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1 yr +/-

This dog was adopted on 2011-04-24

Personal Information

Weight:58 lbs

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Updated Feb. 2013

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Jake likes to nap a lot. He has no trouble helping you out with any tasks that may be going on(He is Mr. Nosey pants) He will jump on into anything always willing to lend a paw.


Jake is a member of our family. We take him with us when ever we can and he always attracts a crowd. He loves to meet new people and play with kids. He is the most friendly, good natured, happy k9 family member anyone could ever ask for.


We have had boxers in the past I grew up with and showing them in AKC matches.  Jake is a family member that gives just as much love as he gets.  He is perfect and we love him.


Jake went to the vet yesterday.  He is heart worm negative :).  He has no infections from the trauma from his testicles.  She gave me eye drops to help with his eyes that are irritated. His ears are good and the little scab on his leg is not a tick, just a boo boo.  Everyone thought he was a love :)) so sweet.  I was afraid he would be scared since he came from the shelter, but he just laid down and was well behaved so I guess he is just a mellow good boy who needs a little meat on his bones and to be fixed.  The vet said it could be done now but she prefers to wait til he puts on a little weight.


 Jake is doing fantastic here.   He is sweet and gentle especially for a Boxer that is only one.  He takes treats gently and has no food aggressions at all.  Even though he is so skinny, he does not gorge his food...he leaves what he does not want behind.  He sits, shakes and will lay down when asked.  Jakee loves to go for walks and will wait to get his leash on and waits for you to tell him to come...this was someone's dog.  He likes everyone and is an all around good dog.  I am thinking he is allergic to whatever cleaning products the shelter used because his testicles looked burnt and blistered and raw.  Now it has started to heal. He had to have been in pain and still was nothing but a love.  I am sending a picture of all my loves on the couch and show you all how well Jake gets along with them.


 Hey everyone!!   Union Boy will be called Jake.  We went through different vowel sounds (aeiou) and he answers to the "a" sound and will run from the other room when i yell "Jake"...so "JAKE" it is.  It's not as fancy as it could be but he seems to like it. 
     He is just as sweet as Diane said he was.  Thank you for springing this good boy and for cleaning him up.  He has met my girls...both Jazmine and Lyli-Mae seem to like him. He came home and ate a good supper.  He takes treats very gently and tends to stay off the furniture unless invited.  He has done all his business outside so far.  He sits, shakes, and understands what "no" means.  He seems a little interested in the bird and has retreated from the cage with a stern "no".  His nub is a little long and when he is really happy it spins in circles.  He is very mellow for a one year old, but that may change as he settles in. 
     Jake is really skinny...i dont think i have ever seen a dog this skinny...so we are going to give him 3 full meals a day (probably a few extra snacks) if anyone one of you have suggestions for "good" ways to make him gain weight, I would appreciate any ideas. 
     He is fantastic and he really needed us.  He sooo deserves a "NEW LIFE"!   I'm excited he is such a good dog, but at the same time I know this boy won"t be with me long, he will make anyone a fantastic dog!!

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