PA -

Male -

4 Years

This dog was adopted on 2011-08-31

Personal Information

Weight:78 lbs.





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Allergy symptoms in ears

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Jersey has been a fantastic addition to our family. He is very loved and enjoyed by the whole family. He has become a very close companion to our female boxer Izzy (we raised Izzy from a pup and had her for 4 years before we adopted Jersey). Jersey loves to explore when we go for walks in the woods. He has always been very well behaved and continues to be so. Both dogs have greatly helped my eldest son to learn responsibility and mature. Jersey is a very loving dog and strives for attention, which we are more than happy to give him. We have 3 young children, so our attention for the dogs is limited at times, but he always has his favorite playmate Izzy to wrestle and explore with. He has enriched the life of our other boxer Izzy. They love to play outside in our large backyard and the woods around our house.

Jersey was hesitant in our home for the first few weeks, but he is right at home now; being with us over a year now. His favorite treats are hot dogs, puperroni, and he loves when we add eggs to his breakfast. We had some trouble with Jersey's food at first, until we figured out that he is allergic to chicken and corn. He had some ear problems when we adopted him, but once we figured out his food allergies his ears cleared up and have been fine ever since.



Jersey has really settled in here and made himself at home. He loves to be with the boys and has recently moved in with them at night. I was getting ready for work the other morning and found him in one bed and both the boys in the other. I asked them what happened and my son said " I wanted Jersey to sleep with me, but I got too hot and moved to the other bed. I said Aidan, dont let him push you out of bed, but he said no mom I like him in here. So thats where he has been ever since. He isnt a crater, so he has had free run of the house, He dosent like his toe nails cut or even his feet touched, but we are working on that. He loves to walk, I think we are a cicrus attraction, because when we walk people come out of the house and want to see him, it takes us much longer to walk than it should. He is doing great and is just waiting for the right family to find him. He is so funny how his tongue hangs out the side of his mouth. What a great boy!


My Jersey bugersey is slowly settleing in here. He is eating well and for the most part his itchy ears are alot better. He hates the crate and I mean hates it. It is way to stressful for him and me, so I dont crate him at all any more. He is fine, he does sleep on the couch at night and doesnt bother a thing. He is a very sweet boy and loves any attention he gets. Its been so hot here so we havent been walking much but he is at the age where he doesnt have a lot of energy. He likes to play tug with a rope toy and fetch in the house. In the a/c. He is very layed back and just goes with the flow. He has gotten on to the routine here and likes the other dogs.  His fav spot is the couch. The boys play in there and he is very happy to watch them and take a nap too. He jumps in the tub when its bath time, (he will do anything for a hot dog) and loves to be rubbed and massaged. He is a super house guest, what more could I ask for.


Jersey came to rescue on Friday. He is a BIG boy, wow!  He had a rough time settling in Friday. He was very stressed and confused. But Saturday and Sunday were easier for him. Jersey loves the boys and even though he was stressed he was giving them all the boxer kisses they could handle. He loves toys and has played with every toy in the basket. We were out side and he plays fetch and loves to play tug with a rope toy. He walks well with a harness and corrects well with a no or come. He has been a perfect hous guest, no accidents and he is learning the routine here. He loves to be with people. He crates well but he is not a fan, he would much rather be left out. I will be giving him the sleep up with us test soon to see how he does.  He has some ear issues, they are very itchy and we will be going to the vet Thursday to get his shots and a check up.  Jersey is a very good boy, we love how his tongue hangs out. He is just a big love bug for sure. Ill up date more soon.

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