Izzy II

PA -

Female -

3 years

This dog was adopted on 2012-04-22

Personal Information

Weight:48 lbs





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Izzy continues to be "my girl" regardless of the rest of the family. She waits for me every night to get home from work - sometimes she won't get out of her crate....she just waits. Izzy has always marched to her own drum and that has not changed. She is social with the other 4 dogs in the house but likes to do things on her own. She is spoiled rotten but at the same time she is a very good girl. She is continuing to come out of her shell 2+ years later! I am finally getting her to play a little bit in the back yard but it is not consistent yet. 
We continue to camp every weekend in the summer and Izzy used to get car sick. Every time there and every time home.....she is finally getting over that!!! Riding in cars is still not a favorite thing for her, but if her "mommy" is there, she does much better.
We love our baby girl and she loves us!!


 Izzy continues to do well with both the people and dogs in this home.  She did act a little more skittish when Rocky (another foster) arrived and it took her maybe a week to settle in and get back to normal.  Now that she knows Rocky won't hurt her, she is back to normal. 

We continue to work with her outside of the home on meeting strangers.  She would still prefer to avoid any and all new situations.  We continue to try to expose her to new things...the weather this winter has been lovely but once spring gets here we will have a lot more options for getting her out and about. 

We are in the process of changing her medication so for the next couple weeks we will be working on taking her off her current medication and getting her on her new one.


I am happy to announce that for the past week when I am getting ready to leave for work and Izzy sees me get the Kong out of the freezer, she RUNS into her crate!  Yeah Izzy!  We still leave the radio on daily but she has been such a good girl! 

Izzy was at the Cherry Brook event last Saturday in New Jersey.  We were unsure how she would behave for the 2 hour drive so we had a crate in the SUV.....she paced a lot and drooled.  When we got to the store, there were a lot of people and dogs milling around.  Izzy was very nervous but well behaved.  She did her typical shying away from new people that wanted to meet her but then she would slowly come back out bit by bit and she did enjoy the attention. Children do continue to scare her. 

We decided that on Sunday we were going to give Izzy another positive experience in the car.  We loaded up all four dogs and headed out to a campground we belong to, which is a 1 hour trip each way.  She was much better in the car loose vs. in a crate.  I am sure it helped that she was with the other dogs and they were all laying down and enjoying the ride.....it helped her to follow along and see the others enjoying themselves.  When we got to the campground and unloaded everyone, Izzy was busy smelling all the new smells and walking around.  She really seemed to have a nice time. 

The last 2 weeks I have also had the pleasure of waking up to 2 paws on my side of the bed and a tiny tongue licking my cheek.  Miss Izzy loves to come over and tell me it is time to get up for work...or maybe she wants her breakfast (LOL).  She will also roll on her side and let me scratch her belly and give her some good rubs before getting out of bed.  Izzy is such a sweet and gentle soul; a real darling.  Will you be her guardian angel and teach her that people are good and loving?


Izzy arrived here on November 18th.  As I have said all along, she is a WONDERFUL little girl.  Her pictures make her look taller than she actually is.  I would consider her a typical medium size dog. 

Izzy started to have some separation anxiety 3 days after her arrival.  I had left the house for 45 minutes and during that time she had removed several wires from the typical wire dog crate she is was in.  Other wires were bent inward and the door to open the crate was mangled.  She was put on a medication called Clomicalm.  This medication takes about 6 weeks to get into her system, so in the meantime she was also given Xanax (or something like that) to help keep her calm while we were at work.  I also purchased a crate known as "Alcatraz".  We are also using other types of behavior modification to help her understand that the crate is a safe place.  We leave calming music on the radio.  Her crate is now sandwiched between my other 2 Boxer boys crate instead of across the room.  She gets a Kong filled with goodies only when she is in the crate and she gets some good treats when she actually gets in the crate.  This Friday will be the six week mark.  We have currently stopped using the Xanax medication and Izzy is doing tremendous!  She still needs a little coaxing to get into her crate but we are a long way from chasing her down and dragging her out of a hiding spot - LOL! 

Izzy would also spend the day mostly standing and watching everything, always on guard as to what may come next.  It was actually a very sad thing to watch...she was watching and waiting for something to come and she wanted to make sure that she was ready to run away.  She still does this somewhat but she will also just lay down and relax (especially when we are in the living room watching TV)...she is learning to enjoy a normal dog's life. 

