PA -

Male -

4 months

This dog was adopted on 2011-03-04

Personal Information

Weight:30 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:No

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$450

My Story


Hardy is our little love bug :)  I can't imagine life without him now.  He & Ivan are soul mates.  They became instant brothers.  They sleep together on our bed during the winter months.  They help to keep us warm.  Since getting Hardy, we have been taking them on vacation with us to the lake.  It is so much fun to see them act like young pups again.  We learned last year that they both can swim!  At home they want no part of the pool!  I can't imagine not having his unconditional love in my life.


Hardy is really doing well. He has adjusted to his new environment very well, a little too comfortable at times! When his brother Huxley left last weekend, I was worried about how he would fare. Hardy surprised us by taking it all in stride. He really has a super sweet personality and loves to cuddle and snuggle with whoever is available, either one of us or Roxy, our Boxer girl.

Crate training is going very well and he spends the full night in his crate. He enters and lies right down with no whining, barking or pawing. He has been able to make it through the night consistently with no accidents too. House breaking is going better than expected. He used to balk at going out into the cold but now trots outside like an old pro. We have gone for almost a week with noaccidents in the house. We haven't worked much with a leash but he has grown accustomed to wearing his collar. Hardy is a fast learner and loves his treats so that makes teaching him easy for me. He knows "sit" and is learning "down". He is not a jumper so we have not had to make any corrections there. He is a little gentleman. 

Hardy does like to chew but only occasionally. He has attempted to chew a couple of things around the house but is easily redirected. He has several plush toys and usually just carries them around in his mouth. He likes a Nylabone and that keeps him busy when he's in the mood to chew. He gets along great with the other two dogs in the house. And, Hardy is especially fond of my toddler. They are about the same size!

Overall, this is a terrific little guy and I am surprised that I still have him (I'm not complaining!) He's just so sweet. I can only imagine what a wonderful companion this Boxer boy is going to be.


This is Hardy. He, like his brother Huxley, is a healthy, purebred Boxer male and is about 17 weeks old. He arrived to his foster home early Thursday morning and has adapted to his new home without problem. Not much is known about why these two brothers are in rescue. He apparently came from a puppy mill setting in Missouri and had little interaction or attention from people until now. Hardy and Huxley are staying together in their foster home making the transition a little easier for them. Hardy is quite handsome and his personality is that of a real sweetheart- very affectionate. He seemed at first to be the more playful one but as we see the two of them interacting we’re not so sure anymore. While we are still getting to know one another, we are working on basic obedience skills and house training. Hardy has mastered climbing stairs but not descending them. Like all Boxers, Hardy is intelligent and learns new things quickly. He and his brother are living with a 2 year old female Boxer, Roxy, and she is helping him to become a polite, well-behaved boy. Roxy is wonderful at playing with Hardy but she also acts the part of a mother figure correcting him when he steps out of line. He likes to engage in some boyish behavior but Roxy will have none of it. Over all, this is a super sweet, smart little guy who will make a wonderful addition and forever companion.

Hardy is up to date with all of his shots and veterinary care. We will visit the vet once more just to make sure that all is well with both pups. Weights can be done then and I will post as soon as possible. Thanks for your interest in Hardy and please know that he is not going to be “available” for long. Be sure to apply or contact us as soon as possible if Hardy looks like a good fit for you and your family.

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