NJ -

Male -

10 months

This dog was adopted on 2021-01-01

Personal Information

Weight:68 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:No



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Needs fenced in yard. Good with kids 8 and over.

Adoption Donation:$375.

My Story


We actually just celebrated his gotcha day of being with us for 1 year! He loves peanut butter and playing tug o war! His favorite toy is a squeaky donut and we're trying to teach him to roll over and "dance.” He's loving all the treats he gets. He loves to run, play, wrestle. He's out daily in our big backyard and on walks. Like all boxers, he's a contortionist. He wedges himself into the funniest positions and often gets stuck or rolls off the couch because he has no idea where his body ends.  He is also OBSESSED with noses. He will get right up in your face and nibble/lip your nose (if you let him)!


We’ve had Hudson for 6 months! He loves Loves scoops of peanut butter and playing tug of war! He loves any toys that squeak and he’s learned sit, wait, get down, stay, come, and leave it. He’s slowly warming up to new people that he meets but will always remember them the next time! Loved to run in the yard and go for walks! It seems like he was very sheltered before coming to us. So everything is funny and quirky. He’s initially scared of almost every new thing (balloons, nerf toys, blocks, squirrels, rabbits, etc), but once we show him they are fine, he does the typical boxer head tilt and pounces :)


It's nice to hear from you :) Hudson is wonderful! His name has stayed the same and I'm happy to say that he's responding to it now, which we are so happy to see. We weren't actually sure if he knew his name because he rarely even turned his head when called after first getting here.  We took him in for a vet check within 2 weeks of getting him and found that he  did have a mild ear infection and a little irritated spot between his toes.  His ear was treated with antibiotics and ear drops and his toe was treated with a topical ointment.  He responded well to both and has been good ever since.  
Hudson is absolutely wonderful with our immediate family and grandparents.  He loves cuddles and covers you with kisses if given the chance.  He does give a low growl when anyone comes to the door (even the grandparents), but we ask him to go to his bed and he does well once people are actually inside our home.  We have two nieces who are young (3 and 18 months) and he looks a bit stressed when they are over, so we just keep some distance between them.  He is wonderful with pretty much all kids who are bigger than him :) He took a puppy class at our local PetSmart and was overall a ball of nerves... startled at every sound, movement, etc. and didn't really want other dogs near him, so again, we kept our distance.  Since the class has ended, we have made it a point to "say hello" to every dog we pass on walks and Hudson has done great with quick hellos! We're going to sign up for another round of training once he's a little more acclimated. 
We have kept him on Canidae since his foster family said it agreed with him. He gets about 2 cups in the morning and 2 cups at dinner. He weighs in right at 70 lbs and the vet says he's just perfect :) 
Hudson is equal parts sleeper and player.  He adores his snoozes on the couch, but perks up the second he hears someone putting on shoes for his walks.  He is still learning his manners on a leash (he's quite the puller and SUPER strong), but mellows out after about 5 minutes of walking.  He seems much happier that it's lighter out later because he seemed to get startled very easily during our nighttime walks.  He gets the zoomies every night around 8:30 and will play hard for the next hour... chasing a ball, playing tug of war, or chewing on his bone.  
Our kids' favorite thing to tell people about Hudson is that he is a seat stealer.  He is absolutely the lover of a warm seat, and if you get up to get something, you can BET he will be right where you were sitting when you get back.  He has the best "smile" and is so incredibly easy to love. He still has some "quirks" that we are working through, but we couldn't imagine our lives without him <3.  We are so incredibly thankful for NLBR


Hudson has just arrived to NLBR. He was an owner surrender due the fact he was not getting along with the 7 year old resident female dog and did not do good with other dogs as well. He is a very handsome 10 month old, weighing in at 68 lbs ( but I met him and he could lose a few) We WILL NOT be placing him in a home with another dog or cat. The previous owner feels he would do best living in a home with a fenced in yard since he was currently living in an apartment and felt he didn't fair well there. No children under 8 please! Help get him the perfect family and share!

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