Jesse (PKA Dani)

NJ -

Female -

3 Years

This dog was adopted on 2015-10-31

Personal Information

Weight:50 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:No



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:Yes


Individual Needs:Jesse needs a secure fence of at least six feet and a family that will supervise her while she is outside. NO ELECTRIC FENCES

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


I can't believe it's almost been a year since this girl stole our heart. It's safe to say, she's loving life.......


Jesse enjoys sunbathing very much! She also enjoys running around outside and playing fetch.


Jesse has been a blessing to our family. She is loving, caring, gentle, and just a perfect dog. She is great around kids. Jesse is very protective over my 2 year old niece. I can't say enough great things about Jesse and New Life Boxer Rescue!

The adoption process was seamless and very easy. Dee and Theresa from New Life Boxer Rescue have been GREAT supporters and excellent "therapists". The 2 of them have gone ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure that both Jesse and my family are a great match. The have answered countless phone calls, emails and have even made home visits to help with any issues. I would HIGHLY recommend this organization to anyone interested in adopting. Thank you for my sweet Jesse girl!


Jesse is doing wonderfully. She thinks the winter has been far too long-I think we all do-and she is waiting to be able to get back out in the yard to do some boxer laps! Jesse loves life!!! Every single thing about simply being alive is fun for Jesse. There is very little she isn't enthusiastic about doing and she is happy to do nothing too so long as her human is doing it with her. All this little one really wants from life is someone to love her and spend time with her. She also really enjoys meal times lol Food is fun for Jess too, just as everything else is! Jesse is also SUPER cooperative in every way-she has never had one single accident in the house! I am sure she thinks it is below a lady of her stature :) She comes when called, she sits when you ask her to-of course a treat is also an incentive! She LOVES everyone she meets, everyone! Jess isn't fond of sharing her space with other dogs, but she is fine while out on a walk as long as the person walking her is in tune with her behavior and the situation and just distracts her. She will watch another dog, for ex. across a street, but there is no lunging or trying to get to that dog or even any barking. We do simply turn around and walk the other way if a dog is approaching us on the same side of the street, but most often we simply cross and avoid the situation. Jess lives in a foster home with 4 resident dogs and her foster mom also dog sits so she is exposed to other dogs all the time across a doggie gate or fence or from her crate. She has had no issue with any of that. She also really doesn't mind if they approach her crate unless she is eating. The girl does love her food! Jess has been in her foster home for several months now and I would tell anyone interested if there were anything negative to report, but there just isn't!! She is a total joy to be around. She makes me smile every single day and just watching her love life is such a pleasure. I told her just to day that her furever family is out there, they just need to find her.


Hi everyone, Jesse here! I wanted to write and let you all know that life here in NJ suits me very well. Foster mom says that I am just delicious-not sure what that means, but she smiles when she tells me and gives me treats so I think it's good. I've had a few more of those darned porcupine quills come out of my face, but I have no more swelling or pain and foster mom thinks (hopes) that they are all gone now. I'll let foster mom finish this update while I go and play with the toys now. She says she has some cute little stories to tell about me. Ciao! See you all again soon. (P.S. I love it here, but I know my furever home is out there so get that application in so we can start our new life together.) Oh, one more thing. Although I am very tolerant of the other dogs here, as long as they are in their crates or on the other side of a fence, I would really prefer to be the queen of my very own castle and not have to share my new family with any furry friends. Thanks again for reading!.........................................................................................................................................................................Jesse has done very well since coming to stay in NJ. She is just a charming little girl who wants nothing more than to be with her humans and romp and play. She has some very endearing qualities. She wakes up every morning, comes out of the crate and high-tails it to the back door to go outside-when ya gotta go, ya gotta go lol So she takes care of urinating-when she first came, she would race right past me back into the house (I am always standing at the door watching if not down the stairs with her). So, I learned to close the door so that she couldn't do that and I would simply say, as she ran up the stairs, "Jess, go poop!!" and she would do just that lol Well now, I no longer have to say a word BUT Jesse still comes a'runnin' up those stairs, touches my foot with her nose and runs back down and poops. It is just soooooo darned comical to watch her do it, every single time lol.........Jess would do just fine with some older children, say over 13 or 14. She seems to like kids, but she is a very strong little girl and would just be too much for younger ones......... Jess definitely needs a family that will be dedicated to keeping her safe. She would love to take off and run and run. With supervision and enough attention and exercise, she hasn't attempted to do that here and I am certain that in the right family with all those things in place, she will do just fine-but supervision will be the key to her success......... Jess is living with 5 other dogs and foster mom does some dog-sitting, so there are dogs in and out all the time. She is fine with that, but she is not out and about or mixing in with those dogs. She is extremely tolerant of them all and makes no attempt to growl at them or to lunge or start a scuffle, but it is evident that she would do best as an only dog where she could bask in all the attention she would get.......... We love Jesse and we will miss her when she finds her family, but we are hoping that those very special people come along very soon for her. She really deserves a perfect ending to her story.


Jesse sends a BIG Hi from NJ. She says that Jersey girls must be the best because she loves it here. The food is good, the weather suits her and she is getting tons of attention and a lot of love. She is totally house-trained and crate-trained and has settled in without missing a beat since her arrival on Saturday 9/13. Jess had a mess up with a porcupine before coming to NJ and has a few quills in her adorable little nose, so she hasn't met the resident dogs here up close and personal as of yet. As soon as those pesky quills are all gone, we will see how she plays with her peers :) When Jess is loose in the house and the resident dogs are crated or in another room, she seems to have no issues with them and approaches their crates with a wiggle butt so we are hoping introductions will go well. Jesse is full of joy and enthusiasm for life. She loves to go outside with her human buddies and is enjoying taking walks with her foster skin brother. She is working on learning not to pull on the leash while they walk, but she only knows that she is having a ball and loving life. We will update Jesse as the days go on so keep a look out for more to come from this little cutie pie!


Jesse is improving greatly. She is sweet as can be and has a strong desire to please. Her warm loving eyes really have stole my heart. Jesse needs direction and lots if excersise. She has lots of energy. She needs someone who can spend quality time directing that energy to bring her to her full potential. In spite if her energy she is very gentle. Although highly food motivated she takes treats gently from your hand. Jesse needs someone who will be her best friend for life. She has had a tough past and needs stability in her life and someone who will provide lots if love and devotion.


Dani is a sweet, sweet, sweet, 3 year old girl who loves people. She truly wants to please her human and has been easy to train. She needs guidance and reassurance as she has missed some of the early skills needed to be a successful pet but she wants desperately to please at her foster home and is learning quickly. Watch for more to come as Dani settles in and shows us who she is.

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