Hunter (FKA Bumper)

NJ -

Male -

6 Months

This dog was adopted on 2011-12-12

Personal Information

Weight:44 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:No

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:Obedience training

Adoption Donation:$375.00

My Story


Hunter has been doing great!  He is 9 ½ now and is getting a little grey but is still full of spunk and lots of love.  He is a big brother to a 2 year old female, Lexi which has kept him active and on his toes plus he has a great snuggle buddy during the day.



Hunter continues to do well in our family.  He has formed a good relationship with our cat and they torment and love each other like siblings.  Hunter just turned 4 this past April and now weighs 85 pounds.  Despite his size he is still convinced that he is a lap dog and takes every opportunity possible to snuggle up and get some love.  He loves the warmer months as it means more walks and afternoons at the park.  He is still terrified of water, we aren’t sure what caused his fear but are hoping he starts to relax around water and hoses so that we can get some fun summer water games to help everyone cool off.    He took two long-distance trips with us this year and did really well traveling in the car and adapting to new places.  Everyone loves having him as a house guest, he is well behaved and quiet.  I have attached a picture from one of our more recent trips to the local park. 


Hunter continues to do well and is very slowly starting to mature.  He weights a whopping 75 pounds now and refused to believe he is no longer a lap dog. He has bonded well with his “brother”, our cat.  They have a great love-hate relationship and tease each other like siblings.  Hunter’s favorite toys are his rubber tire which is one of the only indestructible toys we have found and the lazer light, intended for the cat but now the arch-nemesis of the dog.  He loves going for walks and tearing around in the yard, the levels of snow this winter have left him frustrated, he can only eat so much snow at a time and does not like having to leap to move around.  He still struggles with separation anxiety but we are working on getting him to be more independent.  He’s so loving it’s hard to ignoring the wimpers sometimes. 


Hunter has been a wonderful addition to our small family.  He is the light in our day.  Regardless how stressful this world is, we come home to his carefree smile and wiggling butt, happy as ever.  He is not the best guard dog yet but he is a wonderful companion, always wanting to be with us, if not on top of us.  He keeps us entertained and active with his playful energy.  It took some time for our cat to adjust to having him in the house but now they play together and provide us with some great laughs as the cat chases Hunter around the house and keeps him in his place.


This beautiful baby is Bumper and we are madly in love with this boy!! He is a owner surrender from NJ. Bumper is a friendly boy who loves everyone including other dogs. He is very energetic and will need family members who can keep up with him. He loves to play and play and play! A fenced yard would be ideal for him so he can burn up some of his energy.
     Bumper sleeps on a pillow in our room and so far he has slept all night with no accidents. He eats well and loves his treats .Bumper is a typical puppy and will need obedience training but he knows sit and we are working on stay, paw and down. He does not like to stay on all fours, he would much rather be on two feet. And two of those feet are on the counter or on you! So he is learning “no jump” He had a vet appointment last night and everyone fell in love with him. He had plenty of kisses for everyone! Bumper had his first set of shots and will be neutered before going home.
     With patience and training Bumper has all the makings to be your best friend.

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