Gracie II

ME -

Female -

2 yrs

This dog was adopted on 2013-09-01

Personal Information

Weight:45 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


If you were to look in the dictionary for "perfect dog", Gracie would be there.  Since becoming part of our family, Gracie has become a certified therapy dog and volunteer for Androscoggin Home Care & Hospice.  We visit a local nursing home on a weekly basis and she has many fans.  Some that recognize seeing her weekly look forward to the visits and those that lay their eyes on her light up.  It's a win win situation for all! 

Our family has felt so blessed to have her in our lives.  She is truly a sweetheart and we love her dearly.


I had the pleasure of meeting Gracie the other day, and was inspired to write an update on this girl .As a person visiting her foster home for the first time, I was struck by how sweet she is. She currently resides with several dogs while waiting for her furever home.  During all the greeting activity wherein the other more assertive dogs jockeyed for position to greet me, Gracie stood back a bit. While they were all hip-checking and chest-butting, she patiently waited for the dust to settle.  During this time, she stood there quietly wagging.  Then she took her turn.  She gently approached me, looking me in the eye with a very soft gaze. 

She is a small boxer with very delicate features and a very pretty face with a touch of pink.  One could not help but to fall in love with her.  Due to her gentle nature, she would be an excellent companion for a retired person.  I visited with a friend with a disability, and Gracie was very careful not to knock into her. When the other dogs became engaged in playing with each other, she sat by my side for quite a while.  This girl is such an angel. She loves to go for walks and to play outside, and knows how to behave inside the house. If you are looking for a sweet girl that will appreciate the time you spend with her, and your interaction with her, Gracie is the girl for you.


Good day Lads and Lasses,  This is Princess Grace here.  I am in love with my foster people and they are so kind and loving and take such good care of me and feed me yummy food.  I especially love the long walks that we take in the woods and on the trails.  I love Mr. Sequoia, he is my friend and we have some good talks together.  He is a very wise old man but he limps some times, he tells me he has some arthritis coming on.  My FM tells me to be very careful because without him realizing it he could step on me by mistake, I guess 1000 lbs could hurt me!  But he is kind and watches out for me.  Now, Although I love all my sisters and brother and the time we spend romping in the yard and chasing sticks and squirrels, it can be so much fun at times,  I sometimes get tired of Myah sitting on my head and Blankie trying to steal every last morsel of my meals, and Dante he thinks I am his cave woman, he tries to pull me to go wherever he goes.  Tessa, she is nice, she wants to play, and is very happy and licks my ears ALOT, but foster Mom says she has to be calm for another few weeks till she finishes recuperating.   And oh yes those cats, they tease and torment me and then when I try to play they run like the dikens!  Just when I almost catch them they disappear into the woods where I DON'T go, you probably know there a lot of those ugly bugs that have a lot of crawly legs in there.  The Princess Grace can't have any of those ticks sticking on me.  I have the most perfect soft coat, face and ears and I Must keep up my appearance.  I don't want those ugly things hanging around me and ruining my beautiful hairdo.  As much as I love the wonderful house here, and the cool fan I get to hang out in front of on theses hot NH days, and as much as I love hanging out with foster mom and dad discovering for the first time in my life what REAL LOVE feels like.  I would Really love my OWN family to hang out with and spend the rest of my days with.  I love getting hugs and kisses, and I am not at all pushy, like Myah, who always tries to push her way in between me and EVERYBODY, she is always trying to get every bit of the attention. (She really is my best bud though!)  Foster mom says I truly am the Princess I am so well behaved and quiet,  I have really learned to love all the nice people that come into the house and how gentle they can be with me.  I don't mind sharing my food or toys. If you have big loves in your heart, I have big loves to give back.  Please let me show you what a REAL Princess is.  Get your application in fast before I go live at the Palace without you.  I am looking forward to meeting you SOON.


Well I have been here in New Hampshire for a week now and I am really liking it up here in the north country.  We get to go on long walks in the woods everyday and I got to go swimming. I had so much fun, I kept telling my Foster brother and Sisters to jump in and join me.  What sissies they are, they just ran around the edge and were afraid to get their feet wet.  Not me It was the most fun I've had all week. I am settling in nicely.  It is really great to have such a nice family to stay with and I have stopped crying for my babies.  I still miss them but my  F brother and F sisters have been good to me and we get to have alot of great play time together in the yard so that is helping. I like those furry cats that roam around here and I try to play with them. Sometimes they let me come near and sometimes they run from me, they just are such teasers. I am so good in the house I  don't touch anything other than my toys and bones and boy do we have alot of toys, this is a great fun camp.  I lay quietly in my crate now when it is time to rest or go to bed for the night.  Foster Moms says i am the most mellow of the group.  But I still am feeling my way around.  I would love a Great family to call my own.  I love hugs and I like to cuddle.  If you are looking for a sweet girl.  I'm the girl for you!!!!  Please get your application in. I won't be around for long. 



Gracie arrived in NH very late Saturday evening. She is very shy and to say the least stressed that her babies are gone.  She has not stopped howling since she came, it is very sad.  I was so excited this morning that she greeted me with open paws with a very happy wag and a good morning excitement to her.  We have been walking her a lot and letting her just roam the house to get acquainted with the smells.  She is coming out of her shell already.  She is not eating very well though so we have been giving her some extra mix ins.  She just wants to bury the food under her blanket.  She is still howling a lot almost non stop. She did not know how to walk up or down the stairs but now she is trying at least.  We have put her in a very large area with my Myah next to her divided by a gate to give her company.  Myah loves all the new dogs coming in so I thought this might help Gracie feel not so alone.  My husband shouted to me "Why do you have the new dog in with Myah?  What about the segregation rule?"   I ran........... and "oh how sweet" the two where in the same crate snuggled up together.  Myah is such a good babysitter.  I separated them though because Myah can be way to playful and i did not want her to get on Gracies nerves.  We have been taking them for walks together tough and they do well. Keeping Myah under wraps.  So for now they have short periods of time together.  I'm sure they will be fast friends soon.  Gracie sure seems like she is a real sweetheart and she comes right up for  loving.  will repost when we know more

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