.  She also jumps “like a bunny” when you bend down to place her in the crate, as though she feels the need to jump over the front lip of the crate---  or coming into the house over a 3” step. She also hops up into your arms as you begin to pick her up as if she is trying to help you lift her. She has to make you laugh! She gets this puppy energy and runs “full throttle” thru the rooms---My dogs watch in amazement as she runs by them in a “flash” (occasionally join in for a chase, of course!) She is so quick for a “little squirt” and her fur, so soft, that she just slips through your hands if you try to catch her. She is the cutest little “sprinter” you will ever see!  Just put some wings on her and it seems like she could fly--- She is coming into her own---Amazing Grace!

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