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Male -

2.5 Years

This dog was adopted on 2012-04-30

Personal Information

Weight:77 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:375.00

My Story


 He was the best dog we ever had. Gunner could roam free here and he loved just sitting outside. His first few walks in the woods we're pretty scary he would bark at the birch bark. He loved hiking as long as his feet did not get muddy or wet. He also did not like men that well. I used to have a hot dog cart and would bring him with me.  Gunner realized  he would always seem to get a bite of a hot dog so  men weren't so much an issue anymore. He recently passed this May 17th. He was doing great running around we were so happy he was so fit. We also had a springer spaniel and they were best buddies the Springer definitely kept him Young. In the winter we knew something was wrong and he was diagnosed with some kind of brain tumor he was on prednisone and doing very well. He ended up dying from aspirated pneumonia. His esophagus wasn't working well and he was having a hard time swallowing. Our hearts still ache today he was the most loving dog we have ever had. I will send along some pictures of him. Our 5 year old Springer was devastated they were inseparable. Sorry I can't write anymore because I just cry. I will send you some pictures. 


Gunner has given us so much love and trust. His eyes tell so much, about how he feels. It is like looking into human eyes. Gunner loves his brother so much, you can see it from the pictures

I was in a bad accident and Gunner sat with me every day. We would sit out side all spring and summer.Gunner is a great hiking dog and does not find men as much of a threat anymore.One summer I had a hot dog stand and he realized men with hats share thier hot dogs with him.


Gunner has been here 2 weeks now, has met all 5 of my dogs and is good with them all,even my older pug girls.  Gunner is the type of dog that just goes with the flow and is happy to be right at my side all the time.  I have taken him along with Anna on 2 mile walks and he is very good going down the road with his harness on.  He does pull a little but is very good and listens and looks for my direction.  He is a sweetheart that aims to please!  He loves going in water…We have an over flow of water next to our driveway - (very small swamp) and a river out back.  He has been in both. Our dogs think the overflow is their pool whenever they are playing hard and need a cooling off.  Gunner loves going in there and finding sticks- logs to run out with, then lays on the lawn and chews them.  I am finding he is less protective of the door and is all wiggles when my husband comes home from work.  He has fit right in with our 5 dogs and is a wonderful dog to have around.  Some lucky person is going to get a great dog in Gunner…He’s a total keeper.


Gunner was a good boy at the vets for his shots and neuter.  He has now been here a week and what a good boy he is!  He’s very good in the house, if left loose he does not get into anything and no accidents.  He is a very lovable boy who just loves to play and play some more.  He loves to play with humans or dogs, just wiggle and wave arms and act like you want to play and he is ready to mix it up.  He loves my boxer girl Anna.  They play out in the yard until their tongues are hanging down.  He is the first dog that I can let loose and take out without a leash after just 3 days of being here.  He stays right with me when I'm out doing yard work.  If I call him, he comes right away.  He will be playing with Anna running around and will occasionally look to make sure I'm still out with them.  He is the type of dog that will often look into your eyes for direction.  I just love a dog like that, that has the attitude of " what would you like me to do, I’m hear to please you"…Love that in a dog!  That is Gunner, he’s all about pleasing his master.  He’s very loyal and with that loyalty I believe comes a little protectiveness.  He is protective of the door and people coming in.  He is a good watch dog and will bark and stand boldly till you tell him it’s okay.  He is nervous meeting new people but warms up to them after a little bit.  He is truly a nice dog to have around.  He listens very well and is a lover.  Who could want more in a dog…love the guy!


Gunner came to us as an owner surrender from a very loving home.  He lived with a toddler and other young children.  He is good with cats and other dogs. Gunner has nice manners and listens very well.  He is quite big and strong and walks best with a harness as he can pull.  He is a fun loving boxer and will see the vet next week for neuter and shots.  Stay tuned on this guy, he’s a love and will not be around long.

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