NJ -

Male -

9 Months

This dog was adopted on 2012-07-05

Personal Information

Weight:49.5 Pounds





Shots Up to Date:Yes

Other Dogs:Yes



Crate Trained:Yes

House Trained:No


Individual Needs:None

Adoption Donation:$375

My Story


Thanks for reaching out! Joe is most definitely still with me and he is doing great. Just spent the night out by the fire last night enjoying the nice New England fall weather! He’s a healthy boy gets spoiled rotten daily and is loved to the fullest. He’s my little old man now just had his 9th Bday in July but you wouldn’t know that based on how he acts like a toddler majority of the time lol. My girlfriend and I adore him and he is a very special important piece of our life. He’s really soaking in the work from home life that 2020 brought us because to him it’s the best year ever mom and dad home everyday! 
Thanks so much for reaching out again and hope all is well with the rescue. Keep finding them babies homes! Love the posts! Have a great rest of your year and stay safe.


Joe has really created a family environment in our home.  I look forward to coming home just to see him waiting at the window for me.  We have our daily routines which I look forward to each and every day.  When I wake up in the morning we share about 30 mins together as I’m watching TV and drinking coffee in the morning.  He usually lays down right on my lap and just soaks in the time.  Then when I come home from work I see his cute little face waiting for me in the window just so happy that I'm home that I literally just come inside lay on the floor with him and just love him up for a few.  There’s nothing like coming home to a dog no matter what kind of day you’re having good or bad they always make it better.  They're always so happy to see you and just want to spend every second of the day with you.  Joe has also helped increase my exercise routines because we go on so many frequent walks.  Overall what Joe brings to our family and into our lives is almost indescribable.  You really have to have a dog and experience the daily routines and connections that get created.  We are extremely happy with Joe and our decision to adopt from New Life Boxer.  The last 8 months alone we've created so many enjoyable memories with Joe.  All of our family and friends love him and he's so familiar with them as well.  It’s just a great situation and we couldn't be any happier.


Joe is a very energetic boy and LOVES to be outside.  He will be outside all day if you let him.  In this heat I am keeping him in until the sun goes down and it cools off.  He loves to play with other dogs and needs to be with other dogs due to the fact he came from a pack, is now with my guys and is young and needs to work out that energy he has.  It's also good for him to be around other dogs to take guidance from.
Joe-Joe is such a gentle and loving dog with a great personality.  The tiny white stripe up the front of his face makes him so special.  Joe needs to be on a harness when walked and needs some practice but is such a good boy I know he will pick it up quickly.  Joe is totally fine when the dogs walk by his bowl now when he eats and is doing much better with the cats.  He still will chase on occasion, but more out of curiosity and not to hurt them.  Joe has this little game when he doesn't want to come in or go to his cage he will play possum.  He will go so limp and not help even a tiny bit.  I think he thinks he'll get his way.  I tell him "come on Joe-Joe" or “please Joe” but he just plays dead hoping to get his way.  I have to admit he is very cute when he does this.  When you watch Joe's actions, he is still very much a puppy and has the cutest personality that you can't resist giving him kisses.  Joe loves to sit on the chair with me while I watch TV and hang out.  Recently he has really been active with toys and playing with my guys.  He loves to play with other dogs but is also so very cute when he will take a toy and just be content chewing on it by himself.
These last few days I've taken Joe up to sleep with me on the bed and he loves it.  He now looks for it all the time.  Joe needs lots of love and attention.  Most of all a person who can give him lots of play time outside.  So if you have playmates for Joe, will give him a place to run and play for an active growing puppy, then you might be a match for Joe-Joe.  Until then, Joe-Joe can stay as long as he wants with me and my crew.


Hi Everyone, it's Joe!  It's been a little bit since my FM wrote and so much has happened.  First of all I'm doing well with the cats and even take care of one that is sick, can you believe it?  I love all the other dogs I have to play with.  We recently got a new foster girl in named Quinn and she's cute!!  I LOVE to play all day with all my other buddies especially Quinn and Maverick, they play for a long time like me.  My foster mom loves to pet me, she says I have such soft fur.  I don't mind when she does, I love all the attention.  So I'm doing well with putting on weight, I'm going to get weighed again soon.  My FM hasn't put up any new pictures of me yet, she says the one up does not do me justice.  I think she just wants me to stay with her!   Really though, wait till you see me…" I'm sexy and I know it"!  I look so good I think I may have a shot with Quinn.  Besides I like older women.  But seriously, my FM says I'm so handsome and marked so nice.  So check me out, I won't disappoint you.  I'm very affectionate, love to play and would love to find a home that will play with me, spoil me (my FM says I deserve it) and love me to pieces.  So if you can do all this for me, then put your application in quickly, I have a feeling my forever home is coming soon!!!!


Joe has been neutered and is doing great.  He gained 3 pounds!!!  Yeah, Joe-Joe!  Joe is with all my dogs and is doing better with the cats.  Joe is very much a puppy and loves affection.  He is very active and wants to play all day.  He would be outside playing all day if my guys would stay out that long.  He still has a long way to go with putting on weight but is doing great eating 3 times a day.  Joe needs someone who is willing to take time to teach him some basics.  He is a very good boy so I don't think that will be a problem.  I think Joe wasn't shown alot of things but is eager to please.  He takes treats well and has no problem with you moving his bowl while he is eating.  Joe will sometimes growl a little at the other dogs if they come by his cage when he is eating, which we are working on.  I don't believe Joe has been around alot of people so we are working on getting him used to new people.  He did well while at the vet, especially with other dogs.  Joe would do best in a home with other dogs to play with since he was used to being with dogs and family who are willing give all the love and attention that he deserves.


Joe came to us yesterday.   Joe is an owner surrender because his owner passed away.  He lived with other dogs and appears to be fine when my guys come around his cage.  I am still keeping everyone in shifts because it's too early to meet.  Joe is thin and needs to put on weight and will be going to the vet to be neutered.  Joe will lunge towards cats but I haven't been able to figure out if he is just curious in them or more.  In time I will slowly see how he continues to react to my cats.  When it finally stops raining I will let him meet my neighbor’s children through the fence to see how he is.  Joe is very calm and I don't see any problems with him around children.  I will write more as I continue to learn about Joe.  I think Joe would make a great mascot for "Joe Boxer" ads :)  I think Joe would do great with a family who has other dogs to play with, in a nice back yard to run around.  Give Joe a chance to have a good life that he deserves by putting in your application.

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