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Female -

18 Months

This dog was adopted on 2011-06-03

Personal Information






Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Good with children over 10

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


We started out as a foster family for Ivy. Since her first night we knew she was perfect for us and her look would go no further. It is an amazing thing that the rescue does and I tell anyone looking to get a dog about researching the rescue because it was the best choice for us! We often go up to a lake house with extended family and friends and they all love her too. She plays well with the young and old! Everyone on our street knows her and comes out to pet her as we walk the neighnorhood. I think I've become "Ivy's owner" instead of Melissa from next door.


Ivy is amazing! She makes us smile constantly! She is always ready to give you love any time of day. Her boundless energy reminds us to get up and spend some time playing! She is the best companion we could dream of. We couldn't imagine not having her here with u


Ivy (in the pink collar) has been with us for about a month now and is getting ready to be spayed. She's excited about it because she know's the road to her forever home is paved by getting spayed and clean bill of health from the vet. 
     Ivy loves to cuddle, and she's great at it!!! She absolutely loves her foster mommy, following her everywhere. Her foster mom thinks she'd be great in a home with a single woman who wants a friend who will stay by her side morning, noon and night. Her foster dad is certain she'll do perfect in any home!!! with or without dogs. We were also told she wasn't good with kids, but any kids we've had her around have been NO PROBLEM. She's got a great disposition and has all the personality traits of a Boxer - the good ones really shine! 
     She has slimmed down since coming to foster care which is great because this little girl LOOOOVES to run... and run she can. She is fast and furious when off the leash and room to open it up. She plays GREAT with our boy Wally (in the blue collar). In fact, the love affair has really blossomed (as you can see in the pictures). 
     As soon as she is spayed another update will be posted. She'll be ready for adoption. So get your applications in now!!!


Ivy came to us from a family with 3 other male dogs.   They originally rescued her and she lived in a home where she was loved and cared for deeply. She is very well socialized with other dogs! The owners were dedicated to her, loving her very much and helping her gain confidence. They were sad to find themselves in a place where they needed to surrender her. Ivy is a true sweetheart. She's warmed up to our human leadership and our Wally (male Boxer who is just over a year old) without a problem. Actually, there might be a love affair going on between them. They play so well together! They box like true Boxers do, play tug with a rope toy and, as you can see in the picture, cuddle up on a blanket together. 
     With a treat in hand Ivy will sit on command. She shows absolutely no food issues. She'll eat out of your hand, allow you to put your hand in her bowl and allow you to take her food from her with out a single peep or protest. For a family with another dog, she shows no signs of being possessive of her food. In fact, she ate side by side to Wally without any issue. At first she was showing signs of being a little counter surfer, but after a few corrections she's stopped this altogether. Similar with the couch, she loves the couch! When we first asked her to "off" she didn't quite understand what we were asking for or why we were asking. However, like with the counter, she quickly learned the couch was not a place for her and we haven't had to ask again. She'll need a little training on a short leash but does awesome on one that is retractable. She is good with her crate and has not had an accident in the house. Clearly she is house-trained. She goes and stands at the door to let you know she needs to go out. 
     When she first arrived in our foster care she was a nervous little girl. That's a fading memory now. She's opened up and adapted like she's been here her whole life. She gives great Boxer kisses and wags her tail anytime you say her name. She is very athletic which is great for any owner. For an active owner she'll need a tad bit of conditioning as she had a liter of puppies back in October. Ivy is perfectly comfortable if you touch her face, open her mouth to look at her teeth, pull on her ears, touch her tail or feet. 
     Ivy is a smart one and with a little bit of consistency in her training she will grow into a perfect family member. The family who adopts Ivy will be really lucky! She'll need a kind and gentle leader who knows when to be stern. She'd do great in a home with another dog! She'll give an owner so much love. She's a keeper!!!


IVY has arrived safe and sound.  She has absolutely hit it off with our boy Wally!!! 
     She was a nervous little girl for the first hour or so but after a nap in her crate next to Wally, some water, a pee break outside, and a few treats while we learned what commands she knows she's really opened up.  Wally is super pumped to have a little girlfriend to play with -- it has been non-stop playing for the last hour. I've never seen Wally play so gentle with another dog. Ivy has a good way about her. Natalie and I both agree she's going to make a family with lots of love to give and a commitment to training her, very happy. She doesn't know a lot of commands and has shown an interest in counter surfing. She's not great on a leash but her temperament is amazing now that she's opened up! We'll work with her and I think Wally will show her the ropes.

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