Jerome (Ajax)

NJ -

Male -


This dog was adopted on 2012-01-01

Personal Information

Weight:50 lbs

Color:Predominately White




Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:none

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Ajax (Jerome) is doing great. I actually gave him a bath the week that
we got him because it was bath
time for all my dogs. I couldn't lore him into the tub. My husband had
to carry him into the tub. After that he was ok for me. He kept on
licking the water and then he licked the dog shampoo off my hands. But
over all he was ok. He doesn't mind me grooming him. I clean his eyes
everyday, where he tears. I also clean his ears.
After I wrote to you about Jerome peeing in the cage, he did it one
more time and I did what you said. He has never done it again. Last
week while we were shoveling snow, we left Ajax lose in the house. He
did not pee or destroy anything. So when my husband took the kids to
school, he didn't crate Ajax and he was fine. We actually left him
lose in the house for about three hours when we went to dinner at a
family member's house and Ajax behaved perfectly. So now we leave him
lose in the house when we go out.
My other dogs are warming up to him. Well my mix terrier is but my
Boston terrier is still a grump but they sleep together at night. Ajax
and Luna (mix terrier) love to play all the time. They love running
around the yard. Ajax chases Luna and she is super fast.They both
enjoyed playing in the snow chasing each other. It is so cute to
watch. Every time they go to the yard they play for about 20-30
minutes. It is almost like if they were playing tag.  After they come
back in they go right to sleep.
He is a big mush. He is a little spoiled too. At night after the kids
have gone to bed I call Ajax over to the couch. He loves it. He also
loves going out for walks and he doesn't pull as much as before. He
has learned the hand signal command for sit and  he is much better
with his release word "ok".  He is very smart. He sits nicely in the
car when we take him out.
In the mornings when I am making my coffee he sits nicely in the
kitchen just waiting for me to give him his bone treat. He loves it
and so do the other dogs. I have all my dogs on the same feeding
schedule that you had Jerome on and they are all use to it by now.
Ajax is learning how to like vegetables. My dogs love tomatoes and at
first Ajax would just spit them out but now he likes them. He loves
apples and he likes grapes but I have to cut them in half because he
doesn't like to eat the whole, so weird. We had to get a new water
bowl because Ajax makes a huge mess when drinking water. I think it
might be because of his overbite. I had a boxer with big flaps and she
never made a big mess of water as he makes. The no spill bowl is a
huge improvement.


Jerome came to us from a high kill shelter and is still settling in.  He is somewhat stressed and working on relaxing in his crate and in our home.  He sits on voice command and is excellent understanding his new name.  Although he was dropped at the shelter by a family and is not a stray, they did not give much information at the time the dog was released, only that he was owned by a Spanish speaking family that did not know much English.

His bottom eye teeth turn outward and at times his top lip gets caught behind either one or both of his teeth.  This creates many expressive faces!  At times, he will be looking at you and all of a sudden stick his tongue out about an inch as if he was doing it on purpose!  You just want to hug and kiss him all the time and of course he loves it!  Jerome is extremely sweet and wants to be with you constantly, so stay turned as we learn more about him.

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