Honey West

NJ -

Female -

7 Years

This dog was adopted on 2013-02-05

Personal Information

Weight:62 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:No



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Our Foster Home had a very strange visitor today.  The creepiest looking Plumber I've ever seen and hesitated before allowing him in.  Honey was put on a leash and I held her the entire time the man was here, with Honey barking at him the whole time.  Never have I been so relieved to have one of our Fosters do what she does best for those she loves.  What a GREAT girl she was.  She sensed my uneasiness and immediately took on the responsibility of letting this plumber know, she was there to protect her Foster Mom & Foster Home.  The man was quite frightened of Honey's show of protectiveness and I'm quite proud to say how grateful I was to have her at my side until he left.  Good girl Miss Honey - this Foster Family feels much safer with you around. :)


Happy Summer everyone from the most precious girl in town, Honey West!  She has been an ideal guest and companion - patiently awaiting her very own Forever Family to come along. 
This delightful and extremely well behaved gem is more on the quiet side and only barks when she hears something around our property.  When we invite guests in, a simple redirection from her "Pack Leader/s" is enough to reassure her you don't feel threatened.  When an unwanted arrival comes, we are thrilled she alerts them with her protective bark to send them on their way. 
Passing her recent Vet visit with flying colors, she was the perfect patient and we're happy to report Honey has gained back all the weight her frame so badly needed. 
As much as Miss Honey enjoys a car ride, she has full run of the home when we're unable to take her with us.  Upon arrival back home, we are greeted with enthusiastic Boxer Curls welcoming us back with every single thing in the home exactly as we left it.  Honey is so well trained, she won't even attempt to 'sneak a little taste' of whatever food you've left unattended right under her nose! 
We all get a good laugh when out of nowhere, she'll select her own toy and deliver to your lap, indicating she's in the mood to play.  She just adores a good rubbing where her paws can't reach and faithfully will be at your side throughout the day, never under foot.  An intentional quick movement towards her brings out her playfulness, resulting in a Boxer Bow, all ready to run away from you, immediately returning for the thrill of more.  Bathing is so tolerable, we're never concerned she'll attempt an 'escape' indoors and even enjoys being wet down with the hose during these lazy hot days of summer. 
Honey West has so much love to give, we just know her gentle manner will easily fit into the life style of her soon to be Forever Family.  Please consider giving this prized treasure a new chance in her life.  Naturally, we welcome in depth details on Honey's marvelous disposition, just give us a buzz


Life for Miss Honey-West is almost perfect.  The only thing that stands in her way of perfection is her lack of a Forever Home which we continue to seek.  Until we find the right match, we're benefiting from her charming company.  Other than food and water, Honey asks for absolutely nothing, yet gives so much in return.  She has the type of personality that aims to please and generously expresses her devotion to you. 
She still enjoys playing with her favorite pull rope and will chase after it, returning it to you if it's thrown.  Honey will let you know when she's in the mood to play by placing one of her toys in your lap as she tilts her adorable head looking up to you. 
Honey makes a great companion for a confident leader who can provide her with strong guidance.  She knows all her standard commands and follows them well.  When left alone in the house, she has full access to every room but waits patiently in one of her beds that's placed in the living room.  Honey also enjoys going for an occasional car ride and is just as well behaved in the vehicle as she is in the home. 
With her enthusiastic Boxer curls, her expression of excitement proves how devoted she is, like there's nothing in her life that means more to her than her humans.  Who could possibly ask for more?  There's nothing more comforting than being loved by a Boxer and this lovable girl anxiously awaits proving this to you.


Yesterday, we were in need of dog food so we jumped in the car with Honey-West and headed for Petco.  Once in the store, we found an aisle where all the toys were at a dog's eye level.  Honey was in her glory and picked up one after another, trying them all out.  She finally found one in particular that struck her fancy and refused to put it down.  This adorable little girl was prancing around the store with her "Adopt Me" vest on and the toy in her mouth the entire time.  Not once did she release it. 
I could tell by the construction of the toy it was never going to last but she loved it so much!  OK, so I admit it, I'm a sucker when it comes to this sweet little girl.  I just had to get it for her.  But always one step ahead of her, I also purchased two other toys that I knew would withstand her rough housing.  Not even 10 minutes upon arriving home, she had that favorite toy ripped to shreds, just as I anticipated but for me, it was well worth the money just to see how much pleasure she received carrying it around with her.  As I type this, she's happily playing with the other toys that are far superior to the one she selected herself.  You just gotta love a Boxer's unique antics!