Izzy is very scared of my son...six weeks they have lived together and last night was the first time that she would allow him to put a leash on her and bring her back inside from the fenced yard...it was also raining outside, so I think Mother Nature was trying to help us on this exercise. 

My niece and nephews were here on Christmas Eve.  My oldest nephew (age 12) came in the door first (he resembles my son in height and hair color and the hair style)...Izzy freaked, she could not get away from him fast enough.  I figured her reaction was because he resembles my son.  Then nephew #2 comes in - totally a different gene pool - he is only 10...she freaks again.  And then my niece came in, Emma...this little girl (age 8) is the one child that gets along with my cranky boxer boy...he loves her and she is really good with him.  Izzy freaked with her...it almost seems as if Izzy was picked on by children...?  By the end of the night, Emma was able to draw on her new drawing table and then reach over and scratch Izzy's head...as long as Emma didn't move her body, Izzy would except her gentle rubs. 

Izzy still seems to be very concerned that her owners will just vanish.  This causes her to watch you non-stop, even when walking.  I have tripped over her several times.  She watches and walks with you but she never realizes she is walking in front of you until you trip or step on her.  Don't try to run and get the phone when it is ringing in another room....LOL - you will end up on the floor.  She has gotten better but I still need to warn potential adopters that Izzy is a tripping hazard – LOL! 

Izzy has come so far in this six week period it is really amazing.  She is a darling and just wants to be with her people and be loved by her people.  She wants to trust but needs a furever home that will be patient with her while she learns the new family's routine and to be able to trust the new adopters.  If you can give her the time she needs, I promise that the love she gives you is worth the wait. 

Since Izzy has arrived, she has learned "Sit" and we are now teaching her to sit and wait for her food to be placed before her and then wait until we say it is "okay" to go and eat.  She is doing really well. 

Another bad trait she had when she arrived was looking to see if there was anything tasty on the counter.  Because we have a dog that used to counter-surf, we are always keeping the counter clear "just in case".  Once Izzy learned the feeding schedule in this home, that bad behavior stopped immediately.  She never needs to be yelled at....either a stern "NO!" or a squirt from a water bottle (for barking) is all she needs or needs to see and she gets it. 

Izzy has been a joy to have in our home.  The other dogs accept her and they usually all lay together now that the temperatures are dropping.  The other night, my big boy Jake actually laid with Izzy at bedtime....it was a very cute sight.  She has not destroyed anything and she is housebroken.  She is just a sweet girl looking for someone to share their love with her!


Izzy is coming up on her second full week with us.  She is a WONDERFUL little girl and is finally starting to relax.  She does not like the crate and we are continuing to work on that daily.  I have to honestly say that I do not have the luxury of leaving Izzy uncrated when I leave for work.  I currently have 4 dogs in my home and everyone's safety is my main concern.  Because of that, I can't even try to leave her out to see if she would be okay.  The crate does stress her but for now that is the way it has to be. 

She continues to sleep through the night in our room (crated) but I am seriously thinking about trying to put her on a dog bed this weekend.  Once down, she waits to makes sure everyone is accounted for, then she is out for the count. 

Izzy gets very attached to her humans.  She chose me out of the family to be her person and will not take her eyes off me when we are home.  She loves to follow me around the house or just stand and watch me prepare dinner or fold laundry.  Currently, she has her head on my laptop while I am typing this. She seems very scared of my 15 year old son and we are unsure if it has to do with my son being away the week she came into our home, or if he reminds her of her past.  If it is the latter, she displays signs that her previous life was not so good. 

Izzy is doing well, considering that her world has been turned upside down and that she had quite a rough month prior to getting here. It is taking her a bit to settle in and trust people.  She is doing well and I can only see her continuing to do better and better as she learns to feel safe in her new surroundings and around her new people and fur siblings. 

Knock on Wood - Izzy has had no accidents in our home!


Izzy arrived at our home early Friday morning from South Carolina.  She had been through a lot in the past month and needs time to settle down and just have some routine in her life.  She is a beautiful little brindle girl.  She weighs in at 48 pounds and is a tiny Boxer.  She needs to put on a few more pounds but other than that is in decent shape considering some of the dogs we have had.  She is a sweet girl and has been getting along with her doggie siblings.  I want to give her at least a week to settle in.   If Izzy seems like the dog you have been looking for, I would get your applications in today!  She is a great little one and will not be here long...

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