 . . . and a "honey" of a girl she is.  This amazingly loving, lady-like girl has completely stolen our hearts.  Every day Honey spends here, she's thriving in our low active Foster Home but we know somewhere out there, her Forever Home awaits her arrival. 
Considering all Honey has been through, it's simple to understand why she's so grateful for a roof over her head and food in her dish.  Her resilience to bounce back after a neglected life is evident with her expressions of affection.  We all know that dogs can't talk; however, they do have their own special way of letting you know how they appreciate your efforts.  Honey too, possesses this quality and will lean her body into you, letting you know she's enjoying your affection. 
In this Foster Home, there's quite a variety of doggie supplies.  With such a large choice, we were surprised by Honeys' selection of the smaller sized 'beds' to sleep in.  It's quite entertaining to watch her attempts to curl up in a space fit more for a small poodle than that of a Boxer.  Her preference is to be nice and cozy in a smaller space. 
Although Honey sheds little, she still enjoys indulging in the stroking of a "Furminator" and will sit still until your arm goes numb from brushing her brindle coat.  We're not sure whether she enjoys the brushing or simply, loves the affection that comes along with the brushing.  Does your heart have room for this very special girl? 
A Forever Home with plenty of room in their heart for this precious and deserving little girl is what we await.


Petite Honey-West is becoming much more relaxed in her Foster environment and her true personality is brightly shining through.  We've been teaching her a few new commands and slowly but surely, she's picking them up. 
Honey is quite a lovable little girl, wants to please and is very devoted to her Foster Mom.  She much prefers women over men and would thrive best in a home as the only four legged 'baby' as her new Forever Mom showers her with love.  Honey is quick to reciprocate, letting you know that she's just as devoted to you and will do anything to please you.  Honey also appears to truly enjoy a more mellow pace of life although in typical Boxer behavior, loves to play tug with her tug rope and chase her toys down the hallway.  There's one toy in particular that she is quite fond of and will play with this toy all by herself.  She'll grab it, drop it, toss it into the air, then growl and bark at, almost expecting it to bark back at her. 
Since arriving, Honey has not gained permission to jump on the couches or beds and she quickly adapted to only sleeping in her bed in the living room and her cushy mat in the bedroom at night.  There's no doubt she's learned her place here with a Pack Leader Mom.  All her house manners are just as great and a true pleasure in keeping us company.  She's already proved she's quick to take advantage of someone that allows her to 'get away' with not following house rules, which is why it's best to have a firm handling Forever Mom. 
When she is distracted by the neighbor’s dogs through the fence, she's very obedient to respond when she's called.  We're still rewarding this newly learned behavior. 
When left alone in the house, she continues to behave and once we walk back in the door, Honey lets you know how delighted she is that you're back.  That little tail of hers is all charged up, wagging like crazy and her typical enthusiastic Boxer curls can really lift your spirits right up, delighting you to be reunited with her. 
In a very short period of time, little Honey-West has wormed her way directly into our hearts, just as she will in her new Forever Home.  This adorable tiny girl is 'keeper material' and whoever is fortunate enough to adopt her, will immediately be rewarded with the same spell she magically casts over you.


This charming gentle and tiny girl, Honey West, can win over your heart in a flash with her enchanting personality.  Considering she's had an extremely difficult life prior to entering NLBR, she is completely trusting, loving and extremely affectionate. 
She's currently being fed twice a day with Blue Buffalo, which she gobbles right down, in order to add a few pounds that she lost during her time as a stray.  She's a perfect little guest, observing all the house rules and although she'd much prefer to be curled on a side chair, she's obedient to lay on her blankie on the floor right next to you.  In typical Boxer fashion, she enjoys playing with her humans and most especially enjoys her new tug rope and Lamb Chop stuffed animal.


Meet Honey-West, a really sweet tiny little girl that's been through an enormous amount over the last few months.  Honey was found as a stray, bleeding badly from wounds that appeared to be attack wounds. She required surgery to put her all back together and is now healthy enough to be Fostered and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED!  She appears to be a bit timid but it's only day one, so we'll keep you updated.  Thanks so much to Diane and Roz for picking this girl up and delivering her to her new foster home.

